Home Opener Happiness

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Game Wrap-up

Starting pitcher Edwin Jackson set a franchise record for home openers with 13 strikeouts today in the 5-1 White Sox victory.

“I was able to come out early in the game and establish an early rhythm,” Jackson said. “And just continue on with it.  Today, I didn’t really have too many innings were I was too wild.  Anytime I can do that and make the hitters put the ball in play, I give myself a better chance to go deep in the game.

“Anytime I’m able to go out and get into an early rhythm and attack the strike zone, I like my odds,” the right-hander said.  “I have trouble in the games where I get behind in the count and where I have to throw strikes.

“My main objective is to come out and get outs any way I can.”

Today’s crowd of 38,579 was a sellout.

Paul Konerko has now driven in at least one run in the Sox first six games of the season, a franchise record.

Prior to today’s game, the White Sox designated Lastings Milledge for assignment and purchased the contract of RHP Jeff Gray.

Ozzie Guillen wore a White Sox t-shirt with the letters L-A-P on the front in honor of longtime White Sox investor Larry Pogofsky, who passed away this winter.


Wow! What a start by Edwin Jackson. He was impressively dominant! Thirteen K’s only tells part of the story. He had the Rays off balance ALL day. So far “All in” is working. And did you all notice that we’ve held a lead in every one of our games so far this year? As Hawk would say: Don’t stop now Boys…… Go Sox’11….j.k.

Great opening Day. I am really liking the character of this team. There is no doubt they are intent on winning. I’ve seen teams play to just get by, and this is not one of them. It is going to be a fun season. Where are all the people on this blog? Thanks for the updates Scott I always read just don’t post alot.

Hi All, I was at the Opener yesterday and it was wonderful! The ballpark looked great – felt like coming home. The smell as you walk in is so heavenly. Great game!

This was the first time I didn’t get there early enough (so much traffic) that the regular parking lot parking was sold out so we had to park remotely on 31st and Moe. I think it is McCormick Center parking. Well, it was about 11:50 when we got in there and I was thinking that this was really going to mess up our day that it’d take forever to get there and be a hassle getting back to our car. Boy was I wrong. Smooth as silk…great job White Sox handling all the extra traffic and parking.

Looking forward to the game tonight!


The Sox really needed that help for their rotation because it had been worse than mediocre this season. Jackson was phenomenal, but the rest of the rotation has to follow suit. We ranked the MLB rotations before Jackson’s start yesterday, and the Sox only came in at #23 due to high ERA and WHIP. Check out the analysis:


The rest of the starters gotta follow Jackson’s lead, and the Sox will move up the ladder next week.

Bats are hot..if the D and pitching come around we’ll be in great shape..just need to hang in there until that happens.

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