Friday of Cubs vs. Sox

Friday, June 25, 2010

Today’s Lineup

Pierre7, Vizquel5, Rios8, PK3, Quentin9, Kotsay dh, AJ2, Ram6, Beckham4.  Peavy pitching vs. Zambrano.

Win Streak

The White Sox have won nine straight interleague games and are 13-2 vs. the NL in 2010, the best record in baseball.

Their nine-game winning streak is their longest since 6/15-24/06.  The Sox are looking for their first 10-game winning streak since 5/18-26/76.  The franchise has had 11 winning streaks of 10 games or more in history, including a club record 19 straight in 1906.

The White Sox have swept three straight series of three games or more for the first time in franchise history.

Chicago is 13-1 since 6/9, tied with Texas for the best record in the majors and are attempting to move four games above .500 for the first time since we were 56-52 on 8/5/09.

Ozzie Pregame

A few comments from manager Ozzie Guillen before the game:

“I told Jerry — he’s close to Commissioner Selig — why don’t we move to the National League,” he said laughingly.  “Baseball needs change.”

When asked if he scoreboard watches, Guillen said it was too early.

“People ask me, ‘Do you watch the scoreboard?'” he said.  “Of course I do.  Look how big it is.”

When talking about the team’s turnaround …

“Our goal was … how do we make Kenny and Jerry change their minds about this ballclub?  They (the players) did it!”

Do you think Ozzie could have added White Sox fans as well?

“With the talent we have,” Guillen said, “We should play the game we have (the past two weeks).”

Gee, Thanks

Out to dinner with my 15-year-old daughter last night at Cafe Ba-ba-re-ba (she has good taste), and she asks me, “So do people really read your blog?”


Saturday Announcement

For those of you who voted for MLB’s and People’s All-Stars Among Us competition, thanks, and the White Sox winner will be announced live during Saturday’s telecast on FOX TV.

Blog Night V

Thanks for your patience for those who care and were waiting, but Blog Night V will be on August 1 when the White Sox play Oakland at 1 p.m.

For a no-nonsense link to buying tickets, click here. More details to follow.

True Heroes

Those of you who attended White Sox games this season have seen that during each home game, we honor a serviceman or woman as our Hero of the Game.  Our fans and players love the promotion and always do a terrrific job of thanking the veteran with applause and a standing ovation.  How does the soldier feel?  Here’s a note from one …

Last night was the greatest honor ever bestowed upon me.  I am deeply humbled, as who can ever be truly deserving of such an outpouring.  Aside from the birth of my daughters, it was the best single moment of my life, and short of winning American Idol or being elected President, a unique life experience. 
Last night, from a personal standpoint, was very important to my two daughters (K. 11, and C. 7) in helping them replace sad memories of me being deployed to Iraq for two years of each of their lives with good ones of cheering crowds and autographed baseballs.
On a much grander scale, I was struck last night with how great the American people, and Chicagoans in particular, are.  While I may have been the guy in uniform on the field, they were really cheering for all the 200,000-odd soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen and coast guardsmen currently serving in harm’s way on our behalf.  I was honored to be able to receive such an honor on their collective behalf.
Please pass on my sincere thanks, as well of that of my family, to all who made last night possible.
Thank you for your support of the troops.

That should make all of you fee good.  Go Sox!



I’ll be out of town on August 1 but will anxiously await all the pics and comments from those who attend.

Donna, you’re always good for a few pics, right? I know that Maria is. And Quaid will have his trusty scorecard in hand to record all the history that will take place.

Marie and family and Lisa and family will probably win all the door prizes again. And, whatever you do, don’t let Jen find the guy selling the margaritas!!!!

Are double digits in the air today?????

WE HAVE A DATE YES!!!!! So looking forward to seeing everyone August 1. You know I’ll be there–camera in hand!😉 So here we are breathing down the neck of the Twins and Tigers having wond 9 in a row. Looks like the clicking we all were hoping for is happening. Let’s hope it keeps up this weekend! GO SOX!!

Hey Scott, you know that’s a classic teen question, right? LOL
Of Course we read your blog! You are the best!
Thanks for the date for Blog Night! I can’t wait!

TC, you are so silly and I hope I DO get another door prize, seeing as my dad won the last one! I’m sure u’ll see lots of pics too. Not sure we can keep Jen away from the Margarita guy though! LOL

Sox are on a roll! Don’t stop now, Boys!!!! : )

Was in the gym when Zambrano imploded and just laughed. What an idiot! Please Ozzie, don’t let that freak talk you into coming to the Sox. CQ and now Gordo getting the long one. YES! Keep it coming boys!

Waaahoooo!! Thank you TCQ! I got in from swimming laps just in time to see his homer! That was quite a hit. Oh Zambrano…. I can’t say that I’d expect anything less from him. After all, he is well known for his temper tantrums. The fact that he left the game was just icing on the cake.

Yay, we finally have a date for Blog Night!! I’m sure at least my dad and I will be there, if not my sister again. I doubt that I’ll have a job by then to conflict with it. If my sister does come, she can take some pretty good pics with her fancy camera too. I’m gonna have to send the link to all the Sox fans at the FPPD and hopefully some of them can come too.
I’m smelling a double-digit win streak, even if it’s still too early in the game to properly tell…

One of the things I have always liked about Zambrano is that he can be counted on to implode when things don’t go his way. Today is no exception. After he gets off the field in the bottom of the first he has another of his infamous temper tantrums and calls out D. Lee for not stopping Pierre’s double. When D. Lee gets up and confronts little z I thought for a minute that he was going to flatten the punk. Unfortunately Lou and his coaches got between them and sent little z to the showers and home for the day. Too bad. I really like his stuff today. LOL

That’s my boy Beckham!! Atta boy! Nice HR! Oh yeah, and both HRs today have been to roughly the same spot. Pretty funny. And we also send out another Scrubs pitcher!

Awesome job once again today, boys. So glad that they are continuing their excellent play, and even happier that it’s against the Cubs. Monumental hits by Q and Becks, phenomenal pitching by Peavy, Santos, and Pena, and an overall great effort by the entire team!

Scott, I clicked on the link for tix to Blog Day, but you need a special code! What is that?

I believe we have seen the last of Zambrano, good riddens, what an idiot. Great great game, Peavy is just what we wanted from him.
Unfortunately Aug.1st is the Benchwarmers annual Charity golf outing. The worst date that could have been picked for me, but I hope everyone enjoys themselves, it has always been an event I looked forward to.
Go Sox get eleven.

I am soooo loving this “refuse to lose” attitude the Sox have!

Let’s keep it up! On to number 11!


Got my blog tickets! Am looking forward to seeing everyone who’s able to make it. (FYI: the password is “blog”.)

Lovin’ this streak. Let’s keep the brooms fired up for a Sunday sweep!

Scott, I was so excited about the blog night announcement that I didn’t finish reading your full post until now.

As a fan, I feel that the “Hero of the Game” feature during every game is a wonderful way to highlight the admirable work of the men and women in our armed forces. Many thanks to the Sox for starting this and allowing us fans to show our appreciation. I hope it continues.

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