Monday, July 5, 2010

Vote, Vote and Vote Again

Let’s turn Hollywood into Pauliewood.  Yes, yes, we know that Anaheim isn’t close to Hollywood, but we’re from Chicago, anything in Southern California HAS to be close, and it seemed to roll off the tongue better than our other options.

In fact, we were working on a few ideas this morning when at the last moment, a White Sox fan, @StateStSports on twitter, shot me a DM mentioning “Pauleywood.”  It struck a note with our crack designer Gareth Breunlin, and the rest is history.

Thanks to all those fans who voted, click here to keep voting, and here’s some of the images from the day …



I’m guessing he was the unanimous Pick to Click tonight!

“To me, that play (the first inning catch by Carlos Quentin), then we scored early, got everyone pumped up.”


Is he the only player in Major League history whose OPS is directly tied to game-time temperature?

“The missile is starting to get hot,” said Guillen. “That’s the great thing about this streak.  It’s not the same guy every day.  That’s how teams win games.  You don’t have to rely on one guy.”

100th Anniversary

Prior to tonight’s game, the White Sox held a 15-minute ceremony to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the opening of Old Comiskey Park (July 1, 1910).  Gene Honda was the MC, while historian Rich Lindberg, pitcher Bill Pierce and Comiskey great grandaughter Patti Bellock all spoke to the crowd.  The ceremony took place on the center field concourse near the sculpture of team founder and ballpark visionary Charles A. Comiskey.




Another solid outing by Floyd and nice to see Alexi and Carlos hitting like we all knew they are capable of.
If PK doesn’t make it on the All-Star team it’s a travesty of the first order. Not only is he having a terrific year but the guy is the pure definition of class!

Great theme for the get-out-the-vote campaign Scott. And Paulie didn’t hurt his cause tonight with the big twp-out single that made it a 3-1 game. He also started a nifty double play. He is the most underrated defensive first baseman in either league.

Just a quick post while I can…

It was great to take the series in Texas and to take Round 1 from the Halos. And while winning this week is a priority, we need to make sure that Paulie gets in the All Star Game. How can a guy who is currently tied for 2nd in the AL for home runs not make the team, while everyone around him is? Let’s get to it!

Go Pauliewood and Go White Sox!

It worked for AJ… It almost worked for Posednik… WHY NOT THE CAPTAIN ???
He deserves to be one of those “chosen few” chosen to represent his team and his league in a game that STILL is important…
I say that because a certain co-host of a certain Sunday baseball talk show on a certain “flagship” radio station said last week that the ASG is a JOKE… and a TRAVESTY !!!

No, Barry… YOU’RE the joke and travesty…

As for those of you who jumped off of the support train for White Sox Universe when this team was scuffling… and now want to get back on because they are FINALLY living up to what they should have been doing all season… I only have this to say…



What do you mean it ALMOST worked for Podsednik? He won that Final Vote in 2005.

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