Congrats Alexei! Reaction from the Shortstop

October 20, 2010

Alexei Ramirez was named the shortstop on The Sporting News American League All-Star Team, as voted on by a panel of 326 major-league players, 25 managers and 24 general managers.  Here is a brief interview with and reaction from the shortstop:

Q:  Alexei…three years in Majors, two at shortstop, now this special honor “Sporting News All-Star Shortstop/American League”- where baseball people (players, managers and general managers) voted you the best shortstop in the American League – what do you think of that honor? Your development at shortstop?

A: I’m super thankful to the people that voted for me; it really is special.  Overall, I’ve learned they key to success is staying patient; that’s what I’ve tried to do.

Q:  How does it make you feel that you were voted the best at position with so many great players, such as Derek Jeter, etc?

A:  It makes me really happy knowing that this group (many of my peers) voted for me – with so many great players, as you mention, at the position.  It’s recognition for the work I’ve tried putting in in the offseason and for my performance on the field.  I’m just thankful for the recognition from the group.

Q:  What are you doing right now?  Working out, resting?

A:  I’m not working out, training…just yet.  I’ll start my program next month (November) and will follow my same offseason routine as the past two seasons.




congrats to Alexei for winning this award. Also, congrats to the Rangers who just hammered the Yankees into submission. Good luck in the WS. Now to the really important item…… Go White Sox’11…….j.k.

Congratulations, Alexei! This is a significant award, coming from your peers. JK, I really enjoyed watching the Rangers beat the Yanks too. Now I hope Juan Uribe and Aaron Rowand will collect their second WS rings with the Giants. I always thought Uribe was under-appreciated by many Sox fans, and he certainly came through big-time for the Giants in the NLCS. I wish him more success in the World Series. Should be a good one!

Of course, go White Sox ’11!!!


Congrats to the Giants on winning the World Series this year! Way to go also to Aaron and Juan for winning their second ring! Now let’s see: if those two were still with us, maybe we would have, uh, oh well…….. Go Sox’11….j.k.

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