Great Gift

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Thanks to everyone who attended Blog Day V, and thanks as well to Moose Skowron, Hawk Harrelson and Rick Hahn for stopping by to speak to the group.  But a very special thanks to Maria et al for the very thoughtful gifts.  The baseball (see below) that you all sent around the country and autographed might be one of the best gifts I’ve ever received from fans.  The thought and effort that went into it is awesome.  Thank you.  And as for the drawing … Rick Hahn walked out with it and I might never see it again (but thanks).

If you signed this baseball, please add your name and city to the comments section of this post. 

2010-08-01 13.31.27.jpg


Hi Scott,

Glad you liked the baseball! I signed – Peggy Kenny, Palo Alto, CA

Go SOX!!!

P.S. – Wish I could have been at this game – much better than two of the three I saw in Oakland!

Thanks, Scott for the nice words: I was one of the “away” team to sign your ball.

Very nice win by Gavin and the Boys. Great hit from Lillibridge too! On any given day you never know who will be the man to step up BIG time.

I’m wondering what our record in Blog games is? And why can’t WGN scan the blog section at least once during the game?

Peggy: I agree that this payback was worth the wait. (You’ll have to do better next time around though).

Enjoy your day off Boys. After a 6-1 home stand you deserve it. Now get ready for eight games on the road: I’m thinking 5-3 would be just fine. Keep up the good fight, and I’ll see you all Tuesday (morning for me)……j.k. (Tucson)…….Go Sox’10…..

Doug Meyer
Winona, MN

It was a fun time Scott! Moose was great, Hawk was funny, and Rick should give back that picture of you.

Hi Scott~

Thanks for another great Blog Event. Thanks also to Moose, Hawk, and Rick Hahn for speaking. They are always so enjoyable and entertaining.

Thanks also for the door prize my daughter Kelsey won – the chance to throw out today’s first pitch. That was probably the most exciting thing! You have created a White Sox memory for her (and me) that will last a life time. She’ll be telling her grandkids some day about the time she got to throw a pitch to Mark Buerhrle! That was so great words can not express it! She just was thrilled throughout the game and the whole way home.

It was great to see everyone and great to get the W. Now, let’s head to Motown and mow them down. Let’s make this a two team race and render the kitties meaningless.

Thanks again!

P.S. I did not get to sign the ball thanks to an accident on the Stevenson that delaye our arrival to the park today!

Thanks for the best blog day ever. Hawk, Moose and Rick were awesome. The throwing out the first pitch prize was a great surprise. My group was very jealous of the girl that won.

My 3 year old daughter got a little antsy at the end but she did pretty good overall. The cookies and cupcakes helped.

I signed the ball too.

Tony Pokrajac

PS Did you make Moose stay due to the no-hitter that Gavin was throwing?

Hey there gang! Long time no see! Just wanted to tell eveyone who was there that it was so great to see you all. I hopped on the Red line from the Hawks convention to make it and although I at first wasn’t sure I’d want to leave the convention, glad I did. Really enjoyed everyone’s company. Gotta give a blogger’s view for all my out of town friends and those who couldn’t make it….

Walked into the Conference and Learning Center to see very yummy treats that Maria made which included M&M cookies made with White Sox M&Ms. YUM!!!
Scott started us off with an apology. Seems The Club is taking alot of his time and he’s feeling he’s not blogging as much “Inside the Sox” info. No need to apologize Scott, we appreciate everything we get! Moose Skowran was our first guest and I could never adequately put into words how entertaining that man was. He shared many stories from his playing days and had the crowd laughing most of his time with us.

Our next guest was Hawk Harrelson! His time with us was short due to his TV commitments, but Hawk shared with us his confidence in this White Sox team, his worst GM, and his fashion sense! Hawk picked the winning blogger who would throw out the first pitch! Yea to Dawn’s daughter–who by the way did a great job!

Asst GM Rick Hahn was running late so Maria gave Scott the gift the bloggers got for him, the caricature of him and signed baseball from many of the bloggers. The ball traveled from the San Francisco area to Arizona, to Virginia, to Texas and then back to Chicago where those in attendance signed it as well. Scott seemed to really appreciate the effort put into the gifts.

