Top Ten White Sox Moments vs. Cubs at U.S. Cellular Field

June 20, 2010

#6.) June 26-27, 2003 – Back-to-Back Walkoff Wins

On Friday, June 26, with the game tied at 3-3 in
the ninth, Jose Valentin hit his second game-ending home run with the
White Sox and the 20th in the ballpark’s history.  The next day, the
White Sox clinched the season series with their second straight win in
their last at-bat. After Aaron Rowand tied the game at 6-6 with a
two-run homer in the eighth, D’Angelo Jimenez’s two-out RBI single in
the ninth was the game-winner.

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Thanks for all the Father’s Day wishes everyone, and I hope the rest of you White Sox dads had a great one as well. It would be hard to top the day I had yesterday, but one of the best parts (other than spending time with my little one) was definitely seeing the guys get their second road sweep in a row and get back to .500. Now, I know that we were playing the Pirates and the Nats, but as it has been stated on the blog before, I doubt many of us thought we would be back at .500 baseball at this point in time. All it took was a little karma from Donna, Maria, and Kenwo. I agree, the White Sox staff should hire them as “road game consultants” (read good luck charms) for all of our road games. Let’s keep the mo going against the Braves. Go White Sox!

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