Heading Into The Break

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Winning Is Fun …

The White Sox bring a seven-game winning streak into today’s final game of the “first half.”

Gavin Floyd allowed one earned run in 7.2 IP yesterday, giving him a 1.25 ERA since June8, while White Sox starting pitchers have a 2.23 ERA in 30 games over that time.  According to Elias Sports Bureau, that’s the lowest ERA for White Sox starters over a 30-game stretch in one season since 1972, when they had a 2.11 ERA from July 28 to August 29.  Chicago’s starters in those 30 games: Wilber Wood (nine times), Tom Bradley (8), Stan Bahnsen (7), Dave Lemonds (5) and Eddie Fisher (1).

Good News

So as tough as it was for me to tell Paul Konerko that he had finished third in the American League’s Final Man voting, it was equally nice to tell him yesterday that he had been added to the All-Star squad in place of the injured Justin Mourneau.

Word came from MLB just 20 minutes before our game started, and I knew it would be announced in-game.  Since I didn’t want Paulie to be surprised on the field or at the plate, I headed into the clubhouse to tell him.

Now, normally, I’m not in our clubhouse minutes before the game starts, so people figured something was up.  I told KW, Ozzie and Joey and then went looking for PK.  He was in the back, and I met him as he was walking through the weight room and into the main clubhouse.

“Congratulations,” I told him.  “They added you to the team.”

Mark Buehrle walked by just then and let out a loud whoop.

The reaction from the crowd when the news was announced was just fantastic.  Had to make Paul feel great to get that type of reaction from Sox fans.


When Jake Peavy went down earlier this week, a lot of fans questioned why Jeffrey Marquez was called up the next day as opposed to Daniel Hudson.

Now, the decision probably makes more sense.  As a starter likely to fill Jake’s spot in the rotation, there was really no need to bring Hudson up before the next scheduled day (today), while our bullpen needed the support over the four other contests … and Marquez got to make his major-league debut on Friday night.

This way, we had protection in the pen in the form of another arm, and we held off on the Hudson move until today, when he will start.


Sergio Santos’ little son was by his dad’s side in the outfield during Friday’s batting practice as pitching coach Don Cooper and I talked near the dugout.

“What a great story,” I said of Santos.

“Unprecedented,” said Coop.  “You hear of guys converting in the minor leagues, but this guy is doing it at the major-league level.

“It’s all about getting ahead.  That’s true for any pitcher,” said Coop.  “If you can get ahead of hitters with good stuff, you are dangerous.  If you get ahead with great stuff, you are lethal.”

That stuck with me.



Seven runs on FOUR Hr’s in the third?…. That’s just bordering on the absurd, but don’t you just LOVE it?…… Go Sox’10….j.k.

I know, jk, that’s pretty freaking amazing!

My dad just ordered our tickets for the Blog (Day) Night. This year, we’ve got the whole family coming. I’m so excited and can’t wait to see you all!!

Not so fast there Boys and Girls: now it’s 8-4 and only the fifth inning. Tony Pena coming in with no outs and runners on the corners. Come on Boys, hold ’em here and add on for a White Sox winner….. j.k.

Suddenly our “laugher” ain’t so funny anymore. 8-5 is the score.

For once I’m actually “glad” that the silly Twinkies won…. we’re so close to first that I can smell it! I’ll admit that I was a little nervous when KC started gaining runs on us, but we got out of the inning and just got another run courtesy of Viciedo and Vizquel. Hopefully we can get a couple more runs this inning.

What? Me worry? Granny for Q and it’s 13-5….Mercy!

I just KNEW that something magical was going to happen when CQ came up to the plate with the bases loaded for the second time this inning. Congrats on the GRAND SLAM and second HR of the day Carlos!!

Isn’t it about time for our pal from Idaho to chirp in and complain about the “home run or nuthin'” offense????? LOL

Hitting is certainly contagious. And Beckham is starting to catch the “disease” too.

These last 30 games have been sooooooo much fun.

Do we really have to stop playing for the next few days?????

So I’m sitting at work getting tweet after tweet and so sad I cant see this game! The highlights will be fun though! Our girl Kris is at the game all the way from Texas–what a great game for her to be at!! I’m convinced anytime one of us bloggers is there they win. Good, cheap PR cause we all come here raving about our experience!! I agree, it is too bad we have to stop for a few days for the all star game. However barring some last minute collapse, look where we sit for a couple days…..Number 1 baby!!! I’ve come to expect that from my teams!😉
Got my blog tickets yesterday so I’m officially leaving the Hawks convention a day early to come. Better see you all there!

