Comments from Jake Peavy

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Comments Today By Jake Peavy

“I felt good. I felt quite a bit better than I did a few days ago. I was excited that things are certainly calming down. The biggest thing was we were doing things au natural, just trying to do everything by the book and certainly taking anti-inflammatories is not anything huge, it doesn’t happen on a daily basis.

“It’s just one of those blips on the radar. We have been treating the heck out of it, and it’s something we need to stay on top of, because, like you said, the little things are going to pop up here and there because things are a little bit different in there now. Anytime you go in, it’s never quite the same.  Today was very encouraging, though.

“I’m trying to progress and continue to play some catch and stretch it out with some long toss and push it as much as we can without pushing it. We just need to make sure we are making smart decisions so that I’m healthy, so I’ll probably do a little bit more tomorrow and not take too much away from where we are at. 83 pitches the other day, so we are taking a small step back, try and regroup and hope everything looks good.

“My body was needing a little bit more time to bounce back, and we pushed it and tried to make it respond, and it responded in a way we weren’t happy with.  Hopefully, it’s just a small step backwards from where we were at.

“You just don’t know how your body is going to react. We are leaving nothing to chance here.”


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