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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Catching Up

This is my third post of the day as I try to work my way through a homestand’s worth of email, photos, etc.  I plan to drop in some new stuff throughout the week just to try and keep you up to date.

Big Game, Big Series

Not sure if I view the next three games as make or break (and I am nowhere near the panic button yet), but this is a big series and tonight is a big game against the Twins.

First key is that we have John Danks on the mound.  I was surprised his career numbers against the Twins aren’t better (6-6, 4.96) because it sure seems like he has pitched better than that.  Of course, everyone remembers the Blackout Game in 2008.  In John’s four starts this year against Minnesota, he has gone: ND 1ER/6.0 UP; L 3/7.0; W 6/6.0; and W 1/8.0.

John ranks second in MLB for lowest opponents batting average for a LHP against right-handed hitters at .193.  Cliff Lee is second in the AL at .220.


At the end of the day on August 17 of 2009, your White Sox were 61-58, in second place 2.0 games out of first.  At 62-55, Detroit led the division, while the eventual 2009 division champions, the Minnesota Twins, were third, 6.5 games back at 56-62.

So a lot can and does change …

Let’s win tonight …


This one really hurt. At the beginning of the year I said alot of things have to work for this team to win the division. Not sure I see October baseball in our future. I hope I end up eating those words. Jim Thome you are breaking my heart. All I can think of is sure wish he was in OUR lineup. UGH!

Come on, Sox, this is a winnable game. Our guys have got to figure out how to beat the Twins, or they will not make the postseason.

Go SOX!!!

Can somebody please explain to me why that punk *** scumbag Delmon Young doesn’t get thrown out of the game after trying to go after AJ’s face/head on that play in the bottom of the eigth?
My hope is that one of the Sox pitchers buries one right in the head of this *********** *******.

Being a Sox fan continues to be an exercise in masochism – I know, we should all be accustomed to having our hearts broken, but this one really hurt.

Turn out the lights, the season is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Sox will be finished after a game like tonight.

That’s too bad…….. I’d have had J.J. pitching, but “oh well”….. Come on Sox’10….. FIND A WIN IN MINN……….j.k.

Another crushing loss. Another bullpen (supposedly our strength) implosion. Another terrible at bat by PK with bases loaded, and the game on the line, against the GD twins.
You can’t win the AL central if you don’t win in the AL central. The GD twins are 32-17 and our SOX are 22-26. Bad comparison especially considering over half of the remaining SOX games are against the AL central.
Pretty soon these won’t be crushing losses, they’ll just be losses.

P.S. I sincerely hope Delmon Young gets drilled tommorrow and Thursday.

Man, that was quite the heart breaker. And done in by Thome no less! Our boys are really going to have to get their rears in gear if they hope to make it to the end of the season with their heads held high.

I wasn’t able to sit down and watch the game last night intently, but I caught the live highlights on MLB network when I could in between “play time and diaper changes”. I really thought when Alexei tied it up in the 9th, we were destined to win. Sadly, Jim Thome broke my heart.

We just need to get out of the funk we’re in. We’re playing tough, just not tough enough. Let’s come out swinging in Round 2. Go White Sox!

Donna, I have to echo your sentiments. That was a real heartbreaker. We clawed our way back and tied it, gave up the lead, tied it again, went ahead and then had to lose it all to none other that Jim Thome. A man I love, but really in that moment, I didn’t like him too much.

That play by Delmon was so bad. I can only hope that tonight, we get an early lead, and then in a position where it won’t hurt the game, drill that SOB. Maybe not in the head, but how about in his big fat ***. I was so mad at that point. And it was so great that we came back and went up on the twinkies. We all know how that story ended.

I fear that really deflated the guys. That was a tough and painful loss. However, I believe in these guys and I don’t thing we are out of it yet. There’s something like 40+ games, right? We have lots of time to make this right. The twinks are not going to win every last game of the year, so we have to hope we get back to being the team we know we are and they stumble here and there along the way and we capitolize on that.

First things first, tonight, we have to leave Twins blood all over that field and WIN. I mean it, let’s go!