TC I know what you mean, but I think this will be as good a pausing point as any seeing as we will have claimed first place from the Kitties. Definitely a way to go out, though. With the way we were playing the first bit of the season, who would have thought that we would be where we are now. A lot of us were getting ready to give up on them when our boys went that massive tear through June. My mom was asking what finally woke them up, and since it started the game after my dad and I went to the stadium, I joked that we did. I have to say, I am very happy to see that my guy Beckham has caught the hitting disease that has been going through the team. ^_^ With one out in the game to go, I have to say that this really has been an amazing game to watch. Just the explosion of hits and runs was a great experience. GO WHITE SOX!!!

And you can put it on the board, YES!…..What a way to steam roll into the All Star break! Now the Boys can take a WELL deserved three days off and head to Minn. in FIRST place in the Central!

What a run!

Go Paulie, Go Matt: the rest of us (fans included) will recharge for the second half run…….. Yes!!! j.k.

P.S. Go White Sox’10…..

Wow, another 15-run game! (I was there for the last one, vs. Detroit). Donna, you are right, that every time one of us bloggers attends the game, the Sox win – we need to make sure one of us is there every game, right?

Heading into the All Star break in first place is a fantastic turnaround from where we were a month ago. Let’s hope the hits just keep on comin’ after the break! I’ll be in Oakland for all three games next weekend – anyone else going to join me?

Go Sox!!!!


Ooops, my bad – my Sox weekend in Oakland is in two weeks (July 23-25). Guess I’m so excited I can’t keep track of the dates.

Anyway, if anyone is coming and wants to say “hi”, let me know!

Go SOX!!!

In reference to the post-game show, I think that we have a new nickname for Carlos Quentin. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you….. Bam-Bam. What do you think?

Vicki – that is AMAZING. Scott, get Brooks on the marketing of that. I’ll buy the first Bam Bam t-shirt.

Congratulations boys on first place – you deserve and I hope you like how it feels so you can just plan on staying there.


We can give all the credit to the Big Hurt — Mr. Thomas himself — for the coining of the nickname Bam Bam on Quentin. He did that during today’s postgame show. And with the facial expression — or lack thereof — that Quentin gives us all, I think Bam Bam is a nice fit.

Just heard a rumor floating the name Dan Haren with the White Sox interested. Kenny, as always, will be a busy man in the latter half of July.

It took the Sox 57 games to get 24 wins (24-33 before this run started). It only took them 30 to get their next 25.

As Ozzie says, “Winning is fun and fun is winning.”

What a great run this last month has been, and who’d have thought we’d be in first place at the break? The first time we’ve been in first since April 6th when we were 1-0. Does that tell you how long this season has felt so far? Let the boys have a much needed break and let’s keep it rolling in the second half. By the way, I second (or third or fourth) the motion to bestow the name of Bam Bam on our boy Quentin. I have a feeling those shirts will sell like hotcakes. I can’t help but keep saying it……first place! Man, this feels good. Go White Sox!

I said at the beginning of the year this team should be a strong playoff team and then the season started and I DOGGED them. My frustration came out and I blasted them. Not because I thought they were S*** but because they were too talented to play the way they were. What a great stretch they’ve been on and it’s the pitching that has them here. I was PO’d when no-one gave them a chance in the spring just based on their staff but now the MLB network says if they have a lead in the 7th, forget it and I agree. Love to see CQ getting hot and our bullpen is wonderful. Freddy is the biggest surprise because I thought he’d be a little above avg. this year but thankfully he’s back to his old self.
HATE to see Peavy leave ’cause he was pitching great but we have a great staff to back him up!!!
Hope this continues. Got the Twinkies after the break.
Good luck boys. I still have my ticket from Vegas for the 2010 World Series winner ….. maybe?????

I said at the beginning of the year this team should be a strong playoff team and then the season started and I DOGGED them. My frustration came out and I blasted them. Not because I thought they were S*** but because they were too talented to play the way they were. What a great stretch they’ve been on and it’s the pitching that has them here. I was PO’d when no-one gave them a chance in the spring just based on their staff but now the MLB network says if they have a lead in the 7th, forget it and I agree. Love to see CQ getting hot and our bullpen is wonderful. Freddy is the biggest surprise because I thought he’d be a little above avg. this year but thankfully he’s back to his old self.
HATE to see Peavy leave ’cause he was pitching great but we have a great staff to back him up!!!
Hope this continues. Got the Twinkies after the break.
Good luck boys. I still have my ticket from Vegas for the 2010 World Series winner ….. maybe?????

