Thursday Matinee

Thursday, June 24, 2010

About Last Night

When you are playing well, you want to get the game in.  No matter when the first pitch is thrown.

While the rest of Chicago was diving for the basement, sitting in their cars on the Ike hoping they didn’t float away or staying away from high-rise windows, Roger Bossard stood steadfast:  there will be baseball.

Despite buckets of rain, too many lightening bolts to count and that rare downtown funnel cloud (or two), Roger was convinced that all would be OK.  But there were a few moments of doubt.

“Check out the radar in my office,” he told me at one point, “you’ll see colors you’ve never seen before.”

He was right.

“It’s going to take a little longer to get the field ready,” he explained about 8 p.m.  “I have water in places on the field we’ve never had water before.”

Roger deserves part of last night’s victory. 


Changes everything, doesn’t it?  Ozzie said last night that earlier this year, when the team was struggling, he used to dread coming to the ballpark.  Now, he can’t wait.

Let’s go.

Cool Cause

After tomorrow night’s game, White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee are attending a fund-raising reception for the first ever baseball league in Africa, scheduled to begin play in Cameroon this November.

The event begins at 7 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place (2233 S. Martin Luther King Drive) and tickets cost $100.  In addition to meeting Guillen and Lee, fans will receive special gift bags at the door, and there will be baseball memorabilia available for auction.  For more information, email

Stop by the Hyatt after tomorrow’s game.


Hi All,

Just sitting here counting down the minutes until today’s game starts. I will apologize in advance to my employer for my lack of productivity today. (just kidding of course, in case they are reading)

I just was listening to Joe Cowley on the Score and he was talking about Jenks. Seems they could not figure out what his deal was when he was seemingly off the tracks earlier. It turns out someone finally noticed that his one foot on the rubber was turned at an angle causing him not be be able to throw across the plate. Once someone noticed that and his foot is now straight on the rubber, he is lights out again. What a nice solution – a simple one and he’s to hoping the BBBJ is truly back. Big Bad Bobby Jenks.

Let’s keep this going and get the sweep today. This winning thing is just so much fun.

Also Buster – it’s so nice to hear you all happy! I am glad that you like the taste of crow and getting to eat a big helping. Yum!



That’s pretty amazing of how well everyone at the park weathered the storm and then grabbed another victory. I didn’t stay up to see the end of the game, but was glad to wake up to a Sox victory in the morning. I hope that our boys are well rested enough to give us another! I’ll be watching at home before going to swim laps on this beautiful summer day.

Nice 1-2-3 inning to start it off, and hello to any blogging buddies who might be around. I’ll be here for at least the first half of the game. Now let’s score some runs. Go White Sox!

Another 1-2-3 inning. Let’s go guys, Gavin needs some run support.

And he strikes out the side! Atta boy Gavin!

A missed opportunity right there. Let’s hold ’em. Go White Sox!

Gavin’s pitching too good not to give him some runs. Let’s go guys.

Another missed opportunity. Come on Gavin, keep it going.

And with that I’ll bid you all adieu. Let’s get Gavin the W. Go White Sox!

I am just SO happy that White Sox baseball is so much fun to watch again! I was worried there for a while! As I’m sure everyone was, but it seems happy days are here again….let’s hope they last til October! : )

Don’t stop now, boys! Let’s Sweep them Stinky SCrUBs back to their part of town with their heads bowed in shame! Second Team, Second City….Indeed!!!!! : )

Ho hum, another routine victory . . . . . . . .

Damn, this winning feels good!!!! How about Paulie, or maybe he should be referred to as Captain Clutch.

When things are going good, everything seems to click. Let’s hope the “clicking” continues this weekend and then on the road against the real league next week.

Nice game, sweet sweep, fantastic streak!

Only wish Gavin could have gotten credit for the win – he pitched soooo well!

This season is getting to be FUN!!!

Go SOX!! Beat the Flubs!!

Hell Yeah! I guess we know what kind of club we have now!
Sweeping the pirates and nats is one thing, sweeping the national league indians? That was no fluke. This SOX club is for real!
Geez does this kid Viciedo have a gun for an arm! Between him and OV methinks that Teahen may be sitting for a while – healthy or not.
Somebody please pass me the tabasco to go along with my crow. Bring on the flubs. GO SOX!



Ah ha!! Lookie there, people are coming out of the woodwork again! Love it! Hi Josh!

Dont know about ya’ll but I’m smiling more thruout my days! 🙂

Dont stop now boys!

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