It does not matter if we play them at Metropolitan Stadium in Bloomington, or the HumpDump, or Target Field, or on a f**king parking lot in Wayzata…

For 5O DAMNED SEASONS, the Twins have been a HUGE PAIN IN THE *** to us…

I thought that that kind of crap that occured with Delmon Young and AJ ended when Torii Hunter effectively ended Jaime Reed’s career back in 2004…but it hasn’t…

And there seem to be only two ways for this to cease and desist… 1) Some time, maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow night, maybe not even in September, but SOME TIME, Mr Young will find out the truism of the old adage…

What GOES around, COMES around…

2) If Gary Darling and the umpires bring Ozzie and Gardenhire out to home plate prior to the lineup cards being exchanged and say “The FIRST pitcher that even THINKS of drilling ANYBODY tonight or tomorrow night gets tossed, along with the manager… and we will see to it in our report to the Commissioner’s Office that there are SUBSTANTIAL fines, as well as suspensions…”

Back in the day, that would never have been said or considered… because the PLAYERS settle this between the lines, between themselves…

But this is a new era of baseball…

PANSY ball…

Well said Tomq!!!
People frown on Hockey because of the fighting but it is simply a way to 1. get momentum and 2. and most importantly it’s a way of self policing. Umpires have way too much authority as it is, they need to let the players make up the rules by going to the “back in the day” style of play. You do this, you’ll get a fastball in the ribs … anyone else???? Didn’t think so.
I think this is a make or break game. They win, they MAY get momentum. They lose and it’s much too big of a hole to climb out of. I would LOVE to see Gavin get a no hitter with 1 hit batsman!!!!!

If the saying that the Sox “will go as far as their pitching takes them” is true, then……

Come on, Gavin, make the right pitches!

Go SOX!!!

OK, got a lead, now, more runs, please, because we know we will need them!

I hate to point out the obvious but our SOX can not beat the twins. Now 4-10 against the GD twins this year. Just the way it is.
Unfortunately, if the twins do win the AL central I”m confident that they will do what they always have done in the playoffs since Gardenhire became their manager. Great regular season, out in the first round of the playoffs.
P.S. Chris Sale looks like the real deal.

Wow, so I was very reticent to check the score/watch the game tonight due to our recent fails, but I was very pleased to see how well we are doing so far tonight. Only a couple more innings left, and we might actually be able to beat them tonight (and give Buehrle the win!).

WOW! That was a statement game! We CAN win in Minn.

#1, We proved we can not only win, but win big against the Twins…..

#2 , that said, we outscored them by 23- 14, but lost two of three…..

#3 , That was the fourth losing series in a row over the past two weeks….

#4 We head to KC, where we need to continue to assert ourselves…..

#5, We need to win this series against the Royals……

#6, We the fans still believe this team is something special…

#7 It’s time after the last two week hiccup to prove that….

#8, Go Sox’10……j.k.

#9. …. What a night by Paulie…..

When the plane lands tonight/early Friday morning in KC, forget about taking the team bus to the hotel. Just have the driver take them straight to the ballyard and see if we can get this series started early and keep this hitting alive.

Konerko could have batted 20 times tonight and they still would not get him out.

A lot of frustrations were taken out tonight. Too bad it only counts as one game in the standings . . . . . . . . .

What a gem by Buehrle and what a show at the plate by Paulie! I think mentally, we needed this one. It’s a lot better to be 4 games behind instead of 6. We just need to keep fighting hard like we have shown this series. There’s still plenty of baseball left. Now on to KC! Go White Sox!

Late in last night’s game, when the last bunch of our “21 gun salute ” to the pitching staff of the Piranhas was being “shot off”… the faithful were heard to be “hitting the bricks” in a HURRY…

We can only hope that the Angels CONTINUE the onslaught tonight… and that we did not use up our quota of runs and hits until next week…because these Royals can be as much of a pain in the behind as the Piranhas…

You hate to see a game called after your starting pitcher has warmed up and thrown nearly a full inning. Hope that Jackson can bounce back and still be sharp tomorrow, if indeed it is a doubleheader.

Ubelieveable storm in KC tonight. Lighting and pouring rain for hours. DH tommorrow. Day/night you may ask?
Au contraire, these morons in KC scheduled game 1 to begin @ 6:10 P.M. with game 2 to follow 30 minutes after game 1. The another game on Sunday @ 1:10 P.M. Real scheduling geniuses down here in royals town.
Roll SOX!

buster, the schedule doesn’t have anything to do with KC. I’m sure they would rather play a day/night double header. You can thank FOX/MLB’s arrangement. They can’t start games on Saturday due to their blackout arrangement during certain hours of the day. So, at least we can actually see both games.

