Day 2

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today’s Lineup

Pierre7, Vizquel5, Rios8, PK3, Q9, Kotsay dh, Ram6, Castro2, Beckham4.  Garcia pitching.

Ozzie Pregame

After being asked if yesterday’s Carlos Zambrano’s off-field news overshadowed the White Sox 1oth straight victory …

“God. I hope they fight again,” Guillen said to laughter.

“When you lose it’s a distraction,” Guillen said of public and media perception of incidents like Zambrano’s.  “When you win, you were hanging tough.”

Guillen said he gave Zambrano advice as a friend that he should face it like a man and admit he was wrong.

Guillen also explained that his comments about being able to manage Zambrano or any other major league player weren’t meant as a criticism of Lou Piniella.

Sights Seen

A little Andruw Jones, Alexei Ramirez and Allen Thomas running around the field during batting practice in full White Sox uniforms like their father.

Little Ramirez even wore his dad’s shin guard on his right leg.

Ozzie gave little Alexei a hug in the dugout.

“That’s Guillen,” the little guy said.

Ghana scored it’s second goal in overtime as the White Sox played catch during warm-ups.  The long ball was met with groans and shouts from the team.


The White Sox 10-game winning streak is their longest since 5/18-26/76 and are looking for their first 11-game streak since 7/7-18/56.

The Sox are 14-1 since 6/9, the best record in the majors and our best 15-game stretch since also winning 14 of 15 from 6/4-19/00 (remember that!?)

With a 14-2 record and 10 straight wins in interleague play, the Sox own the best mark in the majors. 

Chicago has swept three straight series of three games or more for the first time ever.

The Sox are trying to move five games above .500 for the first time since they were 50-45 on 7/23/09 (remember what happened that day?)

Good Omen

Of the last six White Sox teams to record a 10-game winning streak, five finished at least 16 games above .500.

On The Farm

Class AA Birmingham shortstop Fernandeo Cortez had his 19-game hitting streak snapped.


Two things.

Most importantly, former Sox announcer Lorn Brown died today in New Mexico. I’m actually stunned right now at this news. It caught me completely by surprise. I had gotten to know Lorn the past few years when he called my home here in Idaho after reading my interview with Jimmy Piersall.

Naturally that led to me doing an interview with him for White Sox Interactive:

Lorn was a great guy with a lot of funny stories. He also was kind enough to send me tapes of some of his play by play work from his days with the Sox for my library. I knew that he wasn’t in the best of health but I didn’t know things had reached this stage.

I will miss him.

Secondly, that 11 game streak that was mentioned in today’s post was actually an 11 game losing streak.

The last time the Sox won 11 straight, according to the Sox media guide, page 270…was September 23 through October 3rd 1915.

Mark Liptak

Lorn Brown was a good man who loved his work and loved the Chicago White Sox. I enjoyed working with him for four seasons and partaking in a few post-game beverages with him. We got to know some of the bartenders well during some of those long, tough road trips.

Condolences to Liz Brown and their daughter as well.

Ho, hum, another day another win by our Sox…….. This is starting to get ridiculous-crazy! We can all agree on one thing. This is FUN!!!!!!! Keep it going tomorrow Boys. Go Sox’10…..j.k.

Cant believe this streak!!! I’m pleasantly stunned!

Again, no blog night for me… 2 weeks too late… damn it… counting on Donna for pics and hell, anybody can ‘win me something’ if they’d like!!! 🙂

Blog day same day as last day of Hawks convention! YIKES! I think I’ll be there though and I’ll take care of you Kris with pictures. So we have caught the Tigers. Yes! Can we sweep another? Lets hope so.

You’re right Lorn was a terrific guy and a great beaseball announcer. I’m sure he would appreciate the kind words and thoughts. You are now the keeper of another flame. Take good care and be well.

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