Catching Up From DC

Monday, June 21, 2010


It was nice to see President Obama on Friday and catch up with him briefly.  It never seems to matter how many new White Sox hats we offer him, he always shows up wearing his well0worn favorite …

click here to see a photo gallery from the Washington Post

Cool Experience

I had the pleasure today — along with our team curator Jeff Szynal — of leafing through a very special old book.

A Comiskey family member offered to show us a scrapbook compiled by Charles A. Comiskey in 1910 as he built Old Comiskey Park.  The priceless collection includes receipts (for things like the dirt), letters, invites, invoices and western union telegrams.  It was amazing to flip through 100-year-old history with many hand-written notes by the old Roman himself.

Quite a Trip

At 8-1, the just-completed road trip is the seventh-best in franchise history and best since that famous 6-0 trip to Cleveland and New York in 2000 (really 10 years ago?)!

The Sox have enjoyed four undefeated trips of six games or more in club history: 11-0 in 1951; 7-0 in 2000; 6-0 in 1990 and 6-0 in 1982.




I have been a White Sox fan a lot longer than the President. In my opinion the President is taking actions which if not blocked will ruin this country. He has a track record of saying one thing and doing another and handles his leadership role weakly if not ineptly. Nothing he can do will cause me to lose one ounce of loyalty for my Sox.

President Nobama is a fake Sox fan. When he was asked who his favorite Sox player was when he was growing up he couldn’t name a single player. He even had the nerve to say he is also a Cubs and A’s fan. The dumb ### also called it Cominskey Park. Nobama is such a lying ####head!!! If you haven’t heard the clip here is the link.

Well, tonight, I guess is a true test. Let’s keep this streak rolling right along boys! We have the right man on the bump tonight to bring home the win with JD going. I hope our guys bring our bats tonight, because Danks will be just fine.


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