10,000 And Counting

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

10,000th Home Run

So everything was in place, security and ushers were alerted and on the lookout, our plan for what gifts to provide the fan who caught the ball were all set and our scoreboard staff was clued in and ready for the 10,000th home run in franchise history.

Now, all we needed was a long ball.

Brent Lillibridge, OK admittedly not my guess, provided the spark in the fifth inning when his line drive cleared the left-center field fence.

I headed down to reception to greet the fan and tell them what they’d won.  Half-way down, the call came in on the phone.

“We have the ball … and don’t worry about the fan.”

Instead of a dramatic event, announcing a winner from “Berwyn,” and a fun little PR story, real life got in the way.  Lillibridge’s home run cleared the fence but didn’t reach the stands.  It rattled down and fell between the fence and the base of the seats.

TK, a security guard who mans the Sox bullpen, casually walked underneath, picked up the ball and sent it on its way to me.  Maybe we should give him the autographed bat and a ceremonial first pitch!

The ball was authenticated and handed to me after the game.  I ran it upstairs to Jeff Szynal, our scoreboard guru and resident HOF curator, and now it sits — soon to be on display — on Jeff’s desk.

So much for a good story.  Best laid plans …

Nice Start

The four active White Sox minor league affiliates have combined to start the year with an 11-4 record, including a 5-0 mark at Class AAA Charlotte, where Jake Peavy makes his second rehab start tomorrow.


Designated hitter Adam Dunn returns to the White Sox lineup tonight and makes his Sox debut at U.S. Cellular Field.


Lastings Milledge cleared waivers and accepted his outright assignment to Class AAA Charlotte.


Sox are 6-1 in day games and 0-3 at night. Yikes

Programming Notes

Because of the Blackhawks playoff schedule, our game on Friday night against the Angels will begin on Comcast main channel as well as CSN+ at 7:10 pm CT.  At 8:30 pm, the game will go exclusively to CSN+ as the BHawks game begins.


OK, new day, different result! As we did last week we need to put last nights failure in the rear view mirror and get a win tonight. Come on Edwin… and Go Sox’11….j.k.

Good story Scott! Man our bullpen really stinks. I won’t make it through the year if the bullpen stays this bad. Thornton absolutly $ucks. I didn’t think I would miss Jenks but he was a lot better what we have. Oh well, hope we don’t blow another one tonight.

And now it is the battle of the bullpens…..gulp!…. Go Sox’11….j.k.

5-4 A’s lead, come on Boys, let’s get some runs………..

We got one back, 6-6 come on Paulie, go Sox’11……

Make that 5-5, but at least we got to the tie. Come on Boys……j.k.

Yeah! and way to go Alexei! Second HR of the night and a Sox winner…… once more manana Boys. j.k.

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