Blog Day First Pitch Winner

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On Blog Day, one lucky attendee won the chance to throw out the first pitch at the game. Our winner sent this note about her experience:


I don’t even know where to begin describing that day! It was so exciting. When Hawk came in to draw the name for the next prize, I was sure someone else’s name was going to get called. I’ve always had the worst luck and never win any raffle or drawing I put my name into. When he first said, “Kelsey” I had to do a mental double take. Wait, who?? It even took me a few seconds to get up and out of my seat! After I was handed the ball and shook Hawk’s hand, I went back and sat in my seat. I tried so hard to listen to Hawk’s stories, but my ears were simply buzzing with nerves and excitement and I had trouble paying attention. (But don’t mention that to Hawk!) After I was lead onto the field and waited on the side, the full idea of what I was about to do started to set in. Having to throw out the first pitch for the White Sox, my favorite team since I can remember, was nerve-wracking enough, not to mention the thousands of fans, and throwing to the one and only Mark Buehrle! Once I saw the players start to warm up, my nerves quickly turned to excitement. 13 years of softball also aided in my confidence! Hearing my favorite players’ names on the park’s speakers is pretty cool, but I never thought I’d ever get to hear my name! After I jogged out to the field and threw my pitch (not half bad, might I add), I got to meet up with Mr. Buehrle myself! I beamed when he said “Nice throw” and got a picture taken with him. The chance to throw the first pitch was something I couldn’t have even dreamed up. I am so thankful to this blog for giving me this awesome experience. And to my mom, the avid blog reader, for bringing me to countless Sox games over the years, especially the Blog Nights, which are always one of my favorite games. It’s a story I know I’ll be telling for years to come!


Another tidibit of info I found pretty funny. One night I received a text message from my aunt who was attending an annual charity event where attendees can bid on donated items. She told me that someone paid $6,000 to throw out the first pitch at a Cubs game!! I couldn’t believe it. I got to do that for free!


Thanks again for everything!


080110-Blog-Day throw.jpg



And just think Kels, not only did you get to throw out the first pitch for free, but you got to do it at a REAL major league game and not at some old dump where home runs go into baskets . . . . . . . . .

So cool Kelsey. Marie I hope you got and frame some of those pictures!

Congrats again Kelsey! Would I be correct in guessing that those photos will have a prominent point of display at home? Scott really outdid himself with that one; do you think that he can top it next year?

Donna, we are waiting for the pictures to arrive. And you can be sure they will be framed! Vicki – our family room is filled with White Sox memorabilia. You can bet I will be doing some re-arranging to fit these photos into a prominent spot.

Scott – I can’t thank you enough for providing this experience and I thank the lucky stars for Kelsey’s name being drawn.

As we gather around for family get togethers we all listen to my dad mostly because he’s got the best stories and he’s a great story teller. Kelsey has on occasion mentioned that she hopes she’s got some good stories to tell her kids someday. Well, kiddo – you got a doozy. That one will be told for years to come!

Thanks again!


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