Day 2

Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 2 From Glendale

Under cool conditions and overcast skies, White Sox pitchers and catchers took to the practice fields for Day 2 of playing catch and covering first base.

After half of the pitchers threw yesterday, the second half threw today.

“You can see the difference between yesterday and today,” White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen told the media after the workout.  “Yesterday, the veterans were just getting loose.  Today, some of the young kids were airing it out, throwing gas.  I liked some of the arms, but we have to wait until games begin to see what we have.”

Guillen pointed out that the first 10 games of spring training don’t mean too much because most players are just trying to get in shape and are not focused on competition or making the team that early in the spring.

When asked if he knew yet whether the Sox would go with 11 or 12 pitchers, Guillen winced.

“That’s the hardest thing to do as a manager or general manager,” Guillen said.  “All spring training comes down to 2-3 roster spots.”

Guillen said that his optimism and enthusiasm for the upcoming season really doesn’t amount to much.

“It’s not what I think, fans think, or the front office thinks,” he stressed. “It’s all about the players, what they think and their enthusiasm.”

And finally, Guillen was asked about his expectations for the 2011 “Go-Go” Sox:

“I want to have speed at the top and the bottom because in the middle we’re very slow.”

Dunn Arrival

Free agent acquisition Adam Dunn arrived in camp today with his young son in tow.


Regarding Ozzie’s comments…
1) The LAST 10 games of Spring Training are the most important, in my opinion, because it’s the last chance for the “bubble” players to make their impact to hopefully go back with the squad to start the regular season…
2) I think we will go to Cleveland with 12 pitchers…4 starters and 8 relievers, four from the left side and four from the right side… but Ozzie’s correct when he says that it comes down to the last 2 or 3 positions on the staff for the last 2 or 3 spots on tthe 25 man squad…
3) Speed at the top in Pierre, speed at the bottom in Alexi…
and the rest is up to the man who puts out the lineup card every day… at times, a THANKLESS task…
4) And finally… If the PLAYERS KNOW that they have the opportunity to do something HUGE this season, they will be as enthusiastic as the rest of us are…

Greetings, fellow bloggers! It’s so heartening to see Scott’s reports and the photos from spring training. One of these years, I hope I’ll make it down to Arizona to see spring training in person, but in the meantime, Scott brings it all home for us.

Great to see folks posting again, too – feels like a family reunion.

If everyone can stay healthy, I think this could be a wonderful year, that ends with another WSWS celebration.


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