Busy Ballpark

Tuesday, Paril 5, 2011

Dual TVs

How many White Sox/Bulls fans are going to be flipping from one game to the other tonight?

AJ on Rome

White Sox catcher AJ Pierzynski appeared on the Jim Rome show today.  In addition to talking about his offseason, potential free agency and then return to the White Sox, AJ was asked about his cheering for the NBA’s Orlando Magic.

“I need to be careful,” he laughed, “because our owner also owns the Chicago Bulls and they could come out of the east.”

But he admitted to giving Jerry a hard time via text messages.

“If the Magic keep getting the ball to Howard, they’ll be OK,” Aj offered.

Maybe the catcher just lost his tickets to Thursday night’s Bulls?Celtics game.

Bacardi At The Park

Media had the chance to walk through the ballpark this morning, stopping by the organist booth as Lori Moreland played, stopping in the Stadium Club to see the new Artisan Bar and sample great Levy fare, and finally stopping in the brand new Bacardi at the Park restaurant and bar, located on the north side of 35th street.  This is a must stop for Sox fans, featuring a full bar and terrific menu by Gibsons (we’ve eaten lunch there each of the last two days).  The space is comfortable and filled with televisions.  It’s a perfect place to meet friends before a game.  Definitely check it out.

On Thursday, the restaurant opens at 5 am with WGN-TV and WSCR 670 AM broadcasting from the space.  Stop by, cheer early and often, grab some food and prepare for Opening Day on the South Side.


Sale CAN NOT give Butler that fat a pitch in the 8th with the game on the line. Lillibridge CAN NOT get picked off in that situation. Last night’s game was troubling because the SOX managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Too early in the season to start doing that.

I’m not that worried about these first couple games. Everything is upside down right now. Royals in first? Twins and Tigers at the bottom? Us, in the middle. WHile there have been a few mis-steps early on, I still like what I see.

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