Raffled off signed memorabilia along with White Sox magazine as a lovely parting gift were just great extras to a fantastic program (oh and don’t forget that great Blog day t-shirt!!). The White Sox victory and great weather made this a perfect event. Thanks again Scott for once again putting together a great event. I love the White Sox and the fact that they reach out to their fans with events like this just make me love them more.

Here’s a link to some pictures. Thanks again for giving us this opportunity Scott!!


I had a great time today. I loved all the speakers. I think this was either my 3rd or 4th time coming. Blog Night/Day has to be the best kept secret about the White Sox. I can’t wait for next year.

I think if I was picked to throw out the first pitch, I would have been SOOOO nervous, anyways I am thrilled with the Gordon Beckham bat!!! My family is can’t believe I won. Now I just have to find a safe spot for it.

Go White Sox!!!


Kelly just so you know, VERY jealous!!😉 Congrats to you!!

Hello from deepintheheartof – – Kris here, sitting in Cleveland, Texas, Scott! Glad you enjoyed the gifts.. great ideas both of them! Thanks to all the girls who helped get that together and Donna for the pictures!

Totally jealous of the Gordo bat.. but I have a Buehrle ball signed and sitting at my mom’s in Indiana when dad threw out a first pitch on their anniversary back in 2003, 2 days before he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Saw a little bit of the Hawk talk… he is a funny man and I imagine him loud… is he loud.. did he really need that microphone?

Sox keep hammerin the life out of the ball but Minnesota nees a small curse set on them… anybody up to that? 🙂

I’ll try to stay cool… looking forward to 2 games on Tuesday!

not on the ball or much of a regular here, but I recapped blog night V over at

not on the blog that much some how became “not on the ball ”
ugh. had a great time at blog day anyway.

A day late, but I had previous commitments that prevented me from watch the game yesterday. Glad to see Floyd’s gem and Lillibridge’s bat pick us up yesterday. Every win now is huge, especially with the hot streak the twinkies are on.

In an area of the country where you have mostly Yankees and Red Sox fans (because no one wants to admit they root for the O’s or the Nats), it has been a great pleasure to connect with White Sox fans all over the country. From California to Virginia, from Texas to Chicago and all points in between, you can definitely say that the Sox are well represented all over the country. Thanks Scott for providing us with great inside stories about the club and making us feel like we’re a part of it. I hope I can attend a blog night in the future so I can thank you in person, as well as meet everyone I’ve connected with this last year and a half.

Donna, those are great pictures and thanks for sharing them. Again, I am humbled to be part of a great group of White Sox fans.

Now, let’s get those kitties. Go White Sox!

Josh (Richmond, VA)

Thanks so much, Scott, for another terrific annual event. Like every year prior, Pat and I had a great time listening to the guest speakers. And as for the door prizes, well… you truly went above and beyond this year. So thrilled (and simultaneously jealous!) for MariE’s daughter Kelsey and for Kelly. Great job on that throw, Kelsey!!!

I’m happy you enjoyed the ball, Scott. The idea was Peggy’s brainchild, and I have to tell you it took quite a bit of coordination to get it from coast-to-coast and back to Chicago. My regrets that MariE couldn’t sign it yesterday. Perhaps she can stop by your office and add her name to it, as she was also involved in the planning.

“egus”, thanks for pointing out that I slaughtered Hawk’s most recent catch-phrase in your blog… just when I was hoping that no one would notice. :o) Mercy, nerves do get to a girl. Hawk was kind to just flow with it, and well… Pat and I will laugh about it for at least the rest of the season.

It was really great to see everyone. And again, thank you, Scott, for this really remarkable opportunity for all of us.

Dear all,

Please do not inflate this man’s ego any more than it already is.

