Final Day for Final Vote

Thursday, July 8, 2010


This is it, White Sox fans, our final chance to get Paulie to the All-Star Game.

Set a personal goal for votes today, and then work your hardest to surpass it.

Support PK by voting here.

Even though Paulie begins today in third place, we do have the advantage — along with our partners, the Rockies — in that we are both playing day games.  Historically, that has led to a big surge in votes.

So vote Konerko and Cargo (Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies) today and let’s make a big comeback happen!



I pledge 100 votes for Paulie….. Here I go…….j.k.

That’s the 100. It only took 20 some minutes too…. More later I expect… Go Sox’10…j.k.

I haven’t been very productive at work as I’ve been voting for Paulie any chance that I get. I just wish we knew how far back he was in the voting. I know he’s third, but we still have to get above the Yankee and Red Sox Nations.

As for the NL, I think Votto deserves it more than the others, and even though we have an alliance with the Rockies, I’ve been voting for Zimmerman. He played for my alma mater in college when I was there.

Okay, enough blogging, more voting. Go Pauliewood and Go White Sox!

I don’t know how many votes I’ve cast, but I voted steadily for over an hour last night while on the phone with my daughter. Started again this a.m.

C’mon Sox Nation, we can do this! We did it for Scotty Pods, we did it for AJ, and we can do it for Paulie!!!

What an awesome game today! Danks was amazing! I had my fingers crossed for the no-hitter (made voting a tad more difficult) but to take it into the 7th?! Excellent! That’s 5 more in a row, let’s make it 6 tomorrow!

I hope Paulie wins, I have voted for two days straight at work. I bet I voted 500 times. He’s just got to win. If he doesn’t, I will feel better if he finishes higher than Swisher. That would be an OK consolation for me!!


You’re right Marie. Keep Swisher home for the break. taht would give that little twerp something new to pout about. What a difference it has to make in the Sox clubhouse to not have his “look at me!!!” attitude prancing around all the time.

Stupid Swish. The little pudgy twerp. Well, I know that I definitely did my part to try and help get Paulie in. I voted on and off for 3 to 4 hours each evening, and then this morning before I went to work out. At least we won today and Danks had a pretty fine game. The day wasn’t a total loss.🙂

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