Saturday at the Park

BB2.JPGSaturday, August 14, 2010

Fun At the Ballpark

So, I walk out onto the field during BP this afternoon, and the first person who yells at me is my good friend, Moose Skowron.

“Hey, Scottie,” he says, “Look at the scoreboard.  Your lineup has two DHs.”

Sure enough, he is correct.  So I call the scoreboard room and explain the typo.  But then, I had an idea (yes, that happens occasionally).

“Hey, put Skowron in the lineup at DH.”

Minutes later, presto.  Moose is in the lineup in place of Teahen.  Camera click.  He laughs and all of our coaching staff begin to take notice.

“Grab a bat,” Greg Walker tells Moose.  “Get up here and take some cuts.”

“Let’s go,” Joey Cora says.  “Come on.”

Moose just waves his hand at them and tells me nervously, “You’d better change that.”

Stand Up and Stand Out

Oufielder Juan Pierre, White Sox ACE coach Kenny Fullman and ACE players road the White Sox float in this morning’s Bud Billiken Parade.


BB1.JPGThanks From PK

Paul Konerko met with the sweepstakes winners from the Turn Hollywood Into Pauliewood campaign before the game, thanking each of them personally and presenting each with a signed Konerko jersey and a photo.  Of course, those winners represent all of you who voted for Paul and he extends his thank you to everyone.



Putz keeps this up and Buster will be begging to have Jenks come back in a hurry . . . . . . . . the life of a closer is not an easy one . . . . .

And yes, here we go!!!!! This is typical Chicago. Lose 3 of 4 to the WORST team in baseball to get a nice swing of momentum before facing the Twins. Lose 2 of 3 to the CLASS of the Central and then GIFT WRAP a F***ING win to a team we should sweep. Now we’re 2 games back because the TWINS KNOW how to put some distance between 2nd place. You fight and turn the entire season around just to go back to playing the way you did the 1st 2 months. Got to be proud to be a fan of these guys!!!!! Thank heavens football is here!!!!

Really mrp? Hell, I’m as disappointed as anyone tonight but to say that two games is “some distance” is a little bit of a stretch. I will agree, though, if the Sox play poorly the next week there could be a lot of distance between the teams.

It’s not exactly gift-wrapping a game when the other guy hits the damn ball out of the park against you. But it still hurts.

The bats have gone inconsistent in the last 10 days or so. It was bound to happen. No team could stay as hot as the Sox were in June and July.

And if you think the football team in this town is something to look forward to, then you are even more of a Bears “pollyanna” than I am accused of being a Sox “pollyanna.”

Ok my dad called and is so mad he can barely see straight. He wanted me to “write to my friend at the white sox” and ask why oh why couldn’t they leave Thornton in to keep pitching since he was doing a good job? Same situation happened in Baltimore.

TC, the Tigers are 5 games below .500 and the Sox are supposed to be a contender. IT IS A GIFT!!!! A splitfinger pitch that doesn’t drop down the middle of the damn plate is a frigging gift so say what you want, I’ll be realistic.
By the way, the football team in this town will turn heads. If you wanna blow smoke up the baseball **** in Chi-town, why should I be any different about the Bears????
Go watch the 05 series again!!!!

mrp, I’m a lifelong, diehard Bears fan. I would love nothing better than to see them win and have a great playoff run this year. I just don’t see it happening. Average at best offensive line and a QB who has never directed a team to the playoffs.

And to me a gift is when you make an error or a mental mistake that hands another team a run. I don’t care if the pitch was fat, the guy still had to hit the ball over the left-center field fence from the left-hander’s batter box.

And ’05 was five years ago. I’m more interested in what is happening at the Cell today. But the last thing I am interested in is a meaningless preseason football game in San Diego.

A lead into the 9th, after being dominated like Jackson did, is too precious to give up. Putz has been great this year as well but championship teams close those games out. There is so much “Oh well” going on that it kills me. I’m sure there was all that w/ Bobby’s blown saves!!! This is the time when the division is won or lost and you can’t let al .210 hitter who’s 0-3 to beat you. But that’s not a gift, it’s just “Oh, well”.

By the way TC, nobody compared preseason football to the game tonight. I watched the Sox so don’t try to break down my dialog. But thanks for telling me ’05 was 5 years ago. My fingers stopped working!!!

