Monday, July 19, 2010

Late Night

I need another White Sox game soon to get over yesterday’s debacle.  9:10 CT can’t come soon enough.  Pay no attention to the fact that we are facing a pitcher we have never seen before!


Some great comments from Daniel Huson about his role in last night’s episode of “The Club.”  Despite what you might have read, I did hear a few of our players enjoyed the show.  Others probably could not have cared less.  Most of the other feedback from fans has been positive.  Let me know what you thought of the show.

Moving forward, shows are 30 minutes in length, so action will likely move much faster.  MLB Network cameras are with us through the trade deadline, so the last show will take you through the final minutes of July 31.  Will they be action-packed or will nothing happen?  Time will tell.

BlackHawk Night

Friday, August 27 is Blackhawk Night at the ballpark with the Stanley Cup making an appearance at U.S. Cellular Field.  Just for fun, what would be the best White Sox hockey lineup we could put out on the ice?  Konerko has to be on it, doesn’t he? … give me a lineup, two wingers, a center, two defensemen and a goalie.  Best offering wins a future prize we’ll determine.



White Sox Hockey Team

While it’s tempting to put AJ at goalie because of his experience wearing the mask and gear, for me he’s got the size and the perfect personality to be an enforcer on the wing, leading the league in penalty minutes, a la Bob Probert, with a dangerous left-handed shot, making him a true “power” forward.

With AJ mixing it up on the left side, we need a right winger with speed and power. And when you think speed and power on the White Sox, you think of Alex Rios. The way he glides across centerfield and around the basepaths, he’d be absolutely supersonic on skates.

At center, in the middle of all the action, is Carlos Quentin. With a build reminiscent of Jeremy Roenick, and the intensity to match, he’d be the next big “Q” for the Blackhawks.

Paul Konerko would be a defenseman in the Chris Chelios mold, the savvy veteran captain with great size and a powerful shot, while John Danks has the bulldog mentality of a defenseman and the facial hair to match!

Finally, who better to put up zeroes as a goalie but Mr. Perfect, Mark Buehrle? We’ve seen plenty of fancy glovework from the gold glove pitcher over the years, and he definitely knows how to put up Ws.

Ah, my two loves, hockey and baseball! Ok Scott you asked, here ya go.
I start the Clydesdale line…..
Captain K wearing the C on his sweater at center with AJ the instigator on one wing with Buerle our consistent scorer on the other
We have Putz and Thorton on defense
If they can get past our tough defensemen they have to get it past our goalie big bad Bobby Jenks. I can hear Pat Foley now “And a save by Jenks” Oh wait am I talking baseball or hockey?
Thanks to Sox Pride Club, I have my tickets for that night and can’t wait to see my two favorite teams meet for the second time this year (yea I was at opening day with the Olympians too!)
Let’s turn it around tonight boys!!

See in all my excitement can’t believe I spelled Buehrle wrong. Sorry Mark!

Get ready, get set, WIN…. Go Sox’10…j.k.

Going into the top of the 3rd and we’re trailing 0-1…. Not to worry, Gordon is coming up first…. Go Sox’10…j.k.

Back to square, 1-1… Hold ’em down Hudson…..j.k.

Whether the SOX win or lose tonight Bobby Jenks has to go. I hope and pray that KW gets rid of this bum by the trade deadline. The north side of chicago would be a fitting place to dump him.

Good job Alex Rios! #100 for a 3-1 lead……j.k.

Buster, as hard as it sometimes watching our “Drama King” pitch, I don’t think he’s going anywhere. But on the bright side, we have a 3-1 lead going into the 6th…. More runs Boys, j.k.

Maybe if I reload forty times I can once again comment. We are now leading 6-1 going into the ninth inning and Hudson did a decent job, as did our Pen so far… Go Sox’10….j.k.

I commented!!! Hahahahahahahahahaaaaa. Three outs to get…. ….. No problem……. gulp….

That’s a White Sox winner!….. With Linebrink going 1-2-3 in the NINTH inning!( that’s got to help his confidence). this game was important after yesterday’s heartbreaker.

The BEST news? We gained on our closest rivals!!! Now 21/2 ahead of both Det and Minn…. Go Johnnie, go…. Manana all….j.k.

With the games on the west coast, there’s no way for me to stay up and watch the games. So, it’s always good to wake up and see a White Sox winner. And it’s even better to see that we extended our lead on both the Twinkies and the Kitties. Thanks J.K. and Buster for picking up the slack on the blogging end. Let’s take Round 2 tonight, and Go White Sox!

JK looks like you were the only one able to stay up for the end of the game, and a good one at that! A little past my bedtime, but I’m glad to wake up to a winner and some gained ground!
Buster I think JK is right, big, bad Bobby isn’t going anywhere. He has caused alot of GI upset for us but still somehow for the most part seems to be getting the job done.
Lets do it again today!

