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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tonight’s Lineup

Pierre 7, Ram 6, Kotsay dh, PK 3, Q 9, AJ2, Jones 8, Viciedo5, Lillibridge4.  Peavy pitching.


I gave Paulie the latest voting update today as he ate lunch in the clubhouse, and he joked about the reality of going up against the Yankees and Red Sox.

“It’s pretty amazing,” he said of the fan support during this Pauliewood campaign.  “I just appreciate all of the support.”

Keep voting for the man at …

News & Notes

The White Sox are a season-best five games over .500 at 43-38 … the Sox are 8-1 in their last nine home games … Carlos Quentin has seven home runs since 6/22, most in the majors … he also ranks second in RBI with 16 (one behind A-Rod) … the White Sox 19-5 record since 6/9 is the best in the majors during the stretch.

Sight Seen

Harold Baines on an elliptical machine after undergoing knee replacement surgery on June 18.



Tonight’s game will be a lot tougher than last nights. Jared Weaver is a good pitcher and has had our number recently as well. Hopefully our Boys will have a few more shots left in their bats after last nights slugfest.

TQ: Tom, what are you thinking? Shooing fans away for their questioning our teams chances of making the playoffs as recently as a month ago? Who among us didn’t question that possibility after the poor start to our season?

I say welcome back those White Sox fans who were disgruntled earlier on: we need all the fans we can get after all. And just maybe as by way of contrition, the returning hordes can spend some time voting for Paulie…….

In any event, go Jake and go Sox’10….j.k.

Peavy’s injury looks pretty serious. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a season ender. He had fluid build-up in the shoulder a couple of weeks ago and (from his reaction) I think he may have torn something tonight.
Hope I’m wrong but it looks like Daniel Hudson is going to get a shot sooner rather than later.

The report is a muscle pull underneath the arm. Not a shoulder injury. It appeared to be below the arm by the way he grabbed that area with his glove hand after he threw the pitch.

Hopefully, it is just a strain or a pull and not a tear. If so, we’ll probably see him not too long after the break. But a tear could make it a much longer proposition. Hopefully, no shoulder damage was done.

First pitching injury of significance this season. Now it is time to see what Hudson can do in the bigs when it counts.

Nice job by Pena and the rest of our staff. Beating Weaver is BIG! Now it’s up to “Steady Freddie” tomorrow……. Go Sox’10….j.k.

What a shame!! Peavy has a detached latissimus dorsi muscle in his right shoulder. That does not sound too good to me. He is probably done for the year. The other starters will need to pick him up.

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