Top Ten White Sox Moments vs. Cubs at U.S. Cellular Field

June 19, 2010

Moment No. 8

#8.) June 18, 1997 – First Time is Always the Best – White Sox 3, Cubs 0

For the second straight night, a sellout crowd of
44,204 — the second-largest regular-season turnout in new Comiskey Park
history — witnessed the White Sox defeat the Cubs in the deciding game
of the historic first regular season meeting between the crosstown
rivals.  Wilson Alvarez tossed a four-hitter and allowed only one
batter (Mark Grace in the first inning) to reach second base while Dave
Martinez homered for the second straight game.


I guess my concern for Jake was for naught. Great game! And how! Wish I could have seen it…..

Happy Fathers day to all you Dads out there, from one, here. Go Sox’10…..j.k.

You know, I was hoping to be back at the .500 mark by the All Star Break. How about by late afternoon tomorrow?????

Damn, I am falling in love with Jake Peavy (sorry, Alexei, but what have you done for me lately????). What a battler. What a competitor. As I have siad before, give me nine Jake Peavys and I’ll see you in late October at the Cell on a regular basis.

Happy Father’s Day all you wonderful Sox Dad’s! I hope the boys bring you home a sweep tomorrow and even more importantly a .500 record. Would that not be just the sweetest gift ever?

TC, how about that diving catch Alexei made today? A thing of beauty. Followed immediately by that great play by Beckham. So nice. TC, just wait, soon you will be wanting Alexei back.

So, let’s get that win tomorrow and come on home on a ROLL!


P.S. Josh, enjoy your first Father’s Day as a new daddy!

Random musings from Tucson….

If for a timely hit (vs. Cubs) and if not for the bullpen meltdown (vs. Tigers) we’d be on a 12 game win streak looking for #13 later today…..

No matter what happens in todays game, we will be over .500 on the road for the year. Now we need to work on our home record, (three under currently)….

Last week I was hoping/thinking that if we could get to .500 somewhere around 40-40 we’d have a chance to make some noise during the second half of the season. Could it be that we get there at 35-35? Again, wait for a few more hours and find out…..

Freddie has been our most consistent pitcher and our stopper so far this year. How will he respond after a win from our Boys?…….

Would we win 120 games if we were in the National League?……

That’s all I got for now except to again wish all the Dads out there, a Happy Fathers day…… Go Sox’10…..j.k.

First, Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out in blog land. Enjoy your day and I’m rooting for a White Sox win for all of you!
So is everyone starting to feel cautious optimism?? Jose let us down yesterday and let those Twinkies come back! Despite the fact that we are eating up the NL, getting some hits and wins can only do the boys good! I personally think they should send me, Kenwo, and Maria out on road trips to guarantee wins, but I’m a little biased!😉
Bring home the sweep Maria!
Enjoy your day dads!

Yeah, we have been cleaning up on the NL but let’s remember this. We are not exactly playing the NL’s best. Atlanta will pose more of a problem than Florida, the northsiders, Pittsburgh and Washington.

But, if you want to compete for a championship you have to beat the teams you are supposed to beat. And that is what the Sox have been doing in interleague play.

And how about Dayan’s first big league at bat? Hit it hard and it took a great running catch in a deep part of right-center to keep him off the basepaths. Hope that swing is just one of many great ones for the new kid in the infield.

Happy Fathers Day, I Just got my gift!!!

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