Hat Trick

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Windy City

High winds at Sunday’s White Sox victory meant a variety of items flew across the field.  Here, Sox shortstop Omar Vizquel picked up a lady’s hat and showed a little style before handing it to the umpire.  Too bad they didn’t need the hats at the United Center earlier this afternoon.


I don’t know why nobody seems to be posting, but thanks Scott for the continued effort to keep us fans up to date on a daily basis. Your work is appreciated. Also, keep up the good work Boys and take two of three from the A’s….. Go Sox’11…j.k.

Omar’s hat trick had us all laughing in the stands today. Good to see the guys nice and relaxed. Let’s keep it going!

What is up JK? 6-3 is a good start to the year. But I am worried about the bullpen. Hope Dunn is back soon and good luck to the Blackhawks!!

I saw the Omar hat trick on TV and it was hilarious! Good to see the fun the boys are having!

Hey, jk, I think Scott had a problem with the comment section, I had been posting for a week but all my comments were “awaiting moderation” and never posted to the blog. I pointed this out to Scott and he told me Friday that it was fixed. I hope so! I guess I will see when I hit the post comment button. Here I go…

I want to go to the game tonight, but I am 100 miles away, and too much work to do, any ideas.

Hey, Bench, I’m 1700 miles away and I won’t make it to the game either. I’ll be watching on MLB. TV though and having a beer (or two) as I root our Boys on to victory…….. I invite you to join me… Go Sox’11….j.k.

That’s hilarious that he put it on. Shows that not every player is pissed off by fan interaction. After seeing Jose Valverde spit at fans, it’s nice in turn to see a player fan-friendly story. Even if there was no interaction. 
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