Day 1

Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Day In The Books

Jake Peavy’s return from injury and Chris Sale’s future dominated the news today at the first day of spring training for the White Sox in Glendale, Ariz.

Peavy joined half of the Sox pitchers (the other half go tomorrow) in throwing a bullpen session off the mound.

GM Kenny Williams said he hovered around Jake as the doctors checked up on the righthander during his annual physical.

PEAVY 2.17.jpg

Williams said that Peavy had put on the hard sell this winter, texting the GM with updates on his rehab.

“And he’s about where the rest of the guys are,” said Williams, who added that he has been told to expect a blip in Peavy’s recovery (“not a major blip but a blip”) at some point along the line.

“All I know is that if you need the Marines to storm the beach, you want Jake giving the pep talk,” Williams said.

The GM also answered questions about the team’s decision to pitch Sale out of the bullpen, saying he, Ozzie Guillen and Don Cooper had discussed how Sale would still be getting “important outs.”

Williams said many people interpreted his signing of Will Ohman and a sign to moving Sale to the rotation.  That was not the case, Williams said.  Instead, his attention was focused on all of the talented left-handed hitters in the American League Central.

“We added Ohman with an eye toward getting left-handed hitters in the division out starting early in the game,” Williams explained.

Charity Game Added

The White Sox and Diamondbacks have agreed to return to Tucson on March 7 for a split-squad Charity Game at 1 pm.  Tickets for the game go on sale on Feb. 22 and can be purchased at

Proceeds from the game will go to a fund in remembrance of Christina-Taylor Green, the 9-year-old grand daughter of Dallas Green who was tragically killed in a Tucson shooting this winter.

For more information, click here.

To watch Ozzie and Kenny discuss Peavy, click here

For more photos from day one, click here and here





Glad to hear about Peavy throwing off the mound! Even though I want him back as soon as possible, it was a pretty serious injury. And Sale in the ‘pen is where he should be. His delivery is too violent for him to survive as a starter.

– Anders (

Welcome back everyone!! It makes me feel warm to see everyone posting again. The boys of summer will be back before we know it! I am very excited about this year. Maybe it is just a gut feeling but have a really good feeling about the way things will go. I really hope they take their time with Peavy. There are lots of off days in April, we can work with 4. Anxious to see how Morel does this spring.
Kudos to the Sox and Dbacks for playing for charity.
Happy Spring Training!!

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