JK & obrn, I have to respectfully disagree with your comments aboput Jenks. By any measure; appearances, pitches, outs, innings pitched, etc this clown is the highest paid of ALL of the SOX pitchers. His performaces are nothing if unpredictable. His skills have steadily declined each and every year since 2007. We have a proven closer in our bullpen, JJ. Matt Thornton is also very capable of being put into that position. Dumping jenks and getting a middle reliever to replace either JJ or MT is the smart move. Jenks arrogance, his compensation, and his habit of throwing away games is wearing very thin with the members of this club. He is a cancer on this team much as Zambrano is on the north side and MUST be removed.

buster, I’m going to disagree with you. Yes, Bobby had a HORRIBLE game on Sunday. No doubt about it, but it’s one game – only the second blown save this year by him. Didn’t he convert something like 15 saves in a row prior to that? And, wasn’t he named closer of the month for MLB for June? Everyone can have a bad game. Why not throw Paulie under the bus for leaving the runner on third on Saturday? Everyone’s got a bad game in them from time to time. While Bobby give me panic attacks from time to time, I don’t want to see him go. Not yet at least.

As much as I dislike the game times for the west coast trips, I have it far better than most of you ( the game started at 7 pm for me). I am surprised that Peggy didn’t stop by last night for a comment or two, since she’s living in the same time warp as I am, but maybe tonight.

I was concerned about last nights game because of the struggles that Hudson had against KC his first time out. He gave up too many walks, but other than that, looked solid, and as I said last night, he looked stronger and more confident as the game wore on.

Bobby Jenks is an enigma! You never know what you’re going to get until it’s either too late or he has succeeded in closing out the other team. But, he is still a valuable pitcher who was given a large contract extension before the year started. He’s not going anywhere.

Thanks Scott for responding to my e-mail: I hope the Big Guy enjoyed what I sent too…..

Altogether now….. 1-2-3, Go Sox’10…..j.k.

Sleepless is right! These West Coast games make for a very sleepy employee the next day! Sorry boss! LOL

I fell asleep in the bottom of the 8th, but I tried. We were winning then and I just knew there was NO WAY the bullpen would lose it for a second day in a row!
Speaking of Bobby! (HA!) Yes, he gives me gas and is full of drama at times, but I agree with the others. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon. He’s been pretty consistent all year and I don’t remember being mad at him prior to this last save he blew. He’ll be alright, just had a bad game is all.

I don’t think I know enough about Hockey to attempt to create my own team. My husband is tryin to teach me tho!

Don’t stop now boys!!!! More wins, more wins, more wins!!!!

BTW, when is the 2nd episode of The Club airing?

Everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion. I for one have seen enough of fat, overpaid booby junks.

I was going to watch tonight on WGN on tv, but my wife beat me to the set, so I’ll be here at the computer again tonight. Not so bad with a 22 inch screen about 18 inches from my face…. Go Sox’10..j.k.

JohnnyD looks good so far….0-0 going to top of third……j.k.

A cancer????? Buster, you may not like Jenks’ pitching as of late but that is no reason to label him a “cancer.”

A cancer is one who tears apart the clubhouse with a bad attitude. A cancer is one who has no respect from his teammates.

A cancer is not a closer with 20 saves in 22 opportunities and one who has anchored the team’s bullpen since the final month of the world championship 2005 season.

Feel however you want but be careful how you throw around a term that is not only wrong but is also vicious.

Alright! up 1-0 going into the bottom of the fourth…. Keep on chunkin’ JonnyD….j.k.

That’s accurate, tc….. Go Sox’10

3-0 now. Bottom of 5……

Hey, blog buddies, I’m here tonight, with the game on WGN. Nice to see the lead, will be even nicer to see JD pitch as if he’s behind.

Our turn… How about a couple more runs just to make it more comfortable?…… Go Sox’10…..j.k.

OK, a nice 1-2-3 inning after we score – I like it!!!

I was hoping you’d show up Peggy….. How ya doing?

OK, Johnny D, hold them again.

Hi, JK, I’m doing well – lots of work, and that’s a good thing🙂

I’ll be in Oakland this weekend for all 3 Sox games – hope we at least win the series. Seems like it’s always tough against the A’s.

How are you and your fine family?

Real nice grab by Omar at third to end the 6th…. Still up by 3…j.k.

We’re all doing very well. Pat and I have our daughter and three grandkids for this school year while Daddy is in Iraq……. thanks for asking….j.k.

Vizquel is AWESOME at 3rd base!!!

Danks has been the steadiest starter on the staff this season. I always feel good about our chances when he is starting.

