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Friday, June 25, 2010

Postgame Comments

From White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen:

“Our ballclub is better when Gordon (Beckham) is on the field.  He has to know that.”

“We went through the tough times and took it like men.  We suffered together.  When we were down, we helped each other up.  That’s the way you do it in baseball.”

From Jake Peavy:

“Today was a complete team effort.  Starting pitching, I think, is where everything starts.  You don’t pitch, you don’t win.”


Today’s victory gives the White Sox a 10-game winning streak, the club’s longest since also winning 10 straight in 1976.  This marks the 12th time in franchise history that the team has won 10-or-more games.

So does that mean your team is any good?

Well, we asked ourselves.  Of the other 11 times a White Sox team has won 10 or more games in a season, only one team — ta da 1976 — didn’t post a winning record.

Here’s the breakdown:

1906 — 93 wins

1951 — 81

1908 — 88

1961 — 86

1915 — 93

1976 — 64

1967 — 89

1965 — 95

1937 — 86

1919 — 88

1901 — 83

Good omens …



What a day! What a day! My dad got a last minute ticket to go to the game with a friend. He gets there and they are walking in and someone from the Sox stops him and asks him and his friend if they want to compete in some bowling contest to sit in the “best seat in the house”. You know – those Lazyboy recliners by the bull pen sports bar? Well, they win! He was so excited. I told it was a good omen and he better now bring home the win.

This game was awesome – Zambrainless does it again. He is so predictable. You just knew he’d blow a gasket if the game didn’t go his way. The FIRST inning? HA HA HA.. I’m with you Donna – I don’t EVER want to see him in a Sox uniform. Like Oz himself said “We went through the tough times and took it like men. We suffered together. When we were down, we helped each other up. That’s the way you do it in baseball.” Zambrano does NOT do it that way – he’s totally not a team player. I think that is why the White Sox are so special. Never once did they not believe in themselves, even though we all but gave up on them!!!

I’ll be there tomorrow with my daughter and we’ll do our best to bring the Donna mo-jo. And, I can’t wait to go to Blog Night! Or should I say Blog Day??



Who would have thought that the Chicago National League Ballclub, Inc… would make the so-called Ozzie/Kenny “feud” seem a NON- EVENT ???

Anyone, BTW, who had June 25th in the pool as the date that Mount Zambrano erupted?

They can stop by to pick up their winnings…

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