Salsa and Sox!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


On September 13, White Sox Charities and the Ozzie Guillen Foundation will hold a very special, and historic, event – Salsa and Stars with Ozzie Guillen & Friends – the foundation’s inaugural fundraising event in the United States.  The event, a fundraiser to help families and children in crisis served by White Sox Charities and the Guillen Foundation, is going to be highlighted by what has been described to me as a “once-in-a-lifetime” salsa jam session with Ruben Blades, Tito Nieves, Gilberto Santa Rosa and Ocho y Mas.

“Salsa and Stars with Ozzie Guillen & Friends” will be held at the River East Arts Center, here in Chicago, and along with the salsa jam session guests will enjoy unlimited cocktails and hors d’oeuvers, have the opportunity to participate in a spectacular live and silent auction, and will receive some very special personal gifts from Ozzie.

I can tell you that both Ozzie and his wonderful wife Ibis have been intimately involved in the planning of the event.  The Ozzie Guillen Foundation, founded in 1998 by Guillen and his wife Ibis, is one of the most trusted and respected organizations of its kind in Venezuela.  Established with the goal to improve the lives of children touched by cancer and their families, the foundation has expanded its reach to support foster children and families, and to enhance educational opportunities for some of Venezuela’s most underserved youth.

It promises to be an extraordinary night for White Sox Charities and the Ozzie Guillen Foundation…don’t miss it, get your tickets today!

Tickets ($350 each) for the event are available here at or by calling (312) 674-5387.


It looks like we got a break. After the Tigers lost in dramatic fashion to the Twins on both Tuesday and Wednesday, I was sure they were going to lose Thursday. That became a certainty when I noticed that they were trailing 7-3. But to my surprise the Tigers did overcome the Twins and as a result our Boys now sit just 31/2 games back of the Twins.

So we gained a game on them over our past three.( a sweep for us and one loss for them). This next series will be more difficult than the one in Cleveland though. In all seriousness, I would expect us to lose two of three to the Red Sox, and Texas to win once in Minnesota. That will put us back to 41/2 out heading into Detroit

Only time will tell what is to be our fate, but I liked the way we kept fighting in Cleveland. It wasn’t pretty but it WAS effective. So let’s keep this little win streak going and growing. One game at a time Boys. Win tonight (weather permitting)…. Go White Sox’10….j.k.

That Twins-Tigers’ 13-inning game was one of the ugliest I have ever seen. But, we’ll take the outcome.

Twins had to use two starters out of the bullpen. They have some issues as well so maybe a little losing streak could still come up for them.

And Ron Gardenhire got to see first-hand — until he was ejected, of course — just how bad an umpire Joe West really is.

Good game by JohnnyD and a solid job by Bobby in the ninth to gain the win, 3-1. Now get a three hour nap and come take the regularly scheduled game…… Go White Sox’10…. j.k.

Very nice sweep of the carmines. Too bad everything keeps going the GD twins way. Guess we’ll just have to take care of bidness when these clowns come to town. I sure hope DYoung remembers that play on AJ cause it’s my sincere hope that somebody drills that bum, maybe more than once.
Roll SOX

Game #1 ;3 runs, 13 hits… Game #2; 3 runs, 6 hits. Zero HR’s….Way to go Boys…….. One more win on this 10 game road trip and we come home winners….. Make it tomorrow and take all the suspense out of it…. Go White Sox’10….j.k.

These guys need to get it done, they let the BoSox off the hook earlier. I know they’ve just been sitting on all their hits for the top of the ninth….. right?


YEESH. Bases loaded. I really hate when they keep me guessing like this…

I’m too old for this! Somebody get a hit! GAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Ya know, normally, I might feel bad about a game going this way for anyone, but I’ve watched this team lose to the Red Sox too many times in person to feel any sympathy (except maybe for those hapless relievers getting thrown in there).

Holy Toledo. Where’s the aspirin? I’m going to bed….

Before I go, GO RANGERS! Get your rear ends off your shoulders and get those twinkies!

What an improbable win. No, that word doesn’t do justice to this win. This is beyond improbable, it’s inspired! What are the odds of us pulling out this win? 1000-1? Higher?

I was hoping to win one game from the Red Sox this weekend. Boy was I wrong! Feels pretty good too! I also thought the Rangers would win one game against the Twins. Wrong there too, but (and finally) I thought we’d be 41/2 back going to Detroit. Crazy! Absolutely crazy! Not just our game either. The Twins game came down to the wire almost as improbably as our own.

So, come on Boys, don’t stop believin’ and come on KC…… Go Sox’10….j.k.

The Twins got bailed out today when Michael Young, representing the tying run in a huge ninth-inning rally, touched his third base coach as he rounded third and stopped and was called out. If he did touch the coach — and it looked like he did on the replay — even though it was incidental and did not help him stop, it is against the rules and he was correctly called out.

That was the only out that the Twins’ closer — Capps — was able to record. It was 6-2 in the ninth and the first two Rangers batters struck out before the uprising began and the game finished 6-5.