Ah yes, so nice to see TC making new friends on this blog!
Tough loss last night, but geez what a great night to be at the cell; big crowd, really well pitched game, great defense, & dumb bobbleheads (beer vendor?), nice fireworks show. Only problem was that fat pitch JJ threw to avila. That said, JJ has been outstanding and consistent for most of the year ( and is also VERY well liked by Oz and ALL of his teammates). Unfortumnately that splitter in the ninth didn’t split!
And for all you Junks bashers out there, poor booby was “tweaked” by that viscious foul ball off AJ’s bat in Friday night’s game and, according to the SOX, “further tweaked his already ailing back”. The poor guy was actually CRYING as he walked down the dugout into the tunnel. WHAT A PANSY!
Hey Marie, btw did you see who came over to junks after he got hit – exactly no one!

I will NEVER, let me repeat that, NEVER beg for anything other than perhaps that junks be traded or released.

Don’t worry Buster, you will get your wish. My guess is that it is almost a certainty that Jenks will be non-tendered or traded in the off season.

And mrp, I only made two points. One, I acknowledged that you were excited about the start of football season and apparently ready to move on form the Sox now that they are a full two games back. And two, you can call it a gift if you want, but Avila still had to hit the ball a long way to the opposite field.

That game is history. Time to concentrate on beating Galarraga.

Me worry? That’s a hoot! I’m livin the dream pal.

Well, these next three games in Minn will go a long way in determining the division winner. The Sox really need to win two of three. This a bad time to lose seven of ten.

Well, I guess just dumping Jenks as the closer wouldn’t really work, now would it? Our team is WAY better when Jenks is closing games (and yes, I know he hasn’t been lights out, but he’s been good enough at times) and the trio of Santos, Putz, Thornton are much better when they have their set roles in the 7th and 8th. I guess we found out that you can’t just have those guys raise their hands and say they can do it. It’s just not as simple as that. I won’t apologize for it, but this team is BETTER with Bobby Jenks as our closer.

That said, let’s hope we don’t get swept in MN. I hate the twinkies and I hate losing, so we better turn this ship around and right our course.

Very well said Marie!
So I’m choosing to chalk these last 2 series up to the “Dog Days” of August. Three games back is NOT a huge obstacle to overcome, it’s definitely do-able if we can just get everyone clicking on all cylinders again. First, it was the hitting, then starting pitching started to take a dive, now it’s our bullpen.
Hopefully this off day will give the guys a chance to reignite that fire they displayed in June and July. I haven’t given up and neither should any of you.
BTW, really guys….really? BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! lol

Well, the Sox must have woken Detroit up. Tigers went into Yankee Stadium tonight and beat Yanks 3-1.

Let’s see if the Sox themselves have woken up the next three nights in the Twin Cities.

I’ve felt all season long that the Twins were a better team than the Sox but couldn’t point to one thing — be it a stat or a note — that would solidify my thinking. Other than the obvious fact that they are 8-4 against the Sox this year.

You can argue the comparisons between the two teams’ offenses and pitching staffs and make reasonable claims on either side as to which is better. Even on defense, the Sox have closed the gap a lot this year over previous years.

But one thing I saw tonight really tells the story for me.

Against the American League, the Twins are 20 games over .500. The Sox, meanwhile, are even .500.

So, against the better league, the better hitters and the teams that have to be beaten consistently to win a division or a pennant, the Twins are clearly the better team.

Thank goodness for interleague play or this race would have been over weeks ago. All Sox fans should thank Bud Selig — whether you like him or despise him — for that addition to the baseball schedule.

In 2005 I wrote a fan letter to the White Sox. At the time the team was written off by many. I don’t know a lot about baseball but I knew that that team had what it takes to win it all. Today the Sox are in a very different place, they haven’t been written off by anyone!

When I wrote in 2005 I wrote from what I believed in my heart. Today I write what I believe and know in my heart but I write with the experience that proves it. In 2006 I was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I had been 4 to 6 months to live. It’s now almost four years later and I’m still in the game. Every day is a new day just like every ballgame is a new ballgame. You play them and you live them one day and game at a time. It doesn’t matter if anyone writes me off because I don’t, and won’t, write myself off. If the Sox play with their heart in the game there is no way anyone will be able to write them off either.

In almost four years I have had some winning treatments and some losing treatments. None have been homeruns, but I’ve had enough singles and doubles, and even foul balls, to keep me in the game. I have the perfect souvenir of this year’s team. On July 27th my husband was at the game and he caught the foul ball Paul Konerko hit just before he hit his second inning homerun. Life is like that. So is baseball. It’s one day, one game at a time. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. Play today with all your heart and you’ll do it. So will I.

What a touching and Inspirational story! Thank you for sharing. And may God continue to Bless you throughout your Battles so that you may win the war against that dreadful disease! Your strength and determination to fight are so evident in your post and quite admirable!
I hope our players read this and draw strength from your words. I know I did.
Lisa M.

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