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Friday, July 23, 2010

Blog Night

Is nearing a sellout, so act quickly if you plan to attend (pregame on August 1). To purchase tickets, click here. Passcode is: BLOG (since we are so tricky).

HGH Testing

MLB announced yesterday that it would initiative blood testing for HGH at the minor league level.  I hope all would agree this is a great step forward for baseball.

Gate 5 Beer Garden

We also are going to open a beer garden, named TBD (for now, obviously), at Gate 5 on Monday.  The area, which is open to both ticketed and non-game ticket customers, features bar service and light snacks.  Stop by the next time you come out to the ballpark.

For more detail and a rendering of the area, click here.

Next Episode of: The Club

Episode 2 of “The Club” airs Sunday night at 8 pm CT on MLB Network.  You can also see it on Comcast VOD or on replay throughout the week.  This episode focuses on the June draft, as well as the team as it starts to turn around a poor start to the season …

Here’s the trailer for Episode 2 of “The Club.”

Kitty and Comedy

Ron Kittle’s performance at Zanies Comedy Club airs at 8:30 pm tonight (Friday) on WTTW Channel 11.

Great Photo

Thanks to White Sox fan Don W. for sending along this photo of three White Sox fans from Lima, Peru (no less).  Love it!

peru 291.JPG



I just got back from golf and caught up on the previous post of Scott’s. Scam is back!? Good to see your comment my friend, and I have to agree with you that someone OTHER than Bobby should handle the closing for at least a little while.

Today is Peggy’s big day! Her Sox will take the field against her home town team, and I know she is rooting for OUR Boys to take this all important first game. Mark has had trouble in the past with these A’s, but as Scott suggests, that IS in the past, so until game time all I can say is Go Peggy and go Sox’10…j.k.

Peggy! Tonight’s the night – we are going to rely on you to bring home the victory! Cheer on our boys! Loud enough for all of us!

Have fun!


Go Peggy Go!!! We have all had our own kind of luck this year, now its your turn. Bring us a few wins woman!!

Way to go Peggy! (with an assist from Mr. Buehrle). That was a very efficient and well pitched game tonight. It makes one wonder how Mark could have so much trouble with Oakland in his career.

Now it’s Freddie’s turn to continue to pitch well and get his 10th victory…… go Sox’10…j.k.

Don’t worry JK, I’ve always been around. Just haven’t participated much this year. It’s been a busy one.

Great game tonight. Hopefully Mark can keep pitching like that for a while.

I would love to go to Blog night btw, but $31 for a ticket and $23 for parking is a little out of the price range for a poor college student. Maybe if the seats were a little closer than row 30 of sec 159 it would be a little more tempting.

Hi everyone ! Thanks for the good wishes. I was part of a pretty big (and loud) Sox cheering section. I”m sure our guys could hear us.

I hope for another good result today

Go SOX!!!

This game is a misery that will not end!

Can we win the rubber game of this series and go back home 5-5? We will have to wait and see. After todays blowout who knows? I was hoping for us to go 6-4 through these three cities, but that isn’t going to happen now. One thing for sure though, we will still be in first place when JohnnyD faces Seattle’s “king”. With that said…. Go Daniel Hudson and Go Sox’10…j.k.

OK, girls & boys, here’s hoping for a better day!

Go SOX!!!

So far, NOT so good. Trailing 5-1 going into the fifth, Daniel Hudson looks overmatched and we can’t seem to hit. That makes for a long day…… There is still time though, so let’s get some runs and give Peggy a winner….. Go sox’10

Hudson @ 98 pitches Sox down by 4 & no one warming u in the pen? Is Ozzie just writing off this game & this road trip to “save the bullpen?

Our Boys look tired! They seem to want to be back in Chicago already. Somehow we need to get that FIRE back that did us so well for six weeks……… Come on Boys finish strong….j.k.

That’s the fighting spirit that was missing yesterday and today until the 7th inning. 6-4 Bad Guys. Hold ’em right here Boys……j.k.

Well we’ve got a game- we need 6 outs & 3rums to win this one.

