Saturday Night Excitement

Saturday, July 10, 2010

As the White Sox go for victory No. 7 in a row tonight …


Very cool to open today’s Chicago Sun-Times and see this blog mentioned prominantly by columnist Sandra Guy in a story on sports teams making digital play for loyal fans.

To read the piece, click here.

Even nicer to read the great comments from White Sox fans and big-time blog supporters Marie McDowell and Maria Wagener.  Thanks guys, for the kind comments, and thanks much more for reading all of my rambling over the years.

Blog Night V

Which, pardon my direct sale, also brings us to Blog Night V on Sunday, August 1 when we face the A’s (actually, it is a 1:05 p.m. game, but Blog Day doesn’t quite sound the same).

Here’s the link to purchase tickets.

A couple of people have asked what happens at Blog Night.  Here’s my pitch, but other fans, feel free to offer your thoughts of the ever-more-popular event …

We come to the ballpark early and meet in the Conference & Learning Center.  Fans enjoy the chance to meet one another and put faces with screen names.  I try to find some interesting speakers for the group — in the past I think we’ve had Jerry Reinsdorf, Kenny Williams, Rick Hahn, Ozzie Guillen, Steve Stone, Darrin Jackson, Ed Farmer, Moose Skowron, Ron Kittle (are all these names correct and did I miss anyone)?  Then we have some fun with door prizes, question and answer, etc. 

After that, it’s on to a ballgame and a White Sox victory.


Matt Thornton received his 2010 American League AL All-Star Game jersey from Majestic last night prior to the game.  Had to give Matt goosebumps.



Nice mention Marie!! I can only imagine how thrilled Matty T was to get his jersey last night; just think how psyched he will be for the actual game!

Our boys are in fine form tonight (as has been the case lately)! Homers by Quentin (2!) and my boy Beckham so far, and Paulie’s on the All-Star Team after all!! Hope that Morneau’s concussion isn’t to serious, but it was good fortune for our guy Konerko. Even if he wasn’t voted in by the fans, he still got a spot of the team. Now he can show why he deserves to be there.

Congratulations to both MT and PK our TWO ALL-STARS. There is a God and he must be a SOX fan. No way that PK should have been left off this year’s All-Star team and thanx to an aborted dp break-up Justin Morneau is out and PK is in. He deserves it (probably as much if not more than any other AL All-Star member).

What a great treat to come home and see we are up to 7 in our newest streak!! I will hope for another win tomorrow and for a rarity a Twins win so we can go into the break on top. Congrats to Paulie for getting what he deserved. Great picture of Matt getting his jersey!!
Anyone not sure about coming to blog night, GO! It is such a fun time. Think of a live version of the blog. The guest speakers are great. You get to be in the room where Ozzie does the postgame. You also get to put the names you read posts from here with faces. Oh yea, and get to see a game! Really is a great time so don’t be on the fence, just come. I will warn you though I bring my camera and will take your picture so primp up!😉

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