Actually they can start and play games at any time on Saturday, they just can’t televise before a certain time.
The official statement from the Royals “Today’s doublheader has been rescheduled as a twi-night DH to allow Royals baseball network to televise both games.”
Personally (just my opinion) I would rather the SOX play a day/night DH, and finish at a decent hour, and not televise game 1 than see them play until 1:00 A.M. or later and have to play again on Sunday @ 1:00 P.M.

you gotta be freakin kidding me, twi-night? I’ve never heard such a thing… I’m sure the guys would prefer a day/night DH too…. wow…

Television runs baseball. And I’m sure that the White Sox organization preferred the 6 p.m. start so that they could televise both games too. TV calls the shots. That’s why playoff and World Series games start at 9 p.m. or later Eastern Time on cold night in October and even November.

Kris, twi-night doubleheaders have been around forever. Only in today’s financial climate where teams need every gate they can get to make money have the day-night monstrosities come into play. Twi-nighters usually start earlier than 6, now, but the TV contracts prohibited that for tonight’s situation.

Years ago, doubleheaders always started at 6. But, of course, games went much faster due to shorter commercial breaks, fast working pitchers, fewer pitching changes, etc.

It means a late night with a day game tomorrow so the players won’t be happy. But the TV contracts pay the players exorbitant salaries too.

I’m sure that most players prefer the back-to-back doubleheaders rather than the stupid day-night affairs. Nothing worse than sitting around for three or more hours in between games.

I agree Buster. I’d rather give the team the best scenario to play under. But apparently KC does care because they made the decision based on the fact that they wanted to televise both games. They certainly weren’t thinking about the White Sox when they made the decision.

I don’t care as much about the late games or the three in less than 24 hours than I do about the uncertainty as to who will start game two. I understand the risk with putting Jackson back out there after a full warmup and a few pitches last night.

Again, just my opinion but to ask the SOX to play 3 games in 90+ degree heat within 18 hours just so the Royals (and Sox) can televise the games isn’t doing the SOX any favors. KC could care less, they aren’t going anywhere. The SOX, on the other hand, are in the thick of a playoff race. Our season may well be defined by what happens in the next 24-30 hours. I hope for the best.
Roll SOX.

Having just gotten his 49th stolen base this season, I think that it’s safe to say that Pierre will break 50 stolen bases this season! Man, that’s just an unbelievable number, and we sure are lucky to have him. The double by Vizquel to drive him in was just icing.

Let’s just hope that our boys have to stamina to get through both games tonight, the afternoon game tomorrow, and whoop the Royals to take advantage of the Twins’ loss.

Another, “That’s too bad game”. Freddie pitched great. Santos came in and gave up a grand slam. ( I guess it was his turn to falter out of the pen). So Freddie is saddled with 4 runs instead of the ONE he really gave up. Chris Sale pitched very well, yet he lost after Bobby gave up a hit up the middle. Numbers can be SO misleading….

You (me anyway), just had to feel that this was a lost game after the GS in the seventh. Everything is great! Walk, dribble, bloop, blast: tie game……

Let’s try something in the “night cap”, Early morning cap…… Get a win and stay in line for a series win in KC…. Go Sox’10….j.k.

What should have been a sweep of this DH, finally turned into ONE win in the “morning cap”. Well done Boys, but it SURE would be nice to see you hold the lead once you’ve got it…. Later today, it’s JohnnyD vs. Greinke…… Go Sox’10, we NEED a series win….j.k.

Two comments from last night:
Mark Teahen “bruised” his already ailing finger? Must have happened during one of his 5 Ks – four called. Had one good game and 4 awful ones (12 Ks) since returning from DL. Put him back on the DL & recall Viciedo. Dayan will learn more playing every third day and talking to & watching Omar than he will getting meaningless at bats at Charlotte.
Santos made a bad pitch. Only tied the game. Chris Sale threw great, these KC hitters could not have hit this guy with three bats! Booby (our 7.5 million bum of a closer) did what he does best, came in and in three hitters promptly threw the game away. I think this is the 6th blown save since the all-star break. This bum continues to rip the heart out of this team.
I agree the rest of the BP has not performed consistently the last couple of weeks, but junks has been bad for almost two months and has almost single-handedly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory over and over and over and over. I know that junks had a couple, maybe even three good years, but he needs to be transferred to the closer retirement home.

Thanks for playing, the season is now OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you can’t beat the F****** Royals, you will not make the playoffs.

That game was pretty much a disappointment, though I’m not going to completely blame our players. I think at least some of it has to go to Joe West and his wildly varying strike zone by team.

On another note, I have to say that I liked the first episode of The Club. As we talked about during the Blog Day session, it’s a pity that the cameras were only there through the trade deadline, and not the whole season. I am looking forward to seeing the other 5 episodes.

