Viciedo, Waltrip and Yoga

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Second Setback

The Brewers handed the White Sox a 3-1 loss in our official spring training “home opener” today.

The game’s highlight came in the sixth inning when right fielder Dayan Viciedo fired a strike to third base to cut down a Milwaukee runner.  It was the second good play of the day for Viciedo, who is moving from third base to the outfield this spring.

“Two good plays out there today,” said manager Ozzie Guillen.  “He hit the cutoff man, and he threw the guy out.  I’ve got to give credit to DeBo (Daryl Boston), Harold Baines and Devo (Devon White).

“He’s in shape,” Guillen continued.  “It’s tough to play in spring training when you are trying to lose weight.”


Today included the usual pregame fun and laughter during batting practice.

Ozzie described his conversation with NASCAR’s Michael Waltrip.

“We were in the clubhouse talking to each other and I said, ‘Hold on.  Let’s save each other a bunch of time.  You don’t understand me and I can’t understand you.’ We laughed and went our ways.”

Chris Rose and Don Bui of FOX Sports were in camp to tape pieces with several players and Guillen, who knows both well from his stints at FOX during the World Series.

Guillen laughed that it’s just like the regular season.  Yesterday, we faced Matt Guerrier and today we’ve got Greincke. 


As part of pregame stretching, strength and conditioning coach Allen Thomas led players through some yoga moves, including lunging prayer twist and triangle poses. 

Judging from Alexei Ramirez’s form, they don’t do a lot of yoga in Cuba.


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Thank you so much for all the posts so far this spring. I just love them. I’m feeling really good about this season.

Where oh where is jk?


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