Ozzie Pregame

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ozzie Guillen’s Pregame Comments

Q: How badly do you guys need a sweep?

Ozzie: “We don’t need a sweep, we need to win the first game. I’m not going to sit here and say we need a sweep or we need to win the series, hopefully we do, but we’ll see what happens. A sweep of Minnesota is not easy. Sweeping a big league team is not easy. We’re going to go out there, play hard, play the best we can and see what happens.”

Q: Is Jenks available?

Ozzie: “No. I don’t know where he is right now or how he feels. He’s got to throw in the bullpen and after that we’ll decide what we’re going to do with him.”

Q:  Have you pitched to Cuddyer the way you have wanted to this season considering the way he is hitting and the numbers he is putting up?

Ozzie: “If we had thrown to Cuddyer the way we want, he wouldn’t be hitting .600 or whatever he is hitting against us. I think this guy swings the bat good against us over his career, not just this year. Hopefully we will figure it out for this series, he has been doing a lot of damage.”

Q: Do the close games offset the fact that the Twins have had your number in the last couple of years or so?

Ozzie: “We play good against them, they are just beating us. We have played good against them in the past. When we play against them we always compete very well and hopefully we will do that today.”

Q: They haven’t had the same problems that the White Sox have had against the Central division …

Ozzie: “Those guys are better than we are, that’s why they’re six games up. They play good, they have a good team. They play good all year long. Remember, we were 12 games behind and we were able to catch them. We had them, we just let them go. I don’t know why people don’t give them credit. They are playing good baseball and they don’t beat themselves. They throw strikes and they play great fundamental baseball. That’s why they are what they are. They don’t miss opportunities.”

Q:  Are they good because of their talent or the way they play?

Ozzie:  “Everything. They play fundamental. They don’t beat themselves. They execute very well. They don’t try and do more than they can. I think they are way, way underrated. They might have two or three big names but I think they know how to play the game.”

Q:  Is this the best Twins team since you have been coaching?

Ozzie: “They are missing the big boy and they still produce. They are missing Morneau and all of the sudden they have Jimmy (Thome). Thome is helping them a lot. I think their left fielder is having a good year. Cuddyer is having a good year, they didn’t have a third baseman and they found Valencia. They are good and they go about their business the right way.”

Q:  The event last night …

Ozzie:  “It was good, it was good. I think it was great. It was the first step of what we want to do and I think it went great. Hopefully we will continue to do it. Hopefully I stay here long enough to continue to do it. It was a


Whether the SOX win or lose tonight the season was just epitomized in the bottom of the 7th. Bases loaded, one out, biggest game of the year. Our cleanup (and best) hitter strikes out. Our 4 million/month rental player strikes out. No runs. The game and the SOX seaon – effectively over.
I hate the GD twins.

Oh Ozzie!!!! Why are you taking the bat out of Alexei’s hands??? It’s the seventh. I can see it maybe in the eighth or ninth but not the seventh. He’s the best clutch hitter in our lineup!!!!!!!!!

The most amazing part of the GD twins running away with the AL Central this year (to me at least) is that they have done it WITHOUT their best ballplayer, Justin Morneau. Incredibly enough the GD twins have actually played better in the second half since Morneau was injured than they did in the first half when he was playing! Talk about people stepping up! I only wish we had some on the SOX.

And Thornton is not the same pitcher that he was prior to his injury a few weeks ago.

While the Sox’s season RISP stats and BA may sound okay, the clutch hits have not come in games like this one.

Give the Twins credit. They find ways to beat their division rivals and the Sox have been horrible vs. the AL Central this year.

Thum-thump, thum-thump, thum-thump, breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…………..Go Sox’11……j.k.

One more win by the Twins and not even a “loaves and fishes” miracle can save the Sox’s season.

I couldn’t watch the game and I’m probably better off having not seen that bottom of the seventh and top of the eighth.

Still, a better season thus far than I could have predicted for this team. Had Minnesota done what it should have done considering it lost Nathan before the season started and lost Morneau at the break, then the Sox would still be right in it. But who would have thought the Twins would be on their way to what could very well be the American League’s best record?

This division really wasn’t LOST by the Sox. It was WON by the Twins.

The above comments were made by my rational head. My emotional heart still refuses to wave the White Flag until all possibilities are done. Something my dad taught me as a kid. So, let’s see if we can get it back to six tomorrow night.

stop crying chicago people the twins beat the whitesoxs how manny games 10 of 13 so we deserved some credit maybe the bears can do it for ya theres hope rob twins fan

Hey Rob … feel free to use some punctuation. Is that why athletes in Minnesota are so good??? No time in the classroom???


