Game Notes

Friday, July 9, 2010

Winning Is Fun

Having been responsible for creating and writing game notes for many years (now long ago), I truly appreciate the great job the media relations staff — headed by Bob Beghtol and Pat O’Connell — do in generating information each and every day.

I also appreciate how tough the job can be when the team is losing or struggling, but oh, when you are winning, you can probably fill page after page with award-winning notes.

A few from today:

During the current 22-5 run (best in majors), the White Sox have gone from a season-high tying nine games under .500 (24-33) and 9.5 games out of first place to second in the American League Central, 0.5 games off the pace.

Just for fun, the 1983 team was 17-24 after a loss on May 27 and then went 22-12 to pull to 3.5 games back on July 2.  They moved into first place for the first time on July 18 with a 46-42 record.

Sox are 11-1 in their last 12 at USCF.

Yesterday’s game time of 1:50 was just nine minutes longer than our rain delay on Wednesday night and was a full 30 minutes shorter than Tuesday night’s delay.

The White Sox ERA on the homestand is 0.75 (3 ER/36.0 IP).

This 27-game stretch is the franchise’s best since also going 22-5 from June 21 to July 20 of 1994.  That team won game No. 28 of the stretch.

Eighteen of the last 20 games (Sox are 14-4) and 21 of 24 have been decided by three runs or less (16-5).

The five losses have come by a total of eight runs.  The last time the Sox lost by more than two runs was on June 8 vs. Detroit.

Chicago is a major league-best 17-9 in one-run games, including six wins in its last seven one-run decisions.

Yesterday marked the first White Sox 1-0 win in which the run was scored in the first inning by the leadoff hitter since Ozzie Guillen on August 15, 1987 at Toronto.

JJ Putz has not allowed a run over his last 21 appearances (22 IP), the second-longest streak in Sox history, behind only Shingo Takatsu in 2004 (26.1 IP).

Only three players since 2005 have hit .290 with 20 home runs and 60 RBI at the break and not been named to the All-Star team: Travis Hafner in 2006, Justin Mourneau in 2006 and Carlos Lee in 2008.  Paulie could be the fourth.



So, Cliff Lee signs with the rangers. Hooray. Personally I never thought he was that good. Yeah I know, great year last year and good year (so far) this year. We’ll see how he does in that Texas heat. As I said before, now is the time to give Daniel Hudson his shot.

I heard about Lee too – if he had to go somewhere, I’m just glad he did not go to the twinkies.

Well, I am sitting here at work waiting for my ride to the game tonight. I can barely wait. I’m hoping to see a W tonight – we gotta keep this streak going too!

Donna, tc gave me a good idea but I already left the house for the day. I was going to change my last name to your last name (not too far off) and wear a Hawks jersey to try and bring the Donna mojo. But, I’ll do my best anyway to get that W.


Hey buster – are you in or from Alabama? Are you a Crimson Tide fan? Just wondering based on your ROLL SOX sign off!

The Tigers just lit up Liriano and chased him in the second inning at Comerica. Tigers lead 7-0 with Verlander on the mound.

I know the Twins are know for strong second halves, but why do I get the feeling that the Tigers are the team we should be more concerned about as we try to fight for a division crown?

Anyway, it’s July 9 and we have a good race shaping up. And 27 games left to play against the Twins and the Tigers. It’s still a marathon. A long way to go.

Starting with the lefthander from Missouri on the hill tonight.

Ah Marie, so far so good! You don’t need any of my mojo, you got your own! So wouldn’t it be nice if the twins and tigers just beat up on each other and we sneak in there up top before the all star game? Is that possible?
Could it be that our boy Becks is coming around? He’s had some good at bats.
I’m late reporting this but had a great time at the game yesterday. Mr. Danks pitched a gem—very Buehrle like time wise. My boy made it home in plenty of time for HIS ballgame which we thought he might miss!
Baseball is fun again!!!

You can put it on the board, YESSSSSSSS! Atta boy AJ! 2nd homer for the night.

Yes, I’m just “slightly” late, but I made it just in time to see AJ’s second bomb.

And this ballgame is OVAH! Let’s keep this train rolling! And other than two bad curveballs, nice debut for Jeffrey Marquez. Welcome to the big leagues.

Now, let’s take Round 2 tomorrow with another Royal butt kicking. Go White Sox!

Way to get it done Marie. I think Scott needs to send one of us to each game. We all seem to bring home a win when we go! Nice game all around.
Hey Josh, how’s that baby girl doing? You guys finally sleeping? Hope it’s all going well!

My “late” two cents worth. ( a penny for each word)….. HOO RAY! Way to keep it going Boys. Let’s get to Bannister tomorrow for Number Seven…. Go Sox’10….j.k.

Hi Donna, and thanks for the well wishes. The little one is doing just fine and she’s growing like a weed. I swear she looks like a different baby every other day. She’s just now starting to sleep through the night, so it’s been a hectic past couple of months for us, which is part of the reason I haven’t been on the blog that much. I promise, though, I will get a pic up of her wearing her white sox onesie, once she grows into it in the next couple months. 🙂

Glad to hear things are going well Josh. They do change everyday, take lots of pictures!!! Glad to hear she is starting to sleep. That makes for a happier mom and dad!😉 Can’t wait to see her in the onesie!

Great game tonight! I just got home and boy was it a doozy! Everyone did something special tonight! Mark was great, AJ, spectacular, Juan laying down a sweet **** bunt, Andruw getting several hits, Paulie’s two run single, Beck’s double, and did I mention AJ? I knew there was a fireworks show tonight, but I didn’t realize it was also during the game.

Let’s get em tomorrow night boys! And head into this series in first place. I’ll even root for the twinkies tomorrow.


I still think the Twins have a better team on paper than the Tigers, they’re just in the middle of a slump. I’m not going be cheering for one team over the other yet as there is still a lot of games left to play. No one knows what the standings will look like towards the end of September. As long as the Sox keep winning tho, I’ll be happy. I just hope they start winning when I’m actually at the game. I’m 0-3 this season.

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