Well, folks, another Blog Day/Night is “in the book”, along with another win by the boys…

the twins must REALLY be getting ticked off…They’ve won all these games in a row, but can’t gain on the WS…

NOW they knowe how WE felt all those years when WE were the ones persuing…

Now for the thank yous, from this corner of White Sox Universe…

Thank you, as always, to Amy Riefert’s husband for his kindness and his overall professionalism (Memo to Rick Hahn… PLEASE return the caracature(sic)to its rightful owner… After you show it to Kenny and Jerry and everybody ELSE in the front office…)…

Thank you to Moose Skowron for being Moose Skowron… and for reminding me, YET AGAIN, how old I am…


Thank you to Hawk Harrelson for graciously giving of his time before he went back up to the booth for the call… (Maria…The question I asked him, which I KNEW he would respond to the way he did, was not about the best/worst GM he played for, but the best/worst OWNER he played for… As I said, I knew how he would respond concerning Tom Yawkey and Charlie Finley…)

Thanks to Rick Hahn for his insights on the procedures that the everyday fan does not know about… It seems that every year, he is the subject of rumors about taking a job as a GM elsewhere… so that means we gotta hang on to him…

Thank you, as well, to the weatherman… for the warm temperatures, but NOT for the lack of wind… The sunburn should be peeling off the top of my balding head and my face and arms any day now…

Thanks, also, to the following for being my “friends” in White Sox Universe… Maria and Pat, Donna,John and Michael, MariE and her daughter, who did a fine job on the “first pitch” ceremony…Vicki Lantz, her parents and her uncle, Lisa Munoz, Doug Meyer from the home of st mary’s College, Winona, MN… and the rest who had a fine time and who contribute mightily to this effort…

Last, but certainly NOT least… Thank you, Gavin Floyd, the “much maligned” Brent Liilibridge (alongside Mark Kotsay), Juan Pierre, Matt Thornton, JJ Putz and Bobby Jenks for putting the capper on the day with win # 59 on the 2010 season…

I know I am blessed to be among all of you… and I do, INDEED, thank you all !!!

Let’s do it again NEXT YEAR…

Sorry that I missed all of the Blog Day/Night festivities. But I was down in St. Pete this weekend and watched the Rays take care of the Yankees on Sunday afternoon. Always nice to see Swisher whiff and pout his way all the way back to the dugout.

Glad to hear that the Blog Day was a success. More importantly, Floyd got us a win and kept the train moving.

As one of your speakers from Sunday would say, “Don’t stop now boys . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”

As an addendum to my comments, my apologies to Dawn and Jason Brusa and their daughter for NOT mentioning them in my earlier remarks…

I could have chalked it up to yet ANOTHER “senior moment”… along with the misspelling of Mr REIFERT’s name…

But I can’t…

So I apologize…

There’s really nothing more for me to add here, as you all did an awesome job of recapping the day’s events!
I’m just proud to be associated with such a great group of people. Maria is often sooo creative (and a great baker to boot!) Thanks for the yummy treats! Marie and Peggy are too and they always come up with the best ideas! Then we come in as their “supporting cast”. Donna is an awesome shutterbug! I sooo appreciate the pictures she takes and so generously shares! Marie, I was so happy (okay, and a little jealous) of your daughter’s “door prize”. You should be very proud, she did a fantastic job!
Thanks to Tom Q and Vicki Lantz and her parents (who are super sweet!) for keeping me company during the game. The sun was pretty relentless though, and I found myself up seeking shade more often than not! LOL
But thanks again Scott, for another great outing with a great group of people!
Lisa Munoz, “Sweet Home” Chicago!

There’s the first one! And what a way to win it: 12-2! I hope the Boys have a few hits left in their bats for the nightcap. See you all later Guys and Gals….. Go Sox’10…..j.k.

That wasn’t what I had in mind for the nightcap. Carlos Torres didn’t look very sharp, especially in the first two innings, but if we only score 1 run, it doesn’t matter how many we give up. I expected us to lose tonight and split, BUT….

There’s always tomorrow and our new pitcher Edwin Jackson will take the hill. I hope the Tigers don’t remember him too well and that he can shut these guys down for a Sox winner and a guaranteed split of this series…. Go Edwin and Go Sox’10….j.k.

Agreed, JK, I didn’t have high hopes for winning both games of a doubleheader, but I’d sure like to see our guys win tonight, and guarantee at least a split of this series.

I hope Edwin Jackson proves to be a great pickup, and that he is motivated to beat his former team!

Go SOX!!!

