All Good Things …

Sunday, June 27, 2010

All Good Things Must Come to an End

“We had a chance,” said Ozzie Guillen of the ninth inning of today’s 8-6 White Sox loss.  “And made them suffer a little bit.

“We had our best hitter — our most consistent hitter this year — at the plate with PK on deck.”



Congratulations to the White Sox on a remarkable streak.

It shot them right back into the race, now we’ll see if they can continue this good play against a far superior league starting tomorrow night.

I wish they could have buried the Cubs, but they are like Dracula, you can’t seem to kill them.

Today was the 11th time since this series started in 1997, the Sox have had a chance for a sweep…they’ve only been able to pull it off twice.

Oh well.

Keep it going for another few weeks and Kenny will be a buyer (Adam Dunn? another relief arm??) instead of a seller.

Mark Liptak

Play good baseball and all our friends come back into the fold….. Hi there Lip!

I agree: let’s not have the typical letdown after a long win streak. Think winning series.

In retrospect: if for a clutch hit two Sundays ago we would have been on a 16 game streak (Win last two from Det. first two from Cubs, then the close encounter in the ninth, then our 11 w’s in a row).

Tomorrow, all,,, Go Sox’10….j.k.

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