It is encouraging for Sox fans to see that the Twins — although they continue to win — do have some major issues staring them in the face. Their bullpen is struggling big time and their starting pitching has been just getting by against the good teams and only solid against the bad teams.

But, the Twins still win and still sit three games ahead of our Sox in the loss column. The Sox just have to simply keep winning. And we all know that when I say simply I don’t mean it is simple.

Hard to believe but we may need a perfect 10-0 road trip to stay within three games since the Royals are going to Minnesota for three.

But I do remember back to just two Septembers ago when the Royals earned the love of many Southsiders by taking the first two games of a three-game series at the Metrodome and greatly helping the White Sox have a chance to secure that 2008 Central Division title.

So, for the next three days — Go Sox (just like JK says) and Go Royals!!! And, then of course we need the Royals to go back to being the Royals when they come to Chicago . . . . .

“The rule, 7:09 (h) of the Official Rules (that you refer to in your comment), states that the runner is out if: “In the judgment of the umpire, the base coach at third base, or first base, by touching or holding the runner, physically assists him in returning to or leaving third or first base.”
Although I agree that MYoung did touch Anderson. I didn’t see that as Anderson “assisting” him (Young) in returning to 3rd base. All in all, a terrible call. This is yet another example of Alphonso Marquez and a number of other umpires giving the GD twins the benefit of no less than a half dozen questionable calls (resulting in at least 5 wins) in the last two months.
I have NEVER seen a team get so many calls AND so many breaks as the GD twins have the last two months. Kind of makes one wonder if perhaps somebody has an agenda.

We’re sitting on a Good road trip thus far. To get it to an outstanding road trip, we need to overcome a run deficit with only two innings to go. Keep it rolling Boys….j.k.

Very nice comeback win. SOX Roll!
Case in point regarding my earlier comment about the GD twins. Royals lose 5-4 and leave 17, that’s correct 17 LOB.
The playoffs start for our SOX and the GD twins next Tuesday at the Cell!
Roll Sox!
P.S. Chris Sale could very well be the SOX closer next year. The kid (No Fear) has ice water for blood!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we now have an OUTSTANDING road trip…….. Let’s go for amazing tomorrow…….. Go Sox’10……. I’ve given up rooting for the Twins opponents… j.k.

As this game progressed, it became evident we were NOT going to win. I guess I’d rather lose in a rout than by the skin of our teeth(which has happened too many times this year already).

As this TEN game trip started,asked if you would have been happy at 7-1 through eight games? We all would have taken that.

We still have some business to take care of in Detroit though. We need to win at least one more game from the Tigers to at least split with them.

Let’s take the game tomorrow and worry about Thursday later…. Go Sox’10….j.k.

So, we’re 41/2 games back of the Twins….. Season over! Not so fast Pookey, we have the Big Hurt and Wimpy going for us tomorrow!……… All kidding aside, did anyone really think we’d be 10-0 coming back home?…… Go Sox’10…j.k.

Game about to start…. Let’s get to Bonderman and start a new seven game win streak… Go Sox’10..j.k.

Teahen better do something tonight: He struck out in a big situation and cost us Two runs by throwing a ball away….. 2-1 Tigers in the fourth…. Go Sox’10…j.k.

Check that, after a two run double into the gap, there’s FOUR unerned runs thanks to Mr. Teahen………………………. Errors bad!……Go Sox’10…j.k.

And it’s looking like we’re done in this one. Jeremy Bonderman has had our number tonight just like Verlander did yesterday. We need to win tomorrow to split with Detroit, but maybe there is still some late inning magic… Go Sox’10….j.k.

Game ovah!!!! Sox lose. After two straight days of only one run scored, we are primed and ready to split this series with Detroit and come home with an 8-2 road mark……. Get it done Sox’10……..j.k.

I am still hopeful that the playoffs start Tuesday @ the cell against the GD twins. That said, and not just because he made multiple errors yet again tonight, Mark Teahen is without a doubt the worst 3rd baseman in baseball. It is no coincidence that the SOX rolled when this bum was on the DL. He is awful in the field (10 errors so far this year and he has played in less than half the SOX games). Worse, he is one of the lousiest hitters on this club. Play Omar and Dayan and sit this bum for the rest of the year, and please, PLEASE, release this bum at year end. Far as I’m concerned, put him on the same plane/train to palookaville with booby; never to be heard from again.

Unfortunately, Teahen has at least two, maybe three years left on his deal which Kenny upped after we acquired him.

Trading for him was bad enough — although we really didn’t give up much to get him — but re-upping his deal and extending it may have been the biggest mistake Kenny has made in years.

With that much left on his contract, no way the Sox release him. Maybe eat a little and find someone to take him off our hands and take the rest of his contract.

Morel is the future at 3B.

HAPPY🙂 / SAD :(…… I’m happy that we went 7-3 on this road trip. (very successful). I’m sad that we lost the last three of said road trip….. If we had simply won series in Cleveland, Boston and Detroit, EVERYBODY would be happy. We’d still be coming home with a 7-3 mark, but somehow the sting would be less…..