Nice to see Jackson finally have a 1-2-3 inning! Let’s score some more runs, there’s still a lot of Tiger outs left to get.

Nice win by our Boys. A little shaky on D tonight, But just enough offense to get the victory. Jackson pitched very well. He gave up a bunch of hits, but managed to get out of any trouble. I’d say impressive, and I’m glad he’s ours….

Now, after being able to watch the first three games on TV, I will have to come back to the computer for tomorrows finale. Let’s get greedy and win that one too. Go Sox’10…j.k.

Great debut by Jackson last night. I wasn’t able to catch the early parts of the game, but I was able to see TCQ and Paulie’s bombs. And it was nice to see Jenks go 1-2-3 to end it.

Don’t stop now boys. We need to keep those piranhas at bay. Go Freddy and Go White Sox!

Waiting patiently at work for today’s game to start. I’m confident we’ll get the series win today. Not ready to settle for a split! I’m glad we have Freddy going, he’s good in day games and he’s good in Detroit.

So, let’s go get ’em boys and get it done!!

I see now that out game is on WGN so that makes four games in a row on TV! Unprecedented! Get the win Freddie, go Sox’10……j.k.

It’s a little scary seeing Freddy get squeezed by the ump, because when that happened in Oakland, he kind of gave up, and the game turned into a disaster. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen today.

Man, MLB network was riding Hawk Harrelson for his calling of the 9th inning! Hilarious! Ah well. Hey, did Jenks put those other two players on base, I didn’t know the game was on till I turned it on in the 9th? And, man, I know you drop games from time to time, it happens, but hasn’t his slider been getting hit quite a bit lately?

Man, MLB network was riding Hawk Harrelson for his calling of the 9th inning! Hilarious! Ah well. Hey, did Jenks put those other two players on base, I didn’t know the game was on till I turned it on in the 9th? And, man, I know you drop games from time to time, it happens, but hasn’t his slider been getting hit quite a bit lately?

Man, MLB network was riding Hawk Harrelson for his calling of the 9th inning! Hilarious! Ah well. Hey, did Jenks put those other two players on base, I didn’t know the game was on till I turned it on in the 9th? And, man, I know you drop games from time to time, it happens, but hasn’t his slider been getting hit quite a bit lately?

Man, MLB network was riding Hawk Harrelson for his calling of the 9th inning! Hilarious! Ah well. Hey, did Jenks put those other two players on base, I didn’t know the game was on till I turned it on in the 9th? And, man, I know you drop games from time to time, it happens, but hasn’t his slider been getting hit quite a bit lately?

My computer or is acting goofy, dunno how I magically posted numerous times….

My prediction….everyone has been all over Mark Kotsay about stinking and he shouldn’t be playing. Well, I disagree and even though he’s been having bad luck of late, I really think that he’s going to play a major role going down the stretch.

My prediction. August 5th. Mark it down.


*waits for the Jenks bashers to rile up again*

This sucks. A 3-run lead down the drain. Come on guys, lets dig deep. Go White Sox!

Marie, you just may be right. Atta boy, Kotsay!

He gone! 2 to go.

1 to go.

And this ballgame is OVAH! Man, I almost suffered two heart attacks within the last hour. Freddy pitched his butt off, but it’s a shame he didn’t get the W. I’m glad the guys shook off Jenks’ letdown in the 9th, and Kotsay stepped up big time today. Let’s keep it going against the O’s. Go White Sox!

Right you are Josh. That game wasn’t supposed to be like that. When Bobby tossed up the tie, I was sure we were done. But to the Boys credit and HUGE props to Mark Kotsay, we managed to prevail. WHEW! That’s two wins Bobby blew away from Freddies record. But at least we did win………..

Now we have to face the O’s and Minn. goes to Cleveland. We need to capture at least a split, but of course we’d all prefer going 3-1. That should be doable: we will have to wait and see…… Enjoy the rest of your day everybody, and Go Sox’10…..j.k.

You are right Joshva, Bobby does really suck!! The Sox will not win anything with a closer with an ERA over 5.0. Kotsay really saved Bobby’s *** today.

Thank goodness for the win today! That was a nail biter.

