Frank Thomas Day

Monday, August 30, 2010

Sunday was Frank Thomas Day – Frank’s #35 was retired and fans scooped up the commemorative FT bobbleheads. Frank threw out the first pitch as well. Here are some highlights:

FT bobble.jpg
FT FP.jpg
FT wall.jpg
FT1.JPGHere’s some video of the day as well: Frank’s first moments as he walks onto the field. Carlton Fisk and Billy Pierce do the honors and unveil Frank’s likeness on the outfield wall.



Wow, a nice double by Paulie to knock in two runs and start off the game.

jk – is your mlb messed up tonight? Like you can’t get it on the big screen or change the announcers, etc?

It’s pretty funny that they’re already mixing up Manny and Alexei, and Manny isn’t even playing for us yet.😀 The three additional runs we got this inning have certainly been nice. All we need to do now is have our defense match our offense.

Man does Jenks suck!!!!!!!!! Why do the Sox suck againts bad teams? Maybe it is because the Sox are a bad team.

Another sterling outing by booby. For all the junks lovers out there in closer kool-aid drinking la-la land this marks the fifth outing (since the AS break!) that junks has thrown the lead (and perhaps) the game away. Ain’t he terrific? Who knows, at the rate this clown throws games away if we try a little we might even finish behind the tiggers!
Thank you booby, thank you!
I just love watching this bum pitch.
P.S. At 15 million a year, Alex Rios is the WORST per dollar clutch hitter in the majors. Many of his RBIs and HR have come when games have already been decided. Not what I expect from someone who makes more than either PK or MB.

Buster, you won’t get many, if any, dissenters on your feelings about Jenks right now. Me included. It was a terrible performance in the ninth. The only good thing he did, though, was to finally bear down and get the three outs after the winning run had gotten to second base.

Rios, on the other hand, is a different story. He has been one of the top clutch hitters on the team this year. Sure, he has struggled some in the second half, but without his great first half — along with Konerko — this team would have been buried so far back that not even the 26-5 run would have put them withing smelling distance of first place.

The Sox certainly have their faults, but their resiliency is amazing. They just refuse to lay down and die when things look the worst. It’s not a championship team in my estimation, but they do play with a lot of heart.

But, talent usually wins out over heart in the long run. And, the Twins have a lot of heart too.

Will be interesting to see if Manny can give us a lift. Hitting hasn’t been a problem. It’s just been the timing of the hits that is driving us all insane.

Kris: when I started watching, only the Indians feed was available, but when I noticed that the game was on WGN, I moved over to my TV…..

21 hits? 21 hits!! And it took nearly ALL TWENTY-ONE hits to win this game…….. I’m glad we got Manny(maybe), But wouldn’t a quality PITCHER have been better? WE will see….

I’m still shaking my head 11/2 hours after the game ended… Are you kidding me? We lose THIS game? AGAIN? In the NINTH inning? AGAIN?……. Brutal way to start a ten game road trip….. Oh, wait…… Scott Linebrink to the rescue……. Brent Lillibridge to the rescue…… Are you kidding me?

So what exactly does this improbable win mean?….. Can we say that we are now able to beat the Indians this year? Here’s an idea… Have Bobby pitch in the first inning instead of the ninth….. Then the “starter” goes into the 8th and Chris Sale finishes off the game……… Why not? It’s not working the “normal” way…….

O.K. I will now try to get some sleep and be ready for tomorrow. Do I like our chances? Who the HELL knows…… This is the most surreal season I can remember…… BUT….. Come on EJax and Go Sox’10…… Let’s win THIS series in two……..j.k.


I feel your vibe. It really has been a season full of strange game and unusual outcomes.

Nice wrinkle with the thought of starting Jenks for one. I don’t even think the master tinkerer of all time — Tony LaRussa — has even thought of that one.

And I’m sure that Kenny is in full agreement with you regarding the need for quality pitching. But finding quality pitching available at this time of the year is not an easy task. I was a little bummed that we let Minnesota get Fuentes but I understand Kenny’s thoughts after he responded to that question to the media. Threets was still healthy at the time and Thornton should be back soon. Plus, we had Sale. Had Threets been hurt before the Fuentes went on the wire list, my guess is we would have either blocked the Twins or gotten Fuentes ourselves.

Let’s get one tomorrow, but in a little easier fahsion ……

I have to admit, I turned the tv off when they tied it up in the 9th. I really shouldn’t have been surprised about another blown save by Bobby. But, I was glad to see this morning that Lil’ Lillibridge redeemed himself and became the hero. I know I’ve said it before, but we needed this game. Well, we need every game we can get from here on out. One month of baseball left, and we have some catching up to do. The Twins aren’t going to make it easy, but there’s a reason the AL Central is now known as the 163-game division.

Either way, the Manny Era begins tonight in Cleveland. He’s not one of my favorite players in the least, but here’s hoping he plays like the Manny of old for the next month. Let’s take Round 2 and the series. Go White Sox!

Way to go EJax!!!! and Thank you Bobby for getting the out that counts. Thanks AJ for a HUGE contribution…… Now go Detroit and how about a sweep manana?……. Go Freddie and Go Sox’10….j.k.

On your mark, get set, WIN Sox’10…….j..k.

Hello JK, and to everyone else out there. Just popping in, I won’t be around for the whole game. So Manny’s first at-bat for the White Sox is a groundout. But, I’m so glad to see Rios’ bat staying hot! Atta boy! Go White Sox!

Half way home and we’re trailing 2-1….. We need for our bats to wake up….. Go Sox’10…j.k.

So far, we have 5 hits and trail 4-1. I guess those 21 hits from Monday took it out of our Boys…. No, that’s not it! It’s because we’re facing a AAA call-up…. Come on Boys and Go Sox’10….. Two more chances to shine….j.k.

O.K. It’s 4-2 now thanks to Alexei and after a walk to JP, we have a pitching change….. Come on Boys…..

ALL HAIL PAULIE!!!! Three run jack and WE lead!!!!!!!5-4…. Go Sox’10…..j.k.

We ARE shining! Now, come on Sox Pitching……Six outs to get…..

There’s three quick outs (thanks to a 3-6-3 DP) and we have three outs to get. How about a couple more runs though? Go Sox’10…j.k.

Nice sac bunt by Ramon and a nice sac fly by Alexei and we have a bit of cushion……. Three outs to get…go Sox’10..j.k.

It wouldn’t be a White Sox game without 9th inning drama. One out and Two on… Come on Sale..

Hallelujah! See you all Friday….. Go Tigers…..j.k.

tc, your mancrush came through big time today. Way to go Alexei! At least one Ramirez did!

Congrats to Chris Sale for his first big league save.

On to Bean Town Friday. Let’s bring this momentum with us!

Wow! A sweep! We really needed those wins, and we got them. Good time for our Sox to get hot.

When I first heard Manny was on our team, my question was, can he pitch? Apparently, all he has to do is stand in the on-deck circle to make a difference. Who knew?

Let’s keep this momentum – Go SOX!!!

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