Successful Celebrity Server Event Nets Over $30K For Charity

Friday, July 9, 2010


Thanks to the 200 White Sox fans and our seven players and their spouses for making last night’s White Sox Wives Celebrity Server event at Texas de Brazil restaurant (Ohio Street) such a great success.  Over $33,000 was raised for Chicago White Sox Charities at the event, which featured Sox players/wives Paul and Jen Konerko, Mark and Jaimie Kotsay, AJ and Lisa Pierzynski, JJ and Kelsey Putz, Mark Teahen and his fiancee Lauren, Matt and Emily Thornton and Gordon Beckham.  The players and wives manned food, beverage and dessert stations and battled one another to see who could raise the most tips on the night (results of that competition remain in debate).


As usual, the night is what it is because of our great fans who are willing to come out, have fun with our players and support Chicago White Sox Charities.  Thanks.


7-8-10 CHARITY EVENT0180.jpg
7-8-10 CHARITY EVENT0220.jpg

7-8-10 CHARITY EVENT0235.jpg

7-8-10 CHARITY EVENT0281.jpg
7-8-10 CHARITY EVENT0251.jpg
7-8-10 CHARITY EVENT0321.jpg

7-8-10 CHARITY EVENT0340.jpg
7-8-10 CHARITY EVENT0469.jpg

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Love the pictures Scott. Saw some of the videos on Twitter. Looks like a good time!

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