Hopefully this takes some of the edge off what’s been taking place on the field the past few weeks.

David Haugh was my interview guest.

Here is the link to the story:


David talks about how he got into the media, the media itself and we talk a lot about the White Sox…about the dynamic between Kenny Williams and Ozzie Guillen about the Sox issues with the “fundamental” aspects of baseball and about whether the Sox really are a “big market” franchise.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I know I’m not enjoying this stat…the Sox are 2-11 in one run games since July 17th. That shows a lack of clutch hitting and inability to drive in guys from 3rd base with less than two outs and an imploding bullpen. (Thornton’s injury announcement today only makes the situation worse…)

15 more wins to a “winning” season at least.

Mark Liptak

The stars must be aligning because I agree with everything Liptak just said.

The bullpen woes have effectively knocked the Sox into second place and without a strong ‘pen this team cannot put together a nice long run that can make up four, maybe five games, and catch the Twins.

Our only hope is that there are come ****** in the Twins’ armor too. their pitching has some injuries — Slowey and Mahay — and their bullpenis vulnerable. That may keep us within striking distance for a while.

Hi there, White Sox fans…… This just in…….. The Sox have LOST five straight series…. While not exactly stinking up the place, we have managed to be just a teeny bit worse than our opponent. There is GOOD news though……. We still have eight games left to play in August and with series wins in each of these last three series, we can get to 15 wins for the month. After the way things have gone for the past two weeks (with only four wins), that sounds like pie in the sky, but consider…..

We have been in almost every game played this month, and have held leads in most of them as well. It’s time for our gut check #2 to kick in so we can close the gap created during our early August swoon…. Can we do this? Yes, we can. Will we do this? That remains to be seen. It all starts tomorrow with some pay back baseball against the O’s….. Go Sox’10……j.k.

The Twins have a little bit of vulnerability due to a few injuries on their pitching staff.

But, is our guys don’t stop leaving runners in scoring position or stop letting leads get away in the late innings, that negates any vulnerability the Twins have.

Today was the best day the Sox have had in nearly three weeks. Did nothing but a charity bowling event and gained ground on the Twins. The best part about it — we didn’t even have to turn to our bullpen!!!!!!!!!

As game time approaches, we are all anxious for a win. I think we WILL win tonight, (and convincingly). That will set up the rest of this series for success and then the Yankees….. But first things first: Go Gavin and Go Sox’10…..j.k.

P.S. Go Rangers……

They love the big guy on the South Side again. Funny how fickle baseball can be. LOL

The bullpen is in shambles — except for Sale and Jenks. Thornton, Putz hurt. Pena recovering from spot start. Santos brutal his last few outings. Linebrink just being Linebrink.

I’m sure they took Sale out thinking the five-run lead was safe and by only throwing him one inning tonight he would still be available to use if needed tomorrow. Remember, he is the only healthy lefty out there.

The Twins lose again in a start by Pavano. That is a double bonus. They lose with their ace on the hill.

Just gotta hang in there and keep plugging away. Use the home field and start swinging some hot bats.

Well, it took awhile, but it finally became convincing…… Nice job Gavin, nice job Gordon, and nice job Rangers….. Don’t stop now Boys…. Go Sox’10….j.k.

I typed this going into the ninth inning. I would have left Sale in to pitch, but Santos has lost his domination and we now have JJ coming in to get us this win…..

And now JJ can’t pitch and it’s about to be bases loaded with Bobby coming into the game. I’d have left Chris Sale in the game for the ninth……. Too late for that now,,,, come on Bobby and come on Sox’10…….j.k.

But wait…. Bobby induced a DP and then got a fly ball out to end the game and a White Sox winner…….. Did I mention that I’d have left Chris Sale in to start this inning? Final score: Sox 7, O’s 5 and thanks to the Rangers we are now only 31/2 games out….. Go Buehrle and Go Sox’10…..j.k.

My nails are nubs………j.k.

I was at tonight’s game. What a roller coaster ride.

To all the Bobby Jenks haters now, I just have to laugh at you. Everyone wanted to kick Bobby to the curb and just toss him aside while he was injured. Now that he’s back, his last couple outings have been great, including saving the game today and bailing out the bull pen.

Everyone was grumbling at the park, including booing at Santos, which I just HATE. Really picks up a guy people to boo at him. Then Putz, and more groans. And, then BOOM here comes the BOOM ready or not…and the place goes wild like Bobby Jenks was loved. If I were him I’d have given the crowd a salute and then pitched as he did, but he is a better person and I and just did the pitching.