We need to start a new WIN streak starting tomorrow night against KC. Don’t look ahead to Minn.. I think since we’re standing at six games back now is the time to do MORE than just winning series, we need to think sweep….. OUCH, that’s tough to say and even tougher to do… But,

Go Mark and go Sox’10…..j.k.

Where are all our faithful Scott Blog followers? The game is about to start and I for one am anxious for a White Sox winner…. Go Mark and Go Sox’10….j.k.

Sorry I’m late, but I’m here JK. Was out to dinner with my dad.

Cograts to Brent Morel on the homerun! Now that’s quite a way to start your major league career! On a more sour note, I think that it’s well-known by now that lame Joe West has it in for the White Sox, and even possibly Mr. Buehrle. Someone really needs to set him straight. It honestly makes me sick whenever he umps our games just because I know that he will find some way to stick it to us. However, hearing that Cleveland beat the Twinkies, we really need to win tonight so that we can gain a game back on them. That would be the cherry on top of a pretty good day for me.

There is only so much BS one should take…….. Time to get mad and Mean, Boys… This umpiring crew has it in for Mark in the past and certainly has it in for him tonight….. Come on Boys… Go Sox’10..j.k.

Clearly, we are waiting for the ” last three weeks of the season” to paraphrase Hawk. Scoring only one run a game will NOT get it done….. Two innings to go though… Come on Boys……. These are the KC Royals………. j.k.

J.K. I admire your optimism. But if the Sox can’t beat the awful Royals and take advantage of the Twins finally losing a game, I am afraid that six games will be too much to make up.

What’s that sound? I think it’s a heart beat…… thum-thump. Thank you AJ….. Sox lead 4-3……….Three outs to get……j.k.

Way to keep the optimism up, JK; it was just what we needed! As you said, only three outs to go… we can do this! Go White Sox!


And we come away with a White Sox winner!! Thank goodness for expanded rosters – we are certainly getting good use out of our minor leaguers. Also, I have to say that I will always love AJ; he can really come through for us when we need it! Despite some less-than-ideal playing conditions, *cough* acertainump *cough* our boys came through i the clutch and gained a game on the Twins.

Yea! Happy days are here again……….. Come on Edwin and Go Sox’10…. See you all tomorrow friends….j.k.

Nice comeback win. Moel may indeed be the future SOX third baseman with Dayan @ first.
MLB really, and I mean REALLY, needs to do something about both Joe West AND Angel Hernandez. I can’t decide who is worse but really, they consistently manage to make the game about them and NOT the game. The best umpires are NEVER noticed. These clowns, on the other hand, seem to think that we all pay and watch to see them.
I can think of a couple of places in Iraq that I’d really like to see them visit.
Roll SOX

The events of this Saturday night may have finally put out the flickering hopes we had for a division title. Only a monumental collapse by the Twins would give the Sox a chance.

Disappointed? Of course. We had a great run in June and July and took a nice lead right after the break.

But, as far as I’m concerned, this team overachieved in 2010 so I can’t be too disappointed. As it was constructed leaving spring training, I really didn’t think this team was any better than .500 and would probably finish just under the .500 mark.

They have played hard all year long and I hope that continues in the final three weeks.

I’m not giving up all hope, but realistically there is nothing more than a flicker.

And to piggy-back on tc’s comment: we have won a series (barring a total collapse in the ninth against the Royals). That puts us at 15 games over .500. There are six series left and if we win all those series that will put us at 92-70 on the season. That IS a good year.

For us to even force a tie-breaker, the Twins would have to go 7-12 the rest of the way out. Possible, but VERY unlikely. Like tc says there’s still a flicker. Our heart is still beating (just barely). So let’s play these last three weeks out and see what happens…. As we all know, baseball can be a crazy game. Go White Sox’10 (still ’10 for a while longer)….j.k.

Wow, that was quite a game. It makes me sad that I didn’t watch because I we too bummed out about yesterday’s loss. Congrats to all our guys on the major hitting they got done today, most noticeably Paulie for the two homers and Andruw for the grand slam.
Now the real test comes up Tuesday through Thursday when we must face the dreaded Twins. This is certainly going to be an intense series for both teams. The Twins will be focused on keeping us down in second and behind them, while we will be focused on beating them so that we can make up the distance behind them. This is truly the make-it-or-break-it series of the season. It will be interesting to see how it goes. I don’t know if I will be able to watch the tension!

Well, I am just so nervous and excited for these next three games. But, I hope our team is relaxed and loose, and can go out and beat the Twins, because we really need every one of these games!

Go SOX!!!


Hi All~

I am right there with you Peggy. I have been anxiously awaiting this series for some time now and I know it’s make or break on the season.

I saw Paulie on the new last night (from Salsa and the Stars) and he said they knew this was pretty much a must win, they are going to take it inning by inning and just battle. Good way of looking at it. Just break it down and beat them every inning. We’ve got Danks going tonight and I believe he’ll bring it home.

GO SOX! Let’s make this series the cherry on the top of an already incredible season.

Oh, and Scott? Now that Ozzie’s event is over, can we get a new post? In the past, it’s always brought us some good luck. So, just a short one today – even if it’s just the line up?

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