Social Media Coordinator Wanted

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Position Open

Yes, the rumors you may have heard are true.  We have decided to add a full-time person to our staff to help monitor, aggregate and publish content on our various Social Media platforms.  The full job description is below, however, if you have already applied for this position through other outlets, no need to repeat the process.  We got your info.

Oh, and act fast.  This position won’t be open for much longer.


Social Media Coordinator: Chicago White Sox

Company: Chicago White Sox
Education Level: College Degree in Liberal Arts, Journalism or New Media
Location: Chicago, IL
Job Category: Communications, Marketing, Advertising
Career Level: 1-2 Years of Professional Work Experience (Sports/Entertainment/New Media required)
Position Available: Full-Time Social Media Coordinator

Job Responsibilities Include:
? Create and execute a social media campaign that incorporates Twitter, Facebook, blogs and more
? Generate programs and content for all social media outlets
? Establish consistent communication practices across all social media platforms
? Coordinate with internal departments to ensure all online organizational goals and programs are executed and delivered with proper messaging
? Monitor and track discussion topics related to the White Sox, Major League Baseball and all professional sports across all social media platforms
? Prepare monthly social media status reports for internal use
? Network with social media influencers in sports and the Chicagoland area in general
? Assist manager of online communications with general management and administrative tasks including, but not limited to, site edit checks, periodic site production/editing, assistance with fan feedback emails, assistance with online fan club, and preparing site page/email stat recaps
? Reports to the director of mass communications

Skill Requirements:
?  1-2 years professional work experience (sports/entertainment/new media required)
? Experience maintaining accounts across key social media sites, including Facebook and Twitter
? Proficiency with interactive technology
? Exceptional writing and grammatical skills, as well as expert knowledge of social media/online culture and jargon
? Excellent verbal communication skills with ability to present ideas and information clearly
? Strong attention to detail and outstanding organization skills
? Collaborative team player able to work across a variety of departments and with different personalities
? Excellent online search skills with ability to track and monitor postings relevant to the brand
? Interest in and understanding of Chicago White Sox Baseball

Candidates interested in applying for this position should e-mail resume to:
Please insert Coordinator of Social Media as your subject line

Deadline for applications November 17, 2010



Deadline for applications November 17?

That’s not very nice, guys, posting this on the 18th!

First of all Scott I want to start by saying hello and I know everyone in the front office is working hard this off-season. I can relate to the hard work part and I myself gave a very strong interest at The Social Media Coordinator. All I can do is to be patient and see what happens. As always enjoy and have great time this off-season.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Have a happy, healthy, and fulfilling day for yourself and all your loved ones.

Go Sox’11 j.k.

Please have someone proof read the calendar for next year because my Sox calendar that was handed out during the games in April has November with 31 days and April of 2011 has 2 days that are labeled April 4th.

Today is a good day.

Not only did we get AJ back, but we got our left-handed power hitter in Dunn, who I’ve been a fan of since his days in Cincinnati. And I know there will be those who say that we had our left-handed DH in Thome and let him go for a failed experiement. And we know how well Thome did last year for the Twinkies (begrudgingly). But, what’s done is done, and I think Dunn will be a great addition to the team. I hope this is incentive to get Paulie back, but I know the nature of the business if we can’t. Still, a Konerko-Dunn lineup at 3-4 would be an awesome thing to see. Here’s hoping Opening Day 2011 gets here sooner. Go White Sox!

Hi jk and Josh~

I hope you both had great Thanksgivings! Josh, I just got done listening to Kenny’s press conference announcing Adam Dunn as a White Sox and the AJ signing. This part is pretty cool – seems that BOTH Dunn and AJ moved some of their contract money to later years in order to make room for Paulie’s return. Is that not team player type attitude or what? It would be so awesome to have Paulie back.


We bring Paulie back and, IMO, the team will be set from an offensive and field perspective. The next task will be rebuilding the bullpen after that.

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