Congrats Matt/Vote for PK

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July Everyone

Congrats to reliever Matt Thornton on being named to his very first American League All-Star team.  Great addition in order to create late-inning matchups and help the AL win the game and claim World Series home field advantage.

But We Have Some Work to Do

White Sox fans, once again you need to rise to the occasion — voting early and often — in order to vote first baseman Paul Konerko onto the All-Star Team as the AL’s Final Man.  You did it for Scotty Pods and AJ, now let’s do it for Paulie.

Click here — again and again — to vote for Paul.

Every time you vote, you become eligible to win one of 10 signed Paul Konerko jerseys.  Along with the jersey, you will get two tickets to our game on August 14 vs. Detroit, and the 10 winners will have the opportunity to meet Paul during batting practice before that game (my guess is that he will be more than happy to thank his loyal fans.


A great tagline has always helped any campaign.  Remember “Vote for Scott” and “Punch AJ?”  Let us hear your best ideas for this year’s Final Man vote.

Some early ideas from fans:  Klick Konerko, Pick Paulie, Crown the King … others?


Push Paulie!….nah…..Klutch Konerko!……nah!…… Pivotal Paulie!……nah…..Konerko, Can you DIG IT?……..Yes you can…… Go Sox’10….j.k.

there’s my first “50” for our Captain… more to come later. Go Paulie and go Sox’10…j.k.

Sorry for overlooking Matt. He is very deserving of this honor. Do up proud…… j.k.

Sorry for overlooking Matt. He is very deserving of this honor. Do us proud…… j.k.

More beer! Happy Fourth everyone…..

Go Black, Vote Konerko!

Happy 4th everyone!! What a great day. Matt a well deserved all star nod. Paulie in the race for another slot. A Sox win and a Tigers and Twins loss meaning we are only a game out! WOO HOO!!! Keep it going boys! Don’t forget to vote the Chicago way, early and often for Paulie! I’ve put in more than a few today and will put in a few more votes before the nights over. Know you all will be doing the same!
Hoping the weather cooperates tomorrow–I’ve got a group of 40 going to the game tomorrow! My first trip to the Cell since opening day. Saw two in Pittsburgh so undefeated when attending this year. Hoping to keep the streak going!! GO SOX and knock Paulie into the all star game!!

I agree, Donna, a truly glorious Fourth! Hope you (and your 40 friends) see a great game tomorrow.

As for a slogan for Paulie, I’ll suggest a couple: Click Captain Konerko, and my personal fave, Pick PK. (Yeah, I’m kinda partial to those initials🙂 ).

Go SOX, on to first place!


How about:
1) I’m All for Paul!
2) Don’t be a jerko – Vote Konerko!

Heading to the park soon. “The boys are back in town, the boys are back in town…” :o)

Man, our boys are off to a good start tonight. Two awesome plays in the first (Carlos’ catch and Alexei’s homer), and two more after that (Jones’ steal and Lillibridge’s RBI double). I am definitely liking what I am seeing so far tonight.
We need to get everyone in Chicago to get behind Paulie and get him in the All-Star game. Hawk and Steve did a good job of making an argument for why he should go. After all, if there’s one thing that Chicagoans are good at, it’s getting the votes that they need!! Have fun at the game girls, and bring us the luck that we need! Oh btw, I love the AJ/White Sox commercial. Awesome stuff.

Yeah Paulie!! VERY nice hit!

Well, Donna and Maria and 38,000 of their friends saw a very nice White Sox win tonight. Some awesome “D” and Home runs! I was starting to forget what those things look like. Keep it going tomorrow Boys.

I got over 100 in for PaulieWood so far, how about you? ….. Go Sox’10….j.k.

And TCQ with the follow-through homer!

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