Stellar move by Oz in the 7th inning. Man on second, Morel due up and Oz pinch hits Teahen against Jesse Crain. Teahen is 0-8 with 4Ks against Crain before the at bat. After the at bat? 0-9 with 5 Ks. GOD help us if KW can’t unload this bum Teahen. He is by far one of the WORST players to ever wear a SOX Uniform.
P.S. What’s up with Fuentes hitting Pierre (after a warning to both benches earlier in the game) and NOT getting thrown out? Goes back to what I said a few days ago. The GD twins get the benefit of every call.
I hate the GD twins.
P.S. Rob – while you’re going back to grade school to learn some punctuation why not also try to learn some grammer? Eh?

Pathetic series against the GD twins. Effort was very poor.
SOX are 30-36 against the AL Central this year. Best of all the SOX are 6-24 the last three years in the second half of the season against the GD twins.

Hi all,

I think this puts the final nail in the coffin, barring an epic collapse by the twinkies. I think a lot of people have been pointing to White Sox’s problems, but you have to tip your hat to a team that has outperformed (er dominated) us all year. Case in point, here are our team by team records for this year…

BAL 3-4

BOS 3-0

CLE 7-8

DET 8-7

KC 10-8

LAA 4-2

MIN 5-13

NY 2-4

SEA 9-1

TB 3-4

TEX 4-5

TOR 3-5

Interleague 15-3

Excluding the interleague record, you can see that we only have winning records against 5 American League teams, but we’ve only dominated two of them, BOS and SEA. And as Buster points out, we played very poor against AL Central teams this year. We only have winning records against Detroit and Kansas City, but just barely. But to put it simply, we just didn’t win the games we should have. If the Twins manage to go all the way and win the World Series, the only good thing to come out of it would be Thome getting his ring. I’ll make my final thoughts of the season in a later post, but here’s hoping we play hard these next few weeks, finish with a winning record, and end the season on a high note. Go White Sox!

It’s been a great ride and a good season. Really, a much better season than I ever anticipated. This team overachieved a great deal and far surpassed what I expected when camp broke.

I’ve never seen a White Sox team fight as hard as this one. They battled back in just about every situation and Konerko’s performance last night was just a great example of the heart that the team showed all year.

That being said, Kenny has a lot of work in front of him. I don’t envy some of the decisions he has to make.

Congratulations to the Twins. They proved they are the best team in the Central and I think they will finish with the best record in the A.L. Hard to believe considering they lost their stud closer before the season began and their MVP first baseman at the break. It shows two things. The role of closer can be greatly exaggerated (face it, they pulled away with an average closer like Capps and before that Rauch) and that depth is critical to any good team’s success.

I’ve always admired the Twins. they have always been a great organization with good ownership and a strong front office. I hope they do well in the postseason. And then I hope we kick their backsides next year!!!

Here’s hoping that there are no “Mark Teahen” or “Nick Swisher” type acquisitions in Kenny’s plans for the winter.

And I know it is a business decision, but I hope that both PK and AJ are back in the Cell in “good guys” uniforms next April.

Good post Josh! I agree, we certainly did NOT take care of business this year as we all hoped.What I find interesting is how much Minnesota has dominated us this year and for the past few for that matter. It’s not our losing record of 5-13 against them, but I wonder how we managed to win five? We simply do NOT have an answer to their team. And as we have dominated others like Detroit and KNOW we are going to win against them, that is how it is with the Twins and Sox. They know they have our number and unfortunately, we also know it. Something has to be done to change this dynamic.

So there are 13 games left now and if we just split (7-6) we’ll have won 86 games this year. That’s not too bad after the start we had, but I’m not happy with that and I’m sure you’re not happy either. That needs to change moving forward too.

And speaking of our early season woes: Why exactly did we struggle early on? It’s cold in Chicago? It’s just as cold for the other team on the field as it is for us.

Finally, we simply MUST find a way to play better in the second half of the season. These past couple of years of melt-downs is maddening.

All that said, let’s give ’em a finish Boys and win more than 86 this year and something to show as pride for next year….. Go Sox’10 and forever….j.k.

As bad as getting swept by the GD twins there is one thing worse. JK kind of paraphrases it in his post. I’ll be a little more blunt. The SOX are INTIMIDATED by the GD twins.
2 cases in point: Torri Hunter goes out of the baseline to clobber Jaime Burke at the plate a few years ago, effectively ending Burke’s career. The consumate punk Delmon Young trys to bust AJ in the face with both hands this year at the plate. In both of these cases and others too numerous to count the SOX NEVER retaliate. I am not advocating that the SOX play dirty, JUST AGRESSIVE. If you want to know why the GD twins have the SOX number it’s plainly and simply that the GD twins play aggresive baseball and the SOX don’t. Until such time as the SOX make a conscious decision to play AGGRESIVE TAKE NO PRISONERS baseball they will always by chasing the GD twins.