Is it only Tuesday morning? Seems like forever since we last played a game! That’s what winning does for you: you don’t want to ever have a day off.

About a month ago when we first started to play a little better, but were still four or five games under 500, I mused that if the Sox continued their “hot” streak maybe they could get back to the break even point somewhere around 40-40. That was my fervent hope.

But we didn’t stay hot, we went strait to scorching hot instead and now find ourselves 11 games over 500! A truly remarkable run!

I think Paulie will have an impact on the ASG tonight, and then after that game is over, we’ll only have one more off day to contend with before the Boys come back together in Minn. to take on the slumping Twins. I don’t think we can continue playing .800 ball, so just winning series is the order of business for this second half.

But what to do until then? I’ve already mowed my lawn and taken out the garbage. There’s rain in the forecast so I won’t wash the car. What to do? I guess I’ll take one of my granddaughters to the movies…… That will be good for a couple of hours.

Enough rambling for now! I’ll leave with this thought though:……. Go Sox’10…..j.k.

Hi All~

jk, I feel exactly the same way. I woke up this morning and one of my first thoughts was that it was Tuesday and now only two more days till we be eating twinkies for dinner. I am on baseball withdrawl!!!!!!!

OK, was the HR Derby last night boring or what?

I’m looking forward to the game tonight hoping our two boys show the world just how special we already know they are!



Know why Home Run Derby was so boring? Because NOTHING compares to the Home Run Derby we had at The Cell on Sunday. Bazinga!!! Go White Sox!!! :o)

I guess I jinxed our Boys by talking them up… Shake it off Matt. Although, if I was Girardi, I’d have brought in someone else to face Bird after Matt got Young to pop out, so it’s really HIS fault that the AL lost…… Now, go Sox’10….

See you all in a couple of days…..j.k.

If Matt’s gonna have a bad inning, let it be in the All Star Game.

Back to serious business on Thursday.

PLEASE bring back Jermaine Dye!

OK, I’ve seen enough of Johnny Danks for tonight. How frustrating that his team sports him a 4-run lead, and he gives up all that and more. And the second inning still isn’t over!

Ooh, goodie! It’s time for Baseball… Go Sox’10, go…j.k.

2-0 Sox after one…. Keep it up Boys….

How long does Ozzie want to leave Danks in – long enough to make sure we lose?

4-0 going into the bottom of the 2nd……. Hold ’em JohnnyD….

Now we’ve GOT to go back to work after giving up SIX runs. Go Sox’10…j.k.

That’s a shame. We really got to Slowey, but now he’s gone and at a 6-5 deficit we will be hitting against their pen. Come on Boys, show us what you’re made of…j.k.

Yeah, Baby! 7-6 us with no outs and AJ at second. Go Boys, you can’t have enough runs in this one…..now 8-6

A couple more runs would be nice Fellas. Going into the seventh with a 8-6 score…. Go Sox’10…j.k.

Good job Bobby, getting out of the bases loaded jam. Three outs to get, but how about ONE more run??? Go Sox…j.k.

OK, I sat down to a heaping helping of crow – John Danks pulled it together, and although he scared us several more times, he never gave up any more runs.

Great to get this win, and start off the second half in first place and with a win streak going!!

Go SOX!!!

Way for the guys to rebound last night after that one bad inning. And dare I say we have the “hit-and-run or nothing” offense? We fought and clawed our way back, and Jenks had a key bases-loaded strikeout in the 8th. I got a little nervous when Thome came up in the bottom of the 9th with one on and two outs. But again, Jenks made the right pitch and now we’re on cloud “9”. Don’t let up now boys. Let’s take Round 2 and Go White Sox!

Hi All,

Well, that was one exciting game last night! You know what? I love feeling that no matter what happens I just have confidence that they’ll come back. After that 6 run second, I took the dog for a walk and thought, oh well, we are only down two runs – no problem. Talk about a different mindset – you just have confidence in all the guys. 1-9. And Danks, talk about a guy that does not give up. Way to hang in there through six, so we can use our perfect bullpen in the 7th, 8th, and 9th. Just like Ozzie planned.

Peggy, you called it – REFUSE TO LOSE!

And Josh, we are on Cloud “9” and tonight hopefully we’ll be heading to a Perfect “10”.