How’s your bp these days? Mine 90/72.
As I said, everyone is entitled to their opinion. You have yours (“wrong & viscious”). I have mine (right and accurate). As usual your comments include a critique of other posts. The difference between us is that I don’t go out of my way to critique your (or other posters’ for that matter) comments as you do mine. I do however respond when you feel (as you often do) that you must call me to task when you disagree with me (I guess you must really miss LIP, huh?)
I haven’t liked jenks since 2008 but that’s not the point.
Unless you have spent any time in the SOX clubhouse or talking with the SOX team members about fat booby (and I’m sure you haven’t) do not presume that 1) you have any idea whether or not the SOX ball players “respect” this bum or, 2) that you have any idea what this bum’s attitude is. One thing is certain; if even half of jenks comments to the media are accurate it is abundantly clear that this bum is arrogant, belligerant and self absorbed. Great qualities if you’re a lights out closer which this clown most assuredly is not.
As an aside stats can be manipulated to support most any point of view. Case in point, BJ DID NOT get a blown save from his debacle on Sunday, but I don’t think anyone (other than you probably) believes that he nearly single handedly blew the game for the SOX.
Finally, and thankfully, I don’t need your approval, agreement or authorization to post whatever thoughts about this bum that I may have. Your last name isn’t jenks, is it?

I figured you’d be at the games this weekend. Winning the series would be great for you and the Boys. Keep up the good work, JohnnyD….

Let’s get a couple more runs – make this game a little less exciting, a little more “comfortable” for our bullpen

I’ll see you all tomorrow, My Wife is done with the TV and I’ll be relaxing in my easy chair for the remainder of what looks like (fingers crossed) a white Sox win….j.k.

Rats! Too slow, now my daughter is watching something……

Buster, my comments had absolutely nothing to do with your assessment of Jenks. You can have any opinion of his pitching performances that you want.

And I don’t care that you think he is arrogant and self-absorbed. And don’t be so quick to assume that I haven’t corresponded with people who know him well.

You can say what you want on this blog. That is your right. But I have a right too.

And ANY time you refer to ANY human being as a CANCER, I will call your sorry a** out on it!

By the way, my BP is just fine (as if you really care . . . . )

Back to baseball, great night again for Danks.

Well, our gain – we get to keep you with us!

Way to go Alexei!!!

Yea! Alexei! 4-0…. Come on Bobby… or will that extra run send someone else into the bottom of the ninth?….

It IS Bobby…. DO a GOOD job…… I think he WILL… and thank you again Peggy…..

Please, Ozzie, keep Bobby on a short leash – any walks or hits, we bring in someone else – please!!!

JK, you are most welcome! I think positive thoughts for you and your family every day. Hoping your son-in-law is home safely and soon!

Wow – what spectacular fielding by Vizquel and Ramirez!!! Bobby had the best possible back-up, and he got the job done!

Dare we hope for another win tomorrow?

i have been busy but check in on you guys from time to time. Buster, Dude you need to bottle that venom and sell it to the pentagon. WOW. JK I am sure your blood pressure is fine. And I believe Bobby will be fine. We all need to enjoy The 1st place White Sox!!! Go Sox!!!!

Again, it’s great to wake up to another White Sox winner, and we increased our lead again over Minnesota and Detroit. An absolute gem by Johnny D, and great defense backing him up.

As for the Jenks debate, I’ll admit I was one of those that was calling for him to get replaced. But, it was early in the season and we weren’t playing the way we are now. Jenks has gotten the job done during our winning stretch, and there are only two bad outings I can count all year. This being said, it has been obvious for a while that he hasn’t been the lights-out closer he was when he first came up in 2005. Everyone can attest to the “drama” we have to endure when he closes a game. But like I said, he’s getting the job done now. Let’s just hope these many moments of drama don’t reach up and bite him soon.

Anyway, let’s bring out the broomsticks today and Go White Sox!

Ah yes,
Another Great Day on God’s Green Earth with our SOX in 1rst place. Great outing by JD last night. The kid can be brilliant at times and has by all accounts a very bright future.

TC, I do care about your bp. I really don’t want anything to happen to you as I really enjoy and look forward to our exchanges on this blog.

As far as the junks debate (and TCs “inside” information aside) ………….. I’ve said what I have to say and won’t beat a dead horse. Simply watch the other ballplayers and coaches reaction to BJ during and after a game and decide for yourselves. Pictures are worth thousands of words.

I keep meaning to check in but always forget, it’s been a busy summer. What a turnaround! The whole Peavy thing is kindof a kick in the teeth, but oh well. And how about Beckham and some serious life being shown by Ramirez. Eating your own words never tasted so good. Even Vizquel is looking like a champ! Terrible series a MN, it would have been nice to take one from them on their new field.

Far a Bobby, man, he is killing me. I can’t see it improving if they just made him a setup man. I think part of the adrenaline/pressure of closing would be lost and he’d get worse. You just have to wonder if its a mental issue or not.

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