Second Try, Again

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


For the second straight day, my blog post has been eaten by gremlins and so you get a second, shorter draft … sorry

I left today’s game at Cincinnati (sunny, 75 degrees) to return to Chicago.  On my way out the door, I told KW, “Try to win one before I get back, would ya?”

Leave it to AJ Pierzynski to get a speeding ticket while driving to the game … in uniform.  Joke in the clubhouse was that the officer wasn’t going to ticket him until he saw the name on the back of the jersey.  Ozzie could hardly stop laughing.

Day started at breakfast (after a workout) with Mark Buehrle looking out the windows at the batting cages in amazement.  There was Alexei Ramirez hitting left-handed.  And doing it well.

Spring Training BP

I’ve heard from fans who are coming down to Glendale asking for the best way to see batting practice.  For home games and games close to us (Surprise, Peoria, Maryvale, Goodyear), we take batting practice at 10:30 am to 11:30 on the fields behind our complex, not on the game field.  Fans can still get close and watch the players — the area is open to the public — but you should come around behind our complex, not to the ballpark.

Bullpen Battle

Sergio Santos, Chris Sale, Jesse Crain and Matt Thornton finished their workouts early today and were headed out to do battle on the links, playing two-man teams.  Thornton’s expectations were low.  “105 would be a good score,” the All-Star non-golfer said.  Sale meanwhile, was actually giddy with the thought of winning the duel.

More Sale

Chris is making a special appearance tomorrow, along with AJ Ellis of the Dodgers, at the Glendale Public Library.  The duo will read to kids in support of MLB’s literacy program and Dr. Seuss’ birthday.

I remember a few years ago in Tucson when one of our former players (who will remain nameless) was a bit overmatched by Green Eggs and Ham.  Awkward moment for all.


For those of you who follow me currently on @insidethesox, we are moving our Twitter account to @whitesox.  Hopefully, this will be easier to find for folks, I will continue to send tweets and behind-the-scenes info and we plan to offer you even more info and feedback while basically consolidating our Twitter efforts.  And if you aren’t following us on Twitter, DO IT NOW … @whitesox


Thanks to Dan Berstein and Terry Boers of WSCR Radio for bringing their show down to Glendale for three days this week.  Eddie Einhorn stopped in on Monday and I dropped off a nearby foul ball on Tuesday.  Busy three days!  Next week, it’s Dan McNeil and Matt Spiegel in town.  Appreciate the support and tune in to WSCR for baseball talk in March.

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Marie! So good to hear from you! I’m still here and well, but busy with a myriad of things right now. Plus, not too much going on yet. I also really appreciate all the hard work and inside information shared by Scott. When the season starts, you’ll soon get very tired of me, so enjoy the springtime reprieve….. Go Sox’11 j.k.

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