Blog Night (Day) V

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Get Them While They Are Hot

We’ve landed on Sunday, August 1 for our fifth annual Blog Day (Blog Day V).  Click here to order your tickets today (password is: blog).

Most of you are likely repeat attendees, which I will choose to take as a sign that you liked the first four!  For first-timers, our annual blog event is a chance for folks to get together, we have some great guest speakers, a few door prizes and of course, the much coveted Blog Night T-Shirt!

For those coming out this year, who would you like to have visit as a special guest?  I forget from one year to the next, but it seems like we’ve had just about everyone.  Who do you want to see this year?


If it could be arranged early enough for him, I think that Hawk would be MOST welcomed… in addition to the usual (Rick Hahn), and the man who knows best just how OLD I am, Bill Skowron…
I am also hoping that, since it is a day game this year, that there will be adequate supplies of White Sox sunscreen to pass out to those of us who BURN better than tan…

Let’s see, who do I want to see there…..The Stanley Cup??? Oh wait baseball…how about Big Frank? Any possibility he would come? Ok and just throwing it out there but what about Hawk? (this time not thinking hockey). Also just going to throw out there Fisk, but don’t know if he does much with the club anymore. Ron Kittle’s stories are always fun! Anyone you get is always great Scott.

Thanks for putting this together…..again! I have met such wonderful people through this blog and learned so much about the Sox!

Oh man! what I wouldn’t do to hear Ken “Hawk” Harrelson and/or Frank Thomas! That would be absolutely AMAZING!
I love Ron Kittle’s humor and would love to see him back again. Anything else is a plus!
And I agree with Donna, many of us have become good friends thru this blog! Thanks for everything Scott! : )

Thanks for organizing what will most certainly be a great day, Scott. As far as speakers go, if I had my pick of the litter, I’d choose Rick Hahn, Hawk, and oh… I don’t know… AJ? Hey, a girl can dream, right? It would be nice to have a current player there… don’t think we’ve done that before. (If I recall correctly, didn’t a player or two make an appearance at the Twitter event?) Frank’s a good option, too. Heck, anyone you line up will be entertaining.

I can’t be there but if I was to pick, all the ones already mentioned and Don Cooper, Herb Schneider and of course Ozzie. Steve Stone was great. Kenny would be awesome, heck I am just mad that I can’t be there.

Nice job hanging on for that win tonight. Another nail-biter, but this time with the proper results. Get to Greinke tomorrow for a series win…. go Sox’10….j.k.

HI Scott –

Thanks for organizing this great event again this year. I’d love to hear from Rick Hahn (my favorite of the past speakers), Ed Farmer, and Hawk – if possible!

Thanks and can’t wait for the event!


I would love to see Hawk and Big Frank.

Would there be any possibility that the people that buy the blog day tickets can attend Ozzie’s press conference after the game? I think it would be cool to be fly on the wall for that.

I’ll be coming in from Minnesota to attend this event! How about good ole’ # 19, Billy Pierce.

As you know… I again, won’t be able to attend… missing my midwest visit by 2 dang weeks… oh well… I know my girls and boys will represent me well.. you know who you are. Thanks Scott for helping us develop the friendships we have and I feel will always have.

Wishin I could roadtrip to Arlington this weekend but getting ready for the huge roadtrip home leads me to not want to drive an additional 4 hours for a game… still debating it though! 🙂

Kris, do the game…… Look how big Texas is: four hours in NOTHING!… Do the game and root on our boys….. I’d be there, but it’s more like20 hours for me, so Do the game….

p.s. go Sox’10. Take two of these next three games…. j.k.

Make that Four hours IS nothing… but you get the point…j.k.

On the other hand, if it’s a hurricane you’re contending with, maybe not….. Come on Boys…..

After sitting through 3 games in KC at Kaufman and now tonight in Arlington, I’ve seen enough of Mark Kotsay as our DH for the rest of the year. The guy is on pace to hit 10-11 HR with 30, that’s right 30, RBIs. Most clubs in the AL have a lead-off hitter who will have more RBIs than Kotsay. He’s not that good as a backup outfielder or 1B to justify his atrocious hitting. Either give Andruw Jones a shot as DH or get Viciedo as 3B/DH so the kid gets some ABs. Kotsay is a joke!

Well, Buster, that “joke” just won a big game for us tonight. And he is a veteran that for years has been one of baseball’s top pinch hitters.

I agree, he is not an everyday player. Not even an everyday DH. But he is a valuable piece to this team and one that the Sox need to contend for the division title. If anything happened to Konerko, we would need him at first base.

Jones’ bat has gone very silent the last two months. Still, he is a great guy to have as the fourth outfielder. Viciedo shows promise but still is too green to be a regular DH. Plus, the club needs a lefthanded bat there more often than not since we face mostly righties and have a strong right-handed lineup already with Konerko, Rios, Quentin, Ramirez, etc.

I knew that I would (yet again) hear from the quintissential Monday morning QB after Kotsay’s hit. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. You say that Kotsay isn’t an everyday player or even an everyday DH yet that’s exactly what he is. “Valuable piece to this team”? Are you related to Kotsay or something? What value? He is yet another good field, ho hit member of this club. WE NEED HITTERS ON THIS CLUB! RIGHT OR LEFT DOESN’T MATTER!
Viciedo is too “green”? Right. Let’s just stick with a guy who is going to drive in all of 30-32 RBIs for us all year instead of giving the kid a shot. BTW the ball JUMPS off his bat. Jones bat going “silent” may be because he only gets to use it every fourth or fifth day.


You have once again failed to understand my point. I am AGREEING with you that Kotsay is not an everyday DH and should not be playing as much as he is.

My point is that he should be a part-time player, a late-innings pinch hitter (a role he has killed the Sox in when he played on other teams) and an OCCASIONAL left-handed hitting DH.

Kotsay’s value to the team is as a left-handed bat off the bench. Believe me, he was not signed for his average glove.

I like Viciedo, too. But I don’t want to put all of my eggs in the basket of a 21-year-old kid who just made his MLB debut. Once pitchers have seen him a few times, the ball will be jumping off his bat a little less often. But I think he is an outstanding prospect and I would use him at DH against lefties now ahead of Jones.

Jones, in my opinion, is most valuable to this team as the fourth outfielder. His defense is outstanding and if Quentin, Jones or Pierre missed any time he would be a great guy to have as that fill-in starter. His bat is not what it used to be –hence the Sox were able to acquire him during the offseason.

The biggest hole on this team offensively right now is the lack of some left-handed hitting. Because of that, Kotsay is extremely valuable. I don’t care about his overall batting average. I look at the clutch hits he has gotten over the years (last night’s included) and remember all of the times he beat us with a late-innings hit.

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