Top Ten White Sox Moments vs. Cubs at U.S. Cellular Field

June 20, 2010

#7.) May 20, 2006 – Iguchi Fights Back – White Sox 7, Cubs 0

Following a benches clearing brawl in the second
inning, resulting in ejections for the Cubs Michael Barrett and John
Mabry and the White Sox A.J. Pierzynski and Brian Anderson, Tadahito
Iguchi clubbed his first career grand slam.  He added a two-run shot in
the fifth and Freddy Garcia threw 8.0 scoreless IP.


WOW! If you would have told me two weeks ago that the Sox would be at .500 on Father’s Day, I would have said you are crazy.

Sweet win and second series sweep in a row. Very nice. Yeah, I know the braves beat the twinks 2 of 3. And to all those (including TC) who want to discount what the SOX have done the last 9 games (“not the NL’s best……….. and Atlanta will be a better test) we can only play (and beat) who is on the schedule.
The way the SOX starters are throwing the ball, I say bring on the national league indians and let the chips (or indians) fall where they may.
BTW, with all the hype going for PK & AR as All Stars, how about a little love for sweaty Freddie. The guy is 8-3 and throwing as well as he ever has. Should be picked for the AL All Star team. Period.


I was not discounting what the Sox have done. I made the comment that good teams are the ones that beat the teams they are supposed to beat.

I was merely cautioning Sox fans to not get too giddy because while we did go 8-1 on the trip and have won 10 of 11, only two of those wins came against a good team — Detroit.

I agree with Freddy getting some All-Star mention. But it is likely that the Sox will only get one representative — two at the very most — and Konerko and Rios right now are the two most productive players on the team.

Oh TC I don’t need to be told when I should not be “GIDDY” I feel all tingly inside.

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