ERA’s for closers are irrelevant. The only stat that matters for him is how many games he saves. He’s going to keep getting chances.


Good outing by Freddy. Great defense by JP & Alexi. I have to agree with Marie about MK. He certainly saved the day today. Nice to see some of these shots he’s been hitting for a couple of weeks not get caught.
As fas a drama queen booby, I’ve said all I’m going to say about that clown. Interesting reaction from the SOX players when he hung that slider to Rayburn. Pictures say volumes about how Junks is perceived by his teammates.

buster – I have been watching closely ever since the first time you mentioned it about Bobby’s teammate reaction to him. Whenever he saves the game, everyone is happy, smiling, patting him on the back, hugging, etc. When he blows a save, I see what you would expect, not much. Isn’t that normal? I wouldn’t expect to see anyone smiling after a blown save opportunity. I don’t see what you are seeing.

I went to and looked at the stats of pitchers. Here’s what I found on closers in the AL:
R. Soriano 31 saves/33 opportunities 94%
J. Soria 30 saves/32 opportunities 94%
N. Feliz 29 saves/31 opportunities 94 %
J. Papelbon 26 saves/31 opportunities 84%
K. Gregg 24 saves/28 opportunities 86%
B. Jenks 23 saves/26 opportunities 88%
J. Rauch 21 saves/25 opportunities 84%
B. Fuentes 20 saves/24 opportunities 83%
M. Rivera 22 saves/24 opportunities 92%

Bobby’s not THAT bad. He could be better, he could be worse. We are in first place and have to just keep doing what we are doing.

Thanks for the above list Marie. That puts the “closer” into perspective. It doesn’t make the blown saves any less tolerable though, and I hope Bobby sticks with his good stuff instead of playing “cute” with his pitches.

But let’s make our closer a non-issue by winning at least three games by four or more runs. Yeah, that’s the ticket, win by a lot and Bobby can rest……. Now on to the “rejuvenated” O’s…. Go JohnnyD and go Sox’10….j.k.

Thank you Matt LaPorta – walkl off HR against the GD Twins. Tribe wins!
Marie – if you add the three losses and 1 win that Junks has (which I do because it is a more accurate picture of his overall season performance) then his % drops to 80% which is average at best. Further he has given up 9 earned runs in 7 innings since the All-Star break as well as throwing away multiple run leads twice in that same time. Show me another closer on a contender who has done that anytime this year. You can’t because there isn’t. He makes 6.5M, in the top 10% in the league for closers.
As far as other players reactions I see what I see, and you see what you see. Curious though that Ozzie has had to consistently re-affirm his faith in Junks the last few weeks. Apparently many in the SOX organization, including Oz himself, have issues with Junks performace.

What I meant to say was Go Gavin, go Sox’10……. tomorrow everybody…j.k.

As I’ve said before statistics can be manipulated in pretty much any way you want to get almost any result you want. Did a little reserch myself this AM and find that if you include W/L in the totals for the closers that Marie lists then you get the following precentages:
R. Soriano – 92%
J. Soria – 88%
N. Feliz – 89%
J, Papelbonn – 77%
K. Gregg – 75%
Junks – 80%
J. Rauch – 82%
B. Fuentes – 82%
M. Rivera – 89%.
Clearly, Junks is 7th of the nine listed in performance but is paid better than all but one. That doesn’t meet my definition of an elite closer which junks claims he is. I agree he could better and he could also be worse. I also think that when one looks at the entire body of work for the entire season, junks looks like an average closer (at best), nothing more. Just my opiniojn but I don’t believe that the SOX can win another WS with an average closer.

Watch someone play the Star Spangled Banner on a bat, check. One more thing off the bucket list.

Hey, westcoastsoxfan! You’re from Palo Alto? My brother went to Stanford! I used to call it Standaferd in a corny english accent, used to drive him nuts! It’s gorgeous out there, I just went for the first time a month or so ago and saw a Giants game too!

Hey, windy. I agree that Star Spangled banner on a bat was really cool. Glad they televised it too so that everybody tuned in got to hear and see it.
Nice comeback win by the SOX. Very important that the SOX beat up on the O’s, the worst team in baseball.
Great outing (again) by GF. The guy is a horse. AJ’s ankle looked pretty bad, I hope he’s not done for the year. Next week’s series with the GD twins is shaping up with a playoff atmosphere.
Roll SOX!

