Christmas Wishes

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kenny Williams

I truly wish White Sox fans could see Ken Williams in action at the winter meetings and during the offseason.  Talk about driven.

Ozzie As Only Ozzie

If you haven’t seen the video of Ozzie Guillen selling Ozzie 13-Game Plans, you really need to check this out.He’s truly one of a kind. And BUY SOX Tickets NOW!

Bob Feller

So long to one of baseball’s greatest pitchers, Bob Feller.  Feller could always be found around the ballpark, and I would guess nearly everyone in Cleveland has that man’s autograph.

Either this spring or the year before (they tend to run together), I was leaving the Indians ballpark in Goodyear, Ariz., after one of our games.

The stairs from the pressbox flowed into the crowd as everyone departed and there was a bit of a bottleneck ahead as one older man slowly exited, rocking a bit side to side.  As people piled up behind him, I noticed that he was wearing a “Feller” jersey.  That’s kinda cool, I thought to myself, an old fan is wearing the jersey of his hero.

As I passed the guy on my way to my car, I looked back.  It wasn’t an older fan wearing that Feller jersey, it was Feller.

And he walked to his car on a sunny March day just like every other fan in the ballpark that day.

Class Act

Many of you know that the White Sox and Chicago White Sox Charities support dozens of youth baseball teams each summer, including several elite teams of inner city kids who compete with the top travel programs in the area.  Generally each season a player or two from one of those teams gets drafted, and more importantly, each of the past two years two players from those teams have received full-ride scholarships to four-year institutions.

The program is something I’m very proud of and these kids deserve all the recognition in the world for their commitment to becoming better baseball players and better student athletes.

Anyway, recently, local hero and current New York Yankees player Curtis Granderson stopped by to talk with a few of the kids.  Here is a report I received about his appearance:

He was simply outstanding. 

Curtis told the group of 60 in attendance that his most honored achievement is not playing in the big leagues, not playing in the World Series or with the Yankees, but earning his college degree. He followed up by saying that he can get hurt tomorrow and have his career taken away from him, but that no one can take his degree away from him. He mentioned that he is extremely proud to be one of 38 big league players who can currently make that claim. 

Curtis also stressed to the kids to keep working on their craft.  He told a story about how he was never selected for the Area Code team when he was in high school and how during his whole career, scouts have been telling him that he is too small, that he doesn’t throw well enough, and that he can never play every day in the big leagues…he finished that statement by poiting out that now he is playing center field for the New York Yankees.  Just a great message for the kids about never giving up.

Curtis finished the session by signing autographs for all the kids. 





Apparently, what number Adam Dunn was going to wear was causing a bit of a buzz in the online world.  When he decided on uniform No. 32, the SportsService staff pulled some strings and were able to get Dunn “32” jerseys and t-shirts delivered to the ballpark pronto so that they could be on sale to the public today as Xmas gifts for the Sox fans in your life.  The ballpark store is open 10-4 Monday-Thursday.  You also can order the jerseys online at




And a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all out there in White Sox World!……. Have a safe and happy Holiday season….. Go Sox’11….j.k.

Now I can be the first to wish you all a Happy New Year! Ho-Ho-Ho…Go,go Sox’11…..j.k.

JK…. happy holidays to you too. Kinda sad how this place has died- visit very good blog with daily new content.

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