Stop and Remember

Thursday, April 7, 2011


All the hustle and bustle of the home opener, one of the most touching moments for me is always the part of our pregame when we stop and remember all of the members of the extended White Sox family we’ve lost during the past year.

I thought posting those names here as well might reach a larger audience.  Before the fun of the first pitch today, could every White Sox fan take a minute and remember those White Sox players and staff, as well as other Sox fans no longer with us?


NECROLOGY 2010-2011 (since Opening Day 2010)

KEN HOLCOMBE                MARCH 15, 2010                  1950-52             P
JOE GATES                           MARCH 28, 2010                  1978-79           2B
DICK KENWORTHY           APRIL 22, 2010                     1962, 1964-68 3B
MORRIE MARTIN               MAY 25, 2010                        1954-56             P
CAL McLISH                        AUGUST 26, 2010                 1961                  P
RAY COLEMAN                  SEPTEMBER 18, 2010          1951-52           OF
AL PILARCIK                      SEPTEMBER 20, 2010          1961                  P
BOB SHAW                           SEPTEMBER 23, 2010          1958-61             P
WALT DROPO                      NOVEMBER 17, 2010          1955-58           IB
CAL EMERY                         NOVEMBER 28, 2010          1988                COACH
RON SANTO                         DECEMBER 2, 2010             1974                INF     
PHIL CAVARETTA             DECEMBER 17, 2010           1954-55             C
CHUCK TANNER                FEBRUARY 11, 2011           1970-74           Manager

JIM TYREE                            CHICAGO SUN-TIMES

And the many, many White Sox fans who only will be with us in spirit this home opener.

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