Back in “the day” (1982 through 2009)when we would go to play the Piranhas in the HumpDump, and would score four runs in the first two innings…then give up SIX in the bottom of the 2nd, school would be out… and even if we came back, they would find a way to screw us over in the end…

Well, boys and girls, this is NOT then… THIS is NOW… The Twinkies are in the great outdoors again, they don’t have Morneau nor Nathan… and, guess what?
They appear to be vulnerable…
Good start to the trip… let’s just hope it keeps going next week with the trek West… The “bad, bad West”…

I will see all of you at Blog Day/Night/ WHATEVER…
I look forward to having the opportunity to be Moose Skowron’s straight man yet again…

That game was embarrassing. We were bound to lose at some point, but giving it away just stinks. All in all though, not a bad showing for our “B” lineup. Time for Mark to step it up tomorrow so we can take at least two from the Twins… Go Sox’10…j.k.

Floyd deserved better than he got tonight. Pitched a decent game but SOX made 4 errors that accounted for most all of the twinks runs. It happens. Let’s start a new winning streak tommorrow. Roll SOX.
P.S. I HATE the GD twins! Fortunately whoever the rocket scientist is that designed their new park built it for a team they don’t have (and haven’t had for many years) and a style of play that they don’t play.

There are going to be games you win, and shouldn’t have…
There are going to be games you lose , and shouldn’t have…

Last night was the latter category… We gave them that game… four errors leading to FIVE unearned runs… in a three run difference…

But earlier today the Indians helped out immensely by defeating the Tiggers 4 to 3… which boosts the lead up to 1.5 games… and they play again about 5 minutes after we start up in the Twin Cities… Mr Buehrle, BTW, has an eight games over .500 record against the piranhas…and is trying to go 40 games over .500 for his career record…
Let’s hope he gets all that, and we get the lousy fielding out of our system…

Just like last night, Buehrle deserved better than he got. Very poor AB by PK last night with bases loaded and tonight with tying run on third – two strikeouts. It is very strange that a team like Minnesota with maybe three good ball players (Mauer, Cuddyear, Young) and two average ball players (Hudson & Kubel), plays as well as they do against the SOX. Pavano pitched well but the SOX certainly helped by repeatedly swinging at pitches a foot or more out of the strike zone and also trying to pull outside pitches (which turned into grounders to short). Extremely poor hitting discipline tonight made Pavano look much better than he really is.

P.S. I HATE THE GD TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, that was just a very good ball game. Unfortunately, their 3 in the 2nd trumped our two runs and a chance in the ninth. That’s baseball. I didn’t expect us to win todays game and that’s ok because we have Freddie tomorrow to gain the split. Can you really expect more in Minn?

Yeah, we shoulda, coulda won yesterday, but didn’t so we’re left with Garcia doing his thing and sending us off to the Pacific Northwest in fine fashion… Go Sox’10..j.k.

Hi All~

Once again I am disappointed that we lost. It’s the Sox fault, they have begun to make EXPECT to win. Though, I did say at the start of the series that I would be thrilled to just split with the twinkies. And, tomorrow, we can do just that. We have the man for the job, the stopper, Freddy. So, I am confident that we will get that W tomorrow and get out of MN no worse for the wear.


Also, Scott is it your job to send flowers to the Indians? If so, send a nice big bouquet.


What can you say? A slumping twins club and a SOX club on a huge roll, and yet? Another defeat (a crushing one at that) snatched from the jaws of victory by our sterling closer. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating, I HAVE SEEN ENOUGH OF JENKS as the SOX closer. For all those who want to bust on me about what a great closer BJ is, and what a great year he’s having, please save it. The numnbers speak for themselves. The guy has gotten progressively worse every year since 2006 and is currently being paid more than he ever has. It’s not that this overpaid, overweight, out of shape under performing bum throws away games, it’s the way he does it, ripping the heart out of this team (and the fans for that matter) over and over and over. Today was not not an aberation and is no less than the 10th (that’s right 10th) save opportunity with a lead of two runs or more in the last three years that Jenks has literally thrown away because he can not throw strikes. If the SOX keep BJ as their closer (and MT, JJ or even Santos are all good alternatives and would be at least as good in my opinion) then they deserve what they get and we are going to see this same scenario over and over and over.

There’s another tough loss! Looks like our “magic” has turned against us, into the anti-magic!…. O.k. Boys, Put it behind you and just win series….. Go Sox’10….j.k.

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