Today’s Interview with Jake Peavy

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

“I felt okay, I really
did. Obviously there is some fatigue there, but that’s part of building your
arm up and getting it strong.  Like I
said, here we go again, we tried it before and hopefully it can sustain it this

On being pain-free
and throwing nice and easy

“Just being able to
put those wings on and come back tomorrow and feel a normal soreness, not
anything we would deem painful. We hope that’s the case and I certainly think
that having the medication in my system and all that treatments that have been
done should help.

On retiring all 13

“It’s always good to
get people out, you know your pitches are sharp.  I feel fortunate not to lose a whole lot of
feel.  I tell people all the time, I’m
going to throw strikes and find out where we stand.  I faced Quentin a couple of times and other
guys that have been in major league camp. 
Any time you can get those guys out it’s always a plus.  Certainly I’m more concerned with how I feel
right now rather than the results.”

On being more
cautious this time around

“I’m just going to try
to do exactly what we did, I’ll start again here in five days and throw maybe
60 pitches instead of 45 and hopefully we can come out of that and my body and
shoulder will be more prepared to take that load and come out of it a lot more
pain-free than I was last time.  Last
time i got to the point where i made the start, was pretty sore, had some
discomfort, and got to where we thought we were good enough to go out there
again and after that one it was more than it was, and we were going in the
wrong direction.”

“We hope that with all
the medications we’ve used, and treatment I’m getting as well.  Hopefully that and the fact that the shoulder
already went through this one time, we hope it will taxi that load a little bit
better.  I will push to make it happen.”

On dealing with the
fact that he will be in Arizona for the season opener  

“It’s tough.  This is the first time I’ve never broken camp
with a team. Today is a tough day.  I had
my sights set on getting on this airplane with the boys today and making that
start in Kansas City and being one of the guys. 
It’s tough, but at the same time I think it would be tougher five or six
years ago when I was younger and less experienced.  I know what I need, what my body needs. I
truly want to take the mound, feeling the way i felt for a long time in my
career-and that’s healthy and able to go out there and do what I’m able to do
on a major-league field and that’s help this ballclub in a big way.  I know that I need a little more time to make
that happen.  I gave my word to Kenny and
the rest of the staff that I wouldn’t do that until I was ready and that’s
where we’re at. So, obviously a tough day, but a motivating day as well-to do
all I can do in the next few weeks to be on the mound as soon as I can in

On having regular
starter intensity on the mound

“I want to get outs, I
want to make pitches.  I made a lot of
good ones today, made some bad ones. 
When I play baseball, I know one speed and one way to play.  Obviously that’s toned down a little bit
today, but that adredline and stuff from a big league stadium takes you over
that edge I was today.  I love to
compete. I don’t want to give up hits. I want to win, it’s just the way I

On having faith in
Buehrle, Danks, Jackson, and Floyd

“I have all the faith
in the world.  These guys are
experienced, veteran guys.  It’s not like
you’re asking any of these guys to go out and do anything (they can’t already
do).  And then there’s Phil, a lot of
talent there.  Phil has that experience,
just not a whole lot at the major league level, like the other guys do.  With his talent and ability to go out there
and make good things happen, along Buehrle and Danks and those guys-they’re
proven and established big league guys who have a track record-and I believe in
that track record that they’ll be able to go out there and do what they’ve
always done.  It does make it a little
bit easier to know that these guys are shouldering that load with you.  At the same time I want to be back as soon as
I can to be right at the front of the line pulling my share of the load.”

On progression of
next starts

“Just going to try to
start again in five days down here in an intrasquad game.  I will get to where I can throw 100 pitches
or so and can bounce back and do it again five days later.  Then, I’ll say I’m ready to pitch in the big
leagues.  I’m going to go out there and
give it all I can to get to Chicago and when I get to Chicago, I want to stay



Yeah!!!! Scott’s back! ( or rather: MLB is allowing him back)… Go Chicago White Sox’11……j.k.

Yeah! Scott’s blog is back….Go Sox’11…..j.k.

Just over a day and counting until White Sox baseball returns! Go White Sox!

Whoodt! Sox win! One down and only 161 to go. Hope we don’t get snowed out tomorrow. I HATE early season lost play dates. It means Double Headers later in the year… Go Sox ’11….j.k.

Must be an April 1st joke: 3:46 am post just now……. By my calculations its only 10:48 in Chicago now, but maybe this is being monitored from Sweden…Go Sox’11….j.k.

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