A Day of Dunn

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Awoke this morning to a 3 a.m. email from GM Kenny Williams giving us a medical update on White Sox designated hitter Adam Dunn, who ended up having his appendix removed in a laproscopic procedure at a Kansas City hospital during the middle of the night.

By mid game, Dunn was back in the Sox clubhouse, scheduled to return to Chicago with the team following today’s game.

Apparently, Dunn felt discomfort in his abdomen during the White Sox extra-inning loss last night.  Head Trainer Herm Schneider drove Dunn to the hospital after the game, and things moved on from there.

Estimates are that Dunn’s recovery will be quick and that the slugger should miss up to five games.

So I wake up at 6:30 am and check emails to find KW’s update.  “What?  Wow?” is my reaction.  I shoot an email to Bob Beghtol and Pat O’Connell on my staff to make sure they are aware (Bob is with the team in KC).  Bob was up working on game notes for today’s game.  As we talked, the first media question came in at around 7:15 am.  Just how does information like this get out?  In the middle of the night?  In KC?

So by 8 am, we’ve informed the media traveling with our team, answered other media questions via email and text, informed our radio rightsholder and sent a note around to all Sox employees, informing them of the “painful” news.

That’s a quick start to the day …

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Terrific comeback win today. CQ looks to be well dialed in right now. I hope the SOX keep piling on the rays. Roll SOX.

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