Thursday, February 17, 2011


There is always something special about the first day of spring training.  The early morning sun on the perfectly-maicured baseball diamonds, the freshly-cut grass, the energy of the clubhouse, the hellos and greetings of teammates and of course, the first time players head out onto the field for workouts.

In some ways, nothing tops it.

This marks my 20th spring training in baseball and it never gets old.

I still remember getting off the plane in Sarasota, Fla., and smelling the scent of flowers in the air.  Spring was here.

Early Arrivals

Staffers like Herm Schnedier, Brian Ball, Vince Fresso, Gabe Morel, Roger Bossard and Ed Cassin come down days early to prepare fields, clubhouses, training rooms and travel plans for everyone.

Many players wander in early as well.  Yesterday, I saw AJ, Gordon, Mark Buehrle (with kids in tow), Edwin Jackson and many other players around the clubhouse, sneaking in a workout.

Ozzie and Joey stopped by yesterday to set up their offices before heading out to get in what Ozzie called a “terrible” round of golf at the Wigwam.


Jake Peavy looks to be in amazing shape from his rehab.

This Morning

Started early at 5:30 with physicals for pitchers and catchers (picture lots of athletes walking around with specimen cups), poking and prodding.

At 9 a.m., Ken Williams and Ozzie Guillen hold their first staff meeting of the spring with coaches and instructors from all levels of the organization.

Then the team heads out to the field at 11 am for a workout that roughly goes:


Throwing program

Pitcher Fielding Practice (PFP)



Then, like shampoo, we’ll wash, rinse and repeat tomorrow.


It seems a little strange to not have our friends from MLB Productions and The Club around this year, but there is plenty of other media at hand, from local Chicago TVs to writers, columnists and ESPN crew.


Hi Scott – welcome back. I look forward to your updates more regularly now that 2011 is here! Hi fellow bloggers, especially you jk, diehard of diehards.

I am really excited for this season to start. Seems like a long cold winter and now, ahhhh, baseball!


What a great summary! I love that Peavey is so physically fit and really look forward to seeing him pitch soon, Scott. I an in Gilbert, AZ and will be attending several Spring Training games. Thanks for keeping us in the loop the next 6 weeks with your Inside Info!

Congrats on 20 years in this whacky business!

Much appreciation!


It was just 16 days ago that the sidewalks and streets of this city were inundated with snow…
Now, almost all of it is GONE… Which means just one thing…

SPRING TRAINING TIME in beautiful Glendale, Arizona… the home of the 2011 WORLD SERIES CHAMPIONS, YOUR CHICAGO WHITE SOX !!!

(Not TOO much pressure put on with that statement, is it???)

What I would like to see in camp at Camelback Ranch?
NO DRAMA !!! NO HYSTRIONICS !!! Just get everybody back into playing shape and prepare to enter the arenas with the attitude that EVERYONE will be chasing US !!!

To Mr Peavy: Take your time,Jake… Don’t rush on our account, or yours… We know what you can accomplish when TOTALLY healthy… We have PLENTY of capable starters who will do the job in your absence…

To Hermie and B Ball: No offense, but I hope that the ONLY times we see you this season is when Jim Angio’s camera crew take a shot of you guys next to Ozzie in the dugout, taking in the action… I KNOW that WON’T be the case, but I can HOPE that that WILL be the case…

To the rest of us in White Sox Universe, in the words of Mr Harrelson:
Because this COULD be FUN TIME on 35th Street in 2011…just like 6 years ago…

Welcome back, Scott. I’ll be looking forward to your behind the scenes look at spring training. Also, a big hello to my fellow bloggers here.

I guess the obvious questions will be who starts at 3B, Sale’s role as a starter/reliever, and Peavy’s recovery. But, we have the next month and a half to figure that out. Opening Day isn’t too far away, but it can’t get here soon enough. Go White Sox!

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