Sox win, Sox win!!! Yeah!! Nice team win Boys. Good job all around, especially after it looked like we were dead in the water for day # 2 against the O’s.

Scott : Great Gift… You are very welcome but it’s time to put that post to bed and grace us with something new and exciting…. How about It?….. Thanking you in advance…

Now it’s Marks turn to try and hold these “sensational Showalters” at bay…. Go Mark and Go Sox’10…. How about a laugher?………j.k.

Hey Windycity, glad you made it out her to see our little corner of the world. I feel very lucky to live here, and very proud to be from Chicago.

The Giants have a beautiful park, hope you enjoyed the game you saw there!

Go SOX!!!


Peggy, it was beyond description out there, I have never see such a beautiful place like Palo Alto and San Fran. Absolutely would go back, much better than Chicago! Big disappointment was I didn’t get get over to Ghirardelli’s or whatever that was…. You are one lucky gal!!!!

We need our anxious Sox (3 outs on 5 pitches in 7th!) to be replace right now……. Come on Boys, two more chances to be one up on Minn……….

O.K. Into the 10th….. We need some RUNS Boys…. Go Sox’10….j.k.

Well, they’re celebrating in Twinkie-land……. I only hope our vaunted offense isn’t as offensive at home as it was in Baltimore….. See you all tomorrow everybody….Go Sox’10…..j.k.

One of the things that makes me so dis-appointed with this club and absolutely makes me CRAZY is a series like this. We go into Baltimore after taking three of four from the tiggers and promptly lose three of four to THE WORST TEAM IN BASEBALL. Un fu….. believeable!

Gah, big series now against the twins. How will they rebound from this ridiculous series. Ridiculous is the only thing I can say. Oh well, that’s baseball for you.

Keep things in perspective here. Sox are 39-16 since this run began in June. Conventional wisdom says play .500 on the road and win 2 of 3 or 3 of 4 at home.

Well, Sox just had a .500 road trip. Sure, not what they wanted against a struggling Tigers team and a last-place Orioles club, but still not a disastrous trip.

The key is that they are coming home after eight games in seven days. Of course, the Twins have been in town all day and were watching the Sox lose in Baltimore from the comforts of their hotel room. Or, maybe from a barstool on Rush Street. Either way, the Twins have the travel edge.

Big series but not one to over emphasize. A lot of game left to be played between the Sox and the Twins.

Should be fun for those at the Cell this week.

P.S. I note that the SOX webpage says that Junks is available for the GD twins series after resting his sore back. Sore back? What the hell did that clown do to hurt his back, strain it carrying all of his un-deserved pay to the bank?

Summarizing the road trip, in a nutshell…
tc did a very good job, as always, but all I can say is this…
Detroit series… We put the coup de grace to the Bengals for 2010… They helped as well by having injuries to two guys who absolutely SLAUGHTER our pitchers… Carlos Guillen and Magglio Ordonez…
The final game of that series?
Our closer throws a BATTING PRACTICE pitch to a major league hitter like Raburn? TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE !!!
Then the much maligned Kotsay saves our ***** in the 11th…
Onto “Charm City”…
The Orioles have nothing more to lose,and want to impress the “Little Napoleon” (Showalter) that most of them want to stay next season… So they play spoiler for the Angels and us… winning six of seven…

I don’t think it was a possibility that we overlooked Baltimore while thinking of the Piranhas… we just got OUTPLAYED in three of four games, that’s all, folks…

NOW… Bring those BUMS from the Land of 10,000 Lakes on… and let’s make the Cell like it was for Game 163 two years ago… THE HOUSE OF BLACK, where you could hardly hear yourselves THINK…

Man do I HATE those m##### ####### Twinkies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UGH!… Come on JohnnyD and Go Sox’10….j.k.


I think we need a new blog post. We have been muddling along in a funk here the last week or so. Maybe a new blog post will shake up the mojo for tonight.

How about a new post, even if it is just the line up for Game 2??


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