Pregame Wednesday

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pregame Notes for Today

  John Danks is 4-1 with a 2.48 ERA (11 ER/40.0 IP) in six career starts vs. Oakland
  White Sox starters are 3-0 with a 1.99 ERA (9 ER/40.2 IP) on the homestand, with 27 hits allowed and 35 strikeouts.
  The Sox have led in all 11 games this season, with two of their four losses coming when leading entering the ninth inning.
  Chicago’s bullpen has converted one of six save chances.
  A.J. Pierzynski needs 2.2 IC to tie Terry Kennedy for 24th all-time with 11,178.1.
  Paul Konerko needs one home run to tie Ralph Kiner for 69th place all-time with 369.
  Carlos Quentin has 99 career homers.

  Alexei Ramirez recorded his first career multihomer game, including the first game-ending shot of his career, to give the White Sox a 6-5 victory over Oakland in 10 innings.
  Ramirez, who finished with four RBI, became the first shortstop in Sox history with a multihomer game, including a game-ender (Elias) … it was the 40th “walkoff” home run in U.S. Cellular Field history and first since Alex Rios on 4/24/10 vs. Seattle.
  Sergio Santos threw 2.0 IP for his fifth straight scoreless outing to open the season (7.2 IP), and Chris Sale earned the victory with 2.0 scoreless IP to close the game.
  Adam Dunn (appendectomy) went 1-4 with a walk in his return to the lineup after missing six games, and 43-year-old Omar Vizquel collected three hits.

  Alexei Ramirez has hit three home runs in 40 at-bats, one more than his career March/April total of two in 180 at-bats entering the season.
  Prior to this season, Ramirez’s only other career April homers came on 4/25/09 vs. Toronto and 4/15/10 at Toronto.


Someone please remind me, there is only 9 innings in a baseball game right? 🙂

Here’s to winning in 9 today, winning another series and a day game to make working today even more fun!! WOOT!

Pleased to hear Milledge cleared waivers and accepted an assignment to Charlotte. Kid has a tremendous upside if we can help him get his head right.
Roll SOX.

Good info Scott. The bullpen has converted one of six save chances. Wow! That is brutal. Hopefully the Sox can win today by a big margin so that the bullpen is not needed. You can dream, right? 8-4 would look really good.

I forgot to say, what is up JK?

How about a run?

Ok Sale, bring it home.

Yikes, 1 run alread across and two more on with nobody out. Where are my Tums?

He gone! 2 to go!

He gone! 1 to go!

And now a tie game. 3 pitchers and we can’t protect a 3-run lead. I’ve got to leave work now, so hopefully I’ll get home to some good news in the bottom of the 9th.

Let’s get a run here, because I don’t really want to see anyone from our bullpen again today!

Interesting note: I’m watching the game on my local station, listening to the A’s announcers. They were very puzzled at Ozzie bringing Sale in after he threw 34 pitches last night. Looks like their skepticism was justified.

Can you say UNREAL? Come on Boys end it here in the ninth…..Go Sox’11…j.k.

The forum is a brighter place thkans to your posts. Thanks!

I have to agree with you Peggy, I’d have brought in Crain first and then gone from there, but hindsight is 20-20…. Come on Boys…..