Day 4 — Rain and Cold

Sunday, February 20, 2011


More rain.  More cold.  Really cold today.

Workouts were curtailed and pitchers threw off the mounds under a protective roof this morning as White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf made his first appearance of the spring in camp.

Reinsdorf would prefer no one notices, but he does celebrate a certain number this week.  Click here to read a nice story by Scot Gregor of the Daily Herald, the longest tenured White Sox beat writer.

“Don’t worry,” I said to Jerry today.  “75 is the new 50.”

“I’m not going to live to be 75,” Ozzie added, laughing.

Not Me

Hooray, because ace groundskeeper Roger Bossard took the ribbing today.

“You think people have it nice in the White Sox system,” joked Ozzie, “Listen to this …

“Ken Macha, manager of the A’s, called my office and said, ‘Is that your car?’

“What car?” Ozzie asked.

“The Porsche in the players’ parking lot.”

“No, why?”  Macha and some partners in crime had covered a Porsche with piles of paper as a practical joke, thinking it was Ozzie’s.

“Oh, the Porsche?” Guillen figured out.  “No, that’s the groundskeeper’s.”

“The groundskeeper’s!” Macha replied in shock, immediately sending out staff to clean up the mess.

“Not only that,” continued Ozzie (as he re-told the story today he kept nudging and heckling Roger), “He only drives that car when it’s sunny.  When it’s rainy, he drives …”

Laughter all around.  Poor Roger.


Ozzie Guillen makes his annual spring training appearance on WGN-Tv tonight during the 9 p.m. news.  Dan Roan travels out to the skipper’s house to visit with Ozzie live.  I wonder if DH, Ozzie’s dog (actually, the dog is probably Ibis’) will make an appearance?




Scott, playing golf and watching baseball, Man am I jealous. Spring is almost here, can not wait for the Sox!!! I live in fairbury about 100 miles south of the park, and I can not get wciu games. Plus they are blacked out on MLB, Direct Tv, etc.
Now I hear 2 of the Cub games are on WCIU. Are there any solutions? Go Sox!!!!!

Ken Macha does not manage the A’s. It doesn’t appear that he is even associated with any team.

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