Saturday vs. the Rangers

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Odds & Ends

This weekend’s games with the Cubs and Rangers also comprise our “investor and sponsor” weekend with many folks in town from Chicago, including Frank Thomas, Moose Skowron and Ron Kittle, among many others.  Postgame today is a picnic for investors and later tonight is a special event at the Wrigley Mansion.

You could tell Chicagoans were in the crowd today as Alex Rios earned a semi-sarcastic standing ovation for his check swing RBI late in the game.


Postgame yesterday, manager Ozzie Guillen opened mail before he spoke to the media.  In his correspondence for the day was a hand-written note from former Cubs GM Dallas Green thanking Guillen and the White Sox for coming to Tucson to play a charity game in honor of his granddaughter, Christine-Taylor Green, who was so tragically murdered in the shootings two months ago.

Guillen was touched by the note and shared it with media.  He explained that his meeting with Christina’s dad (Dallas Green’s son) was difficult for everyone.

“I hoped he couldn’t understand what I was saying,” Guillen said, noting he was choked up during pregame ceremonies in Tucson.  “Because I couldn’t understand what I was saying.”


Today was minor-league photo day, meaning our photographer, Ron Vesely, needed to snap off and then edit a few hundred images by 7 am.  Thanks to Ron, who leaves for home tomorrow but had provided all of us with great images from spring training again this spring.


Postgame today Ozzie was asked about the roster, particularly the third base battle between Brent Morel and Mark Teahen.  He was non-commital at this point of the spring.

“When we feel good about the ballclub we have, then that’s the one we’re going to take,” he said.

He was asked whether he worried about offensive consistency during spring training.

Based on past struggles in April, Guillen said, he felt we hadn’t played our regulars together enough near the end of spring training.  Look for that to begin happening in a week or so as we head into the final 7-10 games of the spring.

Classic Coop

I was explaining to pitching coach Don Cooper that I thought the “Access With Coop” video our crew shot came out quite well.

“We edited a few things out,” I told him, “because we wanted to make sure you look as good as possible.  After all, that’s my job.”

“That’s your job?” he asked in response.  “We’ve been wondering about that for a few years now …”


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