So, can we get off the Bobby slamming now?

Go Sox and Go Mark – 9 innings please, if it’s not too much to ask.

I got a tweet that Thornton and Putz are going on the DL and two new pitchers will be up tomorrow. Let’s hope we get our pen in shape!

Until tomorrow! Go Sox!

Warm summer weather finally arrived yesterday in the SF Bay Area. So, today, having overslept this a.m., I went for my walk in the evening. I brought my iPhone with me, and when I saw the Sox were still playing, listened via the MLB app to the bottom of the 8th inning and then (cringe…gasp…) the top of the 9th. A relaxing walk it wasn’t, to say the least.

Sometimes, I think Ozzie manages the bullpen he wishes he had, instead of the bullpen he has. We are lucky this game didn’t turn into another frustrating and devastating loss. And thank goodness, it looks like Bobby Jenks has his mojo back. He’s my hero of the day, for sure!!!

Let’s win another one tomorrow!

Go SOX!!!

Hey JK – – did you see the opening of the game tonight.. they played the same entourage thingie they play at the ballpark, showing all the seasons, etc… I’ve never caught it on mlbtv though… made me shiver!

Last night’s 9th inning had me crappin kittens… why why why… are these two they brought to the pen anybody with anything since we lost two??? Hoping Mr. Mark can bring the house down with a nice 9 inning evening and the Rangers can stick it to the Twins again, which I’m ‘fixin’ to go turn on…

GO SOX!!!!!

One good save by junks last night does not a closer make. I think, including last night, junks is 2 up and 6 down since the all-star break. For all of the junks lovers out there, enjoy the last 6 weeks of the season cause you won’t see junks in a SOX uniform next year.
Losing another game, and perhaps another series, to the Os (far and away the worst team in baseball) pretty much says all that needs to be said about our SOX this year. You just never know which SOX team will show up on any given night.

Kris, Yes, I did see that montage at the start of tonights game. I agree, it was awesome. Unfortunately, Mark wasn’t as good as Matusz. At least the Twins lost again, but…..

What I wish for the rest of this season is that the Sox can somehow win another series AND that they can put together at least a TWO game win streak…… Sounds silly, I know, but at this point it’s really important…..

Recapping: we can’t beat those Mighty O’s, or the Indians, or KC, or the Twins……. We NEED to win against the Yankees…… hahahahahahahahahahha……..

My cynicism is showing…. sorry about that… Come on Jackson and Go Sox’10…..j.k.

O.K. new day, new attitude! We will WIN tonight against those pesky O’s, but sadly only maintain our 31/2 game deficit vs. the Twins, as they too will win. Can’t worry about them though, we need to take care of our own business. Go Edwin, and go Sox’10….j.k.

Amen to that, JK. I just want to see another series win. I can’t remember what that was like, lol. Like you said, let’s take care of our own business. Now let’s crush the O’s. Go White Sox!

We really need this tonight, for my morale and theirs too.. yea, so what, Minnesota lost last night too but we need to gain on those losses…


Just what the doctor ordered. Finally, an easy win over the Orioles and a series win. Jackson was fantastic.

Big night for Rios. A steady star all year long.

Let’s get our first back-to-back wins in a looooooooong time by beating the Yanks tomorrow night . . . . . . . .

Yea!!! First part of my wish list granted: we won a series!!! Now can we win TWO in a row? Come on Freddie and Go Sox’10…..j.k.

“Big Game” Freddy needs to live up to his name tomorrow night. We owe him some runs. Maybe we jump on Burnett for a bunch early and give Freddy a little breathing room.

Is Burnett actually TRYING to hit our guys? Goodness, with all these crazy pitches… But at least CQ scored another run. That’s a definite bonus!

Wow, this is turning into one HECK of a game!! Hats off to our boys for some amazing hits, base running, and general all around playing! I bet that Donna is having herself one heck of a good time. First all four trophies on display on the field, and now this!

Yes! We can win two games in a row!. Do I dare ask for three in a row? Better I hope for another series win, but after today, maybe the Team is starting to turn it around again…. Go JohnnyD and Go Sox’10….j.k.

Had a GREAT time at the game! The trophy thing was amazing! Sent chills up my arms. The game was pretty amazing too. Freddy comes through for us when we need him! Let’s keep the streak going boys!

Almost gametime. but with a pretty weak line-up tonight: Lilly at third, Jones in right against Sabathia. I guess/hope Ozzie knows what he’s doing. It’s Pat’s turn with the big screen so I’ll be on the computer tonight instead of in front of the TV….. Regardless, go JohnnyD and Go Sox’10…..j.k.

After four straight innings in which we gave up two run home runs we maybe are back in this game…… (last night in the ninth)…. Come on JohnnyD and Go Sox’10….j.k.

So much for getting close. Back to a five run deficit……. Five more innings for us though……………………………………………..

Wow! We wound up with 9 runs on 16 hits! Sadly, not good enough last night. Keep those hitting hats on for todays rubber game Boys and let’s take our second series in a row and keep building momentum going into Cleveland…… And of course get a W on Frank Thomas Day………. Go Gavin and Go Sox’10………

P.S…….. come on M’s…….j.k.

Just releasing some emotion here, I ask that you indulge me.

Guess we should have expected some things today given the track record, maybe then we wouldn’t be so upset.

It was Sunday…the Sox have been awful on Sunday especially since the All Star Break.

It was a no-name, unknown pitcher…we know how these things usually go.

The Sox held an opponent to three runs or less…this one, like the number of games lost when taking a lead into the 7th inning or later this year, just causes you to shake your head. Today was the 16th game this year, count em’ 16, the Sox lost despite holding an opponent to three runs or less. Amazing.

And to pour salt in the wound it was another one run loss. The Sox had the best record in baseball at the All Star Break in one run games. They had 19 wins in this category. Since the All Star Break, they are almost dead last, 3-12.

Oh since the break it’s another typical Sox swoon under Ozzie…21-22.

This season comes down to this and only this…win at least 12 of the remaining 32 games and at least get a winning season. The only consistent thing about this club is their frustratingly inconsistent play.

Monday thyey face a clown who has a total of eight wins this season…and three have come against the Sox. Nice…

Mark Liptak

Another game of coming up JUST short….. What is preferable? coming up short by not getting that big hit or leading and surrendering said lead late in the game? Seems like one or the other is our MO lately……

Now we go to Cleveland and it is time to start playing like we did in June and July. Big road trip and hopefully we’ll be able to close the gap we’ve created for ourselves…… Come on Boys……j.k.

Hopefully, our new DH can help us in Cleveland….. Go Sox’10….j.k.

I know it seems pointless to mention this but can we get out ‘new DH’ to cut his damn hair… how can he see anything TO hit! I dont think I’m too happy about this little transaction, hope he proves me way wrong.

I can’t stand to lose no matter how we do it… but I didn’t truthfully expect much against the Yankees… even though they were injured…. Minnesota just drives me crazy!

I know it seems pointless to mention this but can we get out ‘new DH’ to cut his damn hair… how can he see anything TO hit! I dont think I’m too happy about this little transaction, hope he proves me way wrong.

I can’t stand to lose no matter how we do it… but I didn’t truthfully expect much against the Yankees… even though they were injured…. Minnesota just drives me crazy!

Great day at the ballpark to see Big Frank get the recognition he so richly deserves. One of the best, if not probably the best, SOX ball player I’ll ever see. It has been a huge priviledge and pleasure to watch Big Frank all these many years.
Pretty amazing that as bad as the SOX have played since the AS break that they are still only 4.5 games behind the GD twins. My only other comment, other than to agree (as I usually do) with Lip about the SOX is to say that Mark Teahen has to go. I’m sure that’s it’s just coincidence that the SOX went on a huge roll when he was on the DL and have tanked since he came back. NOT! My sincere hope is that he and junks both catch the same train out of Chicago at seasons end.

Yes, it is coincidence that the losing has come since Teahen came off the DL. It’s not his fault that the bullpen suffered injuries and surrendered leads. It’s not his fault that other hitters have also failed with runners in scoring position.

Teahen is not the lone problem. Of course, he should never have been acquired. His glove is barely average at any of his multiple positions and he does not hit with power nor with frequency.

But, unless someone is willing to pick up a hefty contract (that for some reason KW increased when Teahen was acquired), the Sox will be stuck with him for a couple of more years.

Jenks, on the other hand, will likely not be tendered a contract or will be traded in the offseason.

Will Quentin ever be healthy enough to play on a REGULAR basis? He misses way too much playing time to be counted on as a key bat in the future. He might be one to dangle in postseason trade talks.

But, we still have 32 games to play. And until the magic (or in this case, tragic) number is met, we still have at least some hope although it may be flickering . . . . . . .

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