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Friday, April 8, 2011

What A Day!

“This was a good day.”

That was Jerry Reinsdorf’s comment — with a smile — last night as he sank onto the couch in a suite at the United Center just minutes after the Chicago Bulls defeated the Boston Celtics.

Boy, that’s the truth. What a day!  Two games, two victories and a lot of optimism for two sports franchises, one at the start of a long, marathon season, the other on the cusp of what we all hope is an exciting postseason run.

“I should have had a camera crew follow you through the day,” I told him.  “This was not a bad way to spend the day.”

Same was true for me.  Arrived at the ballpark about 6:30 a.m. to be on site for the morning television shows.  Mayor Daley stopped by Bacardi at the Park to sit down with the WGN-TV Morning Show.  The clubhouse opened at 9:30, with batting practice and general on-field excitement around Opening Day.  Mayor-elect Emanuel stopped by the clubhouse, with Ozzie Guillen and Ken Williams presenting him with a Sox jersey and jacket.

“We are going to convert you,” Guillen said to the Cubs-fan Mayor-elect (who excitedly recalled taking his son to Game 2 of the 2005 World Series).

Then, a great baseball game with an outstanding performance by Edwin Jackson.

After game wrap-up and a blog post or two, off to the United Center for an important Eastern Conference showdown.

Harold Baines beat me to the suite and for the first time in the day, I had a chance to grab some food.  Other players arrived, including Sergio Santos, John Danks, Edwin and AJ, and Derrick Rose’s athleticism and showmanship brought several of the guys to their feet time and again during the game.

Finally ended a long day by walking through the door of my house around 10:15 pm.  Gotta be honest, there were several times during the day when I had to pinch myself and say to myself, “You are pretty lucky.”

Sox Pride

Sometimes it is easy to forget that players are human too and have very human reactions and emotions.

Today, our Media Relations Director Bob Beghtol had Alexei Ramirez come into his office for a sneak peek at his Silver Slugger Award (which will be presented to Alexei prior to Sunday’s game).

Alexei, checked out the trophy, holding it in both arms, and then bent over and gave the bat a quick kiss.

Don’t ever try to tell me these things don’t mean anything to our players.

And let’s hope it’s good karma.

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Yet another defeat snacthed from the jaws of victory. That makes 2 out of the first 7 games. Very bad trend. Matt Thornton is rapidly pitching himself out of the closer’s job.

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