Big Hurt

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


072710-F-Thomas-01.jpgComments From Frank Thomas on Becoming a White Sox Team Ambassador

“I played in between these lines with everything I had,” said Frank Thomas, “and it’s a great, great honor to be out on that wall with these guys.

“I had more ups than I had downs. That’s part of having a long, successful career. I’m proud of it, wouldn’t change it. This is a great day today to be named a team ambassador. I really care about this team.”

“This is a great moment and I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to help the team in any way I can and whatever they need to throw on me, I’ll be there.”

“This is the team I follow day-in and day-out. I put into too many countless hours. I know these guys, I know the coaches, I played with the coaches. We’re still family, we’ve always been family.”

“I spent 16 long years here and unfortunately, departures are never nice. But eventually I figured I would be back here in some capacity, it just takes time. Things have worked out.”

“I’m just happy to be a part of this because in my heart, I feel like I’ve earned this.”

Watch Thomas as he speaks to the media here.



You know, at the end of spring training I really didn’t feel good about this team. Thought they were no better than an 83-84 win team but more likely would be struggling to play .500 ball. That’s why I was not shocked and not overly disappointed (due to lower expectations) when the club started so poorly.

But I am more than happy to apologize to Ozzie and the team for my lack of faith. This was the team Ozzie wanted — one that could run and play small ball but still hit the needed home runs — and it is now paying off.

The starting pitching has been magnificent in the last 40-plus games. And the bullpen, with the exception of just two bad outings by Jenks (that have been extremely blown out of proportion) has been nearly as good.

The clutch hitting has been there for this entire streak and the defense — except for a win over the Angels despite five errors and a loss at Minnesota thanks to four errors — has been rock solid.

Yes, I will eat my words and now watch as this team makes a run for its third divisional title in six years in the next two months.

My MVP to date? Hard to pick just one but I think that the play of Alexei Ramirez at shortstop has won us at least a half-dozen games in this stretch. He makes the most difficult plays look easy. Ozzie said he would be a good shortstop. And when it comes to judging shortstops, who is better than Ozzie???

Wow, we are just blowing them out of the water tonight – 11 to zip! And people were worried when we didn’t have a good weekend…. Silly people! Let’s just hope that the boys save some of those hits for Sunday afternoon when we’re all there.

Another big WIN for the Sox and Gavin! Wow! 11-1! That keeps us 1 game up on the Twins who are winning in KC.

Congrats to Frank!

I remember a few years ago when the Mariners were playing us at home and Mark Buehrle was pitching. Mark was Ichiro’s personal batting practice pitcher on that night as he had five hits! Mark tipped his cap after that fifth hit…… The good news for us was that WE won the game, and MB? well, he only gave up 5 hits on that night. Do it again tomorrow Mark…..Go Sox’10….j.k.

tc, you are eating your words and buster has already told us he is eating crow. I think it is high time for the two of you to go out to dinner at a local establishment that serves crow and your own words. Maybe over a nice bottle of wine you two can make nice. Buster needs a chance to see that you are not an arrogant ***. 🙂 Welcome back tc!

Gavin finally got the run support he so desperately needed last night, lol. Don’t let up now boys. The piranhas are on a bit of a roll as well. Let’s take Round 3 and Go White Sox!

Now Marie, let’s don’t get too carried away!!! LOL!!!!

jk, I did not know that story about Buehrle and Ichiro. But it sounds like typical Buehrle.

Great to see Dayan play again last night and hit his accustomed shot to the gap. I love the way the ball jumps off his bat.

Game time! Go Mark go!. With the Twins already having won, we need to take this one to maintain our lead….. Go Sox’10…j.k.

meanwhile the game goes on and our Boys did come back and have tied it up at 5 going into the bottom of the 7th. Maybe this comment will post?…. Go Sox’10

6-5 Good guys! into the bottom of the 8th. Nice execution Team…….

ALRIGHT!!! We have BIG BAD BOBBY BAAACK……….. 3 K’s and “they” gone!. Sox Win………. That’s good, but let’s make it great by getting ONE more from Seattle tomorrow night…… Go Freddie and Go Sox’10…..j.k.

In the words of Joe Cowley’s tweet, Bobby Jenks sure pitches well with that middle finger on his shoulder.

Nice come from behind win boys!

Let’s get the sweep tomorrow!

A lot of people were dogging Rios and dogging Kenny last September when he wasn’t hitting squat and had a lot of years left on his contract.

And a lot of folks (including me) were dogging Pierre in April and May because he was absolutely horrible as the leadoff guy. In fact, Ozzie sat him for a couple of days.

But now, these two are day in and day out getting the job done. Juan manufactured the winning run and Alex delivered it.

And, no worries (lol), Bobby mowed them down in the ninth.

That is the way championship teams win. They battle back and pick up their veteran starter who didn’t have his best stuff but who battled and hung on long enough to turn it over to the ‘pen.

Great win tonight. Now let’s get the sweep tomorrow.

1-0 Mariners into the second. Freddie looked rough for the first three batters then settled down some…. Go Freddie, go Sox…j.k.

Sox win! Can you say SWEEP?….. Good job everybody…..

Who is this “new” pitcher we have named Linebrink? He came into the ninth and 1-2-3, they gone…… His pitches were moving all over the place, he was getting ahead of the hitters…. Who is this guy????? (Hope he continues that kind of pitching)……

11/2 game lead on the Twins who get to trounce the Mariners now while we play Oakland….. It’s payback time…. Como on Hudson and Go Sox’10….j.k.

Brrroom, brrroom, a sweep!

Let’s have another one against Oakland.

So much to be happy about – the Big Hurt is back with the Sox organization, our guys are hitting, winning games, still in first place, livin’ la vida baseball🙂

Go SOX!!!

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