That road trip COULD have been a lot different. I was thinking 6-4 coming back home, but instead we’re 4-6. Only 1 game lead on the Twins AND we’re going up against Seattle’s best pitcher tomorrow. We need you JohnnyD and we NEED our offense to gear back up again…. Go Sox’10……j.k.

It SHOULD have been a 7 and 3 road trip… We gave away three games… two in Minnesota (one because of four errors, the other thanks to Mr Jenks and Mr Santos, as well as a “where the hell are you throwing to?” throw from Mr Rios…) and one in Seattle (no thanks once AGAIN to Mr Jenks…)… The last two games in Oakland? Despite Peggy being there with the West Coast branch of White Sox Universe, those games were just the signs, as jk mentioned, that they were tired and playing “on fumes ” against the A’s… But payback, dear friends, is just a few days away to those Oaklands… which will culminate with BLOG DAY V… In front of, hopefully, a FULL HOUSE in the Conference Center prior…
Which reminds me, Mr Reifert?
What time do we have to be at the Cell by on August 1?

Time for some payback starting tonight with JohnnyD, our NEW stopper……. Go johnny go………Oh, yeah, go White Sox’10 too……j.k.

Memo to Daniel Hudson: Watch what Danks did in that first inning. Throw strikes, keep the hitters off balance and use your defense………equals 1-2-3…… Go Offense….j.k.

Correction….. 1-2-3-4-5-6…. Now Offense….

Back from dinner and we lead 2-1…… Keep it up Boys…

Going to the bottom of the sixth and it’s still 2-1. How about another run or two Boys?…… Go Sox’10….j.k.

Atta Boy Paulie…..3-1…..

There’s our “couple” of runs and but for a GREAT play by Ichiro we’d have two more……

After the disappointment of this weekend, it seems as if we’ve hit our stride back at home. Of course, I’m sure that it doesn’t hurt that Ames it at the game tonight bringing them her good luck. ^_^

And another couple!!! 6-1 with Santos in to close it out…….

And that’s a White Sox Winner!……….. Way to go Boys….. j.k.

Very nice game by JD. Reminds me more and more of a young MB. And…… what a pleasure it is watching Omar. Consumate pro in every way. He plays third like he spent his whole career there. He has improved Alexi’s play temendously just by his presence and play. Personally, I would really like to see the SOX offer him a coaching job when he retires, but at the rate he’s going that may not be for a few more years!

Hey, Buster, Omar would NEED a couple more years to get to 3000 hits…. That works for me……….

Now take two of the next three from the M’s and two of three from Oakland. Keep winning series…. Go Sox’10….j.k.

Omar just keeps producing when it counts. And like you said Buster, his presence has done wonders for the team.

Again, another awesome job by Johnny D last night. Now, let’s take Round 2 tonight. Go White Sox!

does anyone know what time we are supposed to get to the park for blog night? This will be my 3rd in a row, but since its a day game this time I dont know when to get there.
thanks in advance, and looking forward to it once again.

I watched the second episode of The Club and I was very disappointed. First, the episode was only 30 min and second it spent way too much time preparing for the first round draft pick. I was hoping to see more stuff about the current players. I hope the show gets better.

I liked episode 2 of The Club a lot. Don’t forget “white sox” that the show is about the front office of the White Sox. You aren’t going to see much current player stuff.

Episode 2 was about our early season struggles and it ended with our first three game win streak. We all know that went on to be our 11 game win streak and that great 25 for 30 run. I am excited to see next week’s episode. The only thing I am disappointed in is the fact that the show will end with footage from 7/31/10, the trade deadline. With the way this season is going and hopefully going to play out, it sure would be cool to see behind the scenes stuff throughout the rest of the season. What a story it could be!!!! Possibly the greatest Cinderella story in baseball???!!!

And, as for the trade deadline….I don’t think we have talked about it much here, but I kind of hope Kenny doesn’t make any trades. I kind of like what we got going on and would like to see how these guys play this out. I have complete confidence in the team we have.


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