White Sox Visit NNMC

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I mentioned the other day that some of the White Sox visited the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland on their road trip to Baltimore. Here are some photos from the visit, where players presented patients and staff with signed baseball cards, jerseys and hats.

Lcpl. David Bond.jpg
Lcpl. Franklin Powell.jpg
HM3 Tyler Burdick.jpg
NNMC staff 3.jpg
Dr. Malone badges.jpg

Jordy Oneil 2.jpg


Lcpl. Bradley Fite.jpg

Lcpl. Gregory Lewis.jpg

The Journal of Naval Support Activity- Bethesda did a two-page article about the visit as well. Click through to view the article full size in a new window.  


My heart is completely warmed by these pictures

Scott, thanks for sharing these pictures. They are wonderful. I’m glad the guys went and visited these American Heroes. It certainly helps to put things into perspective.

Go Sox!

These pictures absolutely give me the chills. These men fighting for our country, and our boys making them smile thru tough times. Wish I could’ve been a bug on the wall that day… how thrilled they must’ve been during their journey’s to good health again. Great job guys! As my son serves in the United States Navy it makes a mom proud.

As for baseball… it’s breaking my heart… I can’t say anymore than that.

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