Well, I just must not have the blogger mojo, because my being at the game tonight certainly didn’t help us win. Well, let me correct that. I am sure that the mojo helped Manny and Morel hit those AMAZING homers, but other than that it didn’t help. However, I still had a truly awesome time with my dad at the game. I got my Chi-rish hat, we were able to get pretty good seats in the left field corner on the foul side, I got Lucas Harrell to sign my hat, and I cheered our boys on (like always) to the point where my voice started to go.
This has been a pretty dang good season for the Sox considering the way we started out, but despite the fact that I will continue to hold out my optimism for a turn-around until we are mathematically eliminated from the play-offs, I think that we are done. It’s been a good ride but I think that we all know this season is all but over. Here’s to hoping that we still have Paulie by the start of the season.

Well, it was a good year but not a great one for the Sox. In Aug and Sept the Twins are 30-13, Sox 21-23. What more can I say. Hopefully next year will be better. Go Sox 2011!

Yet another subpar effort today. Sure looks like the sox have decided to just mail in the rest of the season. Can’t say I agree that it has been a good year. It has been a year of so many blown chances to score that I quit counting and almost as many episodes of the bp blowing up. At this point I think the sox will be lucky to finish above .500. Pretty much what I said 4 months ago.

Checking in. It’s been a while. I’ve been going thorough the Stages of Grief. A little over a week ago, I was in the Denial Stage, telling myself: “There’s still hope!” But Tuesday’s game had me firmly centered in the Anger Stage. My thanks to the fans seated around me who didn’t report me via the “RiseAbove” program. I guess I’m at the Bargaining Stage now. “If I promise not to drop any more f-bombs after Manny bats, can we at least get a win?”

Speaking of… As a fan and a season ticket holder, I’m disgusted by the decision to bring Manny Ramirez on board. Aside from the fact that he was an expensive acquisition that had no discernible positive impact on the team (but wow, thanks for that one RBI last Friday), I don’t like the idea that the organization is willing to 1) bring in a known cheater who was suspended for drug usage only a season ago; and 2) bend rules that have been enforced for all other players to date. I’ve watched the opening montage at every home game, and in my opinion, the words PRIDE and TRADITION are contradictory to the “flair” that Manny displays. I have a very difficult time justifying to my son why the Sox felt he was beyond reproach. So maybe I’m not entirely past the Anger Stage. But as an investor in this organization, I feel I have a right to make my opinion known.

Now looking ahead to 2011. Only 193 days to Opening Day. (193 days?! I can just feel the Depression Stage looming.) As always, GO WHITE SOX!!

Maria, that was wonderful! It’s good to hear from you again after such a long absence and I have to agree with you on all you said, (especially the Manny acquisition).

Three days ago after we “surrendered” to the Twins, I was still hoping we would have pride and finish as strongly as we could:maybe get to 90 wins. Now? I hope we somehow manage to win THREE more games to finish over .500! How sad is that?

Anyway, a lousy homestand! Our road trip has got to be better, doesn’t it?? But since it’s been a week since our last win, how about a positive “away” game???????/ Go Sox’11, but still, go Sox’10……j.k.

Pretty revealing shot of the sox dugout at the end of the seventh inning. After JD imploding yet again and with the bullpen’s help giving up 6 runs to the tiggers (and with our 6th home loss in a row looming) JD, GF and MB are seen laughing it up in the dugout. Sure glad these bums see something funny going on the field . I presonally do not. Of course I don’t get paid millions of dollars in the performance of my job even if I perform like ****. That said I’ve had enough of this team. I will not waste any more money or time with these overpaid yet frequently underperforming losers. These bums (other than PK perhaps) wouldn’t know the meaning of Pride, Passion & Tradition if it came up and bit em.

That game was a microcosm of our season. Very good starting pitching (until the sixth). Very poor starting pitching (in the sixth). Good bulllpen (7th – 10th). Bad Pen (11th). Great! hitting! (runners on base EVERY inning). Lousy execution (21 runners left on base!) That sounds impossible….Great patience and clutch hitting (ninth inning) Ditto bottom of 11th, until, until, until, we came up just a little bit short yet again… The best part of this game was the emergence of Morrel at third base. Great defense there.

So can we PLEASE win three more games and finish this improbable roller coaster season over .500? Go Sox’10…..j.k.

This Sox team has just plain run out of gas. They fought uphill virtually all season long and then watched the Twins go on an incredible streak in the second half. When the Twins finally drove the final nails in the coffin last week, the remaining air in the Sox’s tires finally went totally flat.

The team has played hard all year. Has never given up. Even last night when down four in the bottom of the ninth on a cold, blah, getaway night with a flight to Oakland staring them in the face, they still found a way to fight back and send the game into extra innings.

Just another example of how much this group overachieved this year. They might end up around the .500 mark but the route they took certainly was not one that I expected at the end of camp.

The season just needs to end. Not much can be accomplished in the final two weeks, other than Morel getting more playing time.

Like Maria, I’m checking in after a prolonged absence. And I agree with her entire post. Especially the part about Manny.

I went away this weekend to a music festival, no cell phone service, so hard to check my MLB app. When I was able to check, I saw what I feared and kind of expected.

For the next three games, I can watch on my local TV, but I’m sort of scared to watch. I guess I’ll focus on seeing how Morel does at 3rd, and how Lillibridge does with some playing time.

Anyone know why we have so much trouble year after year with our own division? Meaning no disrespect to anyone or any team, our division opponents are not chock full of all-star players. Here’s my guess, and I’d love to have others chime in. Teams play the most games against their own division, so those teams see one another’s pitching and hitting more than they see those of other clubs. The successful teams are the ones who make adjustments throughout the season. Looks like our guys have a hard time adjusting. That’s my guess, what’s yours?

Hoping for a winning season….

Go SOX!!!

Whassup? Floyd throws 7 pitches and has to come out of the game? What happened to him?

What a bullpen we have!

Well, with Floyd’s shoulder possibly ending him for the season and various other issues afflicting the White Sox, it looks like we’ll be limping to the end of the season. We all thought that it was possible to make the playoffs given our hot streak in June and July, but my optimism is about running out. We are pretty much all but eliminated, and many of us (Donna included) are looking forward to the distraction of other Chicago sports teams.

I’m definitely with Maria. At this point, I’m just expecting the Sox not to win. Also, while Manny’s homer on Friday was quite a sight to behold, I’m not thrilled that we brought aboard a player who was suspended for drug use and will get management to bend the rules just for him. This is going to be an interesting off-season in regard to who stays/leaves, and I really hope that Paulie and AJ stay (if they have the chance) just because they have contributed so much to the team over the years and have really become a core part of the team.

Yes, I’m looking forward to the distraction of another Chicago sport too. It’s been a roller coaster summer. I hesitate to put up my autopsy because I’m sure Scott will post soon, but honestly when this season started, I never had high expectations. Too many things had to go right. We had a great run in June/July and I even had some hope for winning the division but even if we won the division wasn’t expecting it to go much further when I looked around at the other teams going down the stretch. Will be interesting to see if the Twins go one and done as they usually do, but dare I say for big Jim I hope they do something? Does that make me a trader? I’ll post again before the season’s over, cause I do have more to say along the lines of what Maria said but I’ll let the body get cold first and start dwelling on hockey more!😉

It’s official!…..We gone! I feel bad for Peggy, that she has had to witness such lackluster play these past two days in Oakland, but hey, the A’s still have a prayer left and all we have is the final reading of the obituary.

Maybe now that we are eliminated, we will relax and win a couple of games to end this season. Pride still matters and finishing strong still shows a sense of professionalism. So win today in Oakland and get us to 80 wins, and give Peggy a W to carry her through the winter….. Go White Sox’11…..j.k.

And the roller coaster season is officially done. And as promising as June and July were, it stings a lot more knowing that the Twinkies are the first team in baseball to punch their ticket to the postseason. This begs the question, is it better to not be a contender all season, or start slow, have a hot summer and move into first, then eventually fall back to mediocrity? Even with all the craziness of this season, I’d go with the latter. I’ll always remember our 25-5 run in June and having a sense that yes, we can win the division and make the playoffs. I’ll still reserve final comments until we finish these last games, but I guess here’s waiting for Opening Day 2011. Go White Sox!

Sox WIN! Sox WIN!. Boy was that a long time coming……. Have a nice day in Anaheim and win a couple more in California….j.k.

Nice to see our guys never give up, even though they are not in the hunt for a playoff spot.

The one lesson I’d like the Sox to take from the A’s is to run full tilt boogie for first base, even on “routine grounders or pop-ups.” This is absolutely demanded of A’s players, whether they are rookies or veterans. The A’s get a lot of baserunners out of that extra hustle, because “routine” plays aren’t always made successfully.

At this point, I am hoping the Sox wind up in second place, and not third. And with two more wins, they’ll at least have a winning season.

Of course, there’s always “next year” for us Sox fans. It’s what we focus on while we’re recovering from our broken hearts.

Very sad to read that Bob Shaw passed away today. Very few of the 1959 club left now.

Here is the link to my interview with him from a few years ago. Nice man with a lot of good stories:


Mark Liptak

SOX Nation lost one of it’s touchstones today. Bob Shaw will surely be missed by many. Peace be with you Big Bob.

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