Monday, April 11, 2011

A Day of Notes

Perfect Matchup

  • Tonight’s matchup between lefties Mark Buehrle of the White Sox and Oakland’s Dallas Braden is the 21st in major-league history featuring opposing starting pitchers who have thrown perfect games (third in White Sox history).
  • The last three matchups of perfect game pitchers in the big leagues have been between David Wells and Randy Johnson, most recently on 4/24/07 when San Diego’s Wells (5 ER/5.0 IP) won over Arizona’s Johnson (6 ER/5.0 IP) at Chase Field.
  • Wells also was involved in both previous White Sox perfect-game matchups, facing Texas’ Kenny Rogers in back-to-back starts on 5/6/01 in Arlington and 5/11/01 in Chicago.
  • Buehrle threw the 18th perfect game in major-league history and second in Sox history on 7/23/09 vs. Tampa Bay, while Braden was perfect vs. the Rays on 5/9/10.

Tonight’s Other Storylines

  • The White Sox have hit 9,999 home runs in the 112-year history of the franchise.
  • White Sox starters own a 1.93 ERA (6 ER/28.0 IP) in the last four games, while the bullpen has a 1.20 mark (2 ER/15.0 IP) in the last six.
  • The Sox have led in all nine games this season.
  • Paul Konerko, who has recorded an RBI in eight of the Sox nine games, needs one home run to tie Ralph Kiner for 69th all-time with 369.
  • Carlos Quentin has 99 career homers.

Konerko Honored

  • Paul Konerko has been named co-American League Player of the Week with Cleveland’s Asdrubal Cabrera.
  • Konerko batted .417 (10-24) with three home runs, eight RBI to garner his fourth career weekly honor … he tied for the AL lead in homers and RBI, ranked second in slugging percentage (.833) and third in average.
  • Carlos Quentin received the honor last week, marking the first time Sox have players have received the award in consecutive weeks since Jim Thome and Mark Buehrle in July 2009.


Please, let’s not lose this one and waste another Buehrle gem!

99 pitches why couldn’t Mark pitch in the 9th. And I like juan Pierre but come on get your head out of you know where.

Disgusting, that’s all I can say.

I second, third and fourth all the above comments. If Ozzie manages by ” his gut” why wouldn’t you keep your Ace in to at least start the ninth? He was dominant! What a waste of what should have been a win…. It’s not Thornton’s fault that JP can’t catch the ball in the ninth, but he looks like he has the yips…. Hey, Ozzie, better check your gut….. But, go Sox’11….j.k.

Really, why do the Sox even bother to play the As. Just write the games off, give the wins to the As & be done with it. Doesn’t matter if it’s in Chicago or Oakland. I have never, and I mean never, seen a team throw games away, literally throw games away like the Sox do when we play the As. Tonight’s loss is just the latest chapter in the most ridculous string of Sox losses I have ever seen to any team, much less a ho-hum western division club. Another Buehrle gem pissed down the drain by our crappy bullpen and even crappier defense (thank you JP). Thsi team could be 9-1 and should be 8-2 but is 6-4 because we have a crappy bullpen and play crappy defense. This year is only 10 games old and it feels like last year never ended. Mark my words, when the Sox end up 5-6 games out at the end of the year, the three games that the bullpen has already thrown away with a lead into the 8th or 9th (out of the first ten played) is gonna look mighty big.

Hopefully this doesn’t become a reoccurring theme, because it’s already old.

Your closer is 0 for 2, your starter is pitching a shut out and hasn’t thrown 100 pitches, and you’re in a 1 run game, so what do you do? YOU KEEP YOUR STARTER IN.

It’s one thing if Thornton has been lights out, but he hasn’t even been close. You’re giving up a sure thing (Buehrle) for an unknown (Thornton). It just doesn’t make sense. I didn’t like the move when the inning started, and I don’t like the move now. This isn’t a case of hindsight being 20/20 because it was clear as day, this was just over managing on Ozzie’s part.

That said, JP has got to get better in the field, he is absolutely killing us on simple simple catches. His errors have been on lazy fly balls, it’s not like he’s in full sprint.

If our bullpen and defense doesn’t improve, we’re going to have to absolutely crush the ball the entire season to make the playoffs.

Thornton looks spooked when he walks on the field. I know Ozzie likes to build his pitchers’ confidence, but even I knew this was not the situation for that. And how is Thornton’s confidence now? JP absolutely should have caught that ball, but the pitch was also not in a good location.

I was so wishing MB would have at least started the 9th, because my confidence in our bullpen is in the dumps.

Let’s go get the A’s for the next two games.

Hi Peggy, Bench, Buster, JK, RML, and others reading this blog.

It was definitely a shame that Buehrle’s gem got wasted last night. But that’s been the story of our season…our bullpen has been shaky but largely masked behind our offensive output of late. So, when our offense struggles and we’re battling in a close game, we don’t have enough run support to back up our sketchy bullpen. And yes, JP should have caught that ball, but that’s just icing on this argument.

At some point our offense is going to hit a slow stride. It happens every year, so hopefully something will click in the bullpen by then. Either way, let’s shake this one off and take the next two. Go White Sox!

I feel so much haeppir now I understand all this. Thanks!

Hi All ~ I agree with every single one of you….what a waste of a gem of a game. In watching the local sports coverage, no one even mentioned Mark took a no-no into the 6th. It was completely overlooked because of that crappy 9th. That was heartbreaking. Let’s hope they bounce back tonight as they did after Friday’s heartbreaker. I know we are only 10 games in, but too many heartbreakers already.
Let’s win tonight and tomorrow too – we have not lost a series yet. Let’s at least win this one.

Okay, so we’ve giftwrapped two and let another one get away in KC. But we got one of those back by stealing one in KC. So, 6-4 instead of being 8-2.

Juan is not as bad as he has been in the last four days. He will get better.

But Thornton should never have been moved from the setup role in which he dominated. He was one of the best setup guys in the game today. That is where he belongs. I’d like to see Santos get the closer’s role. Or maybe Crain. Just not Thornton.

Clearly it is a new year and maybe the glass is half full!
Jackson will be 3-0 after tonight.
Who’d have thunk it. I actually am in agreement with TC.
Put MT back in a set-up role and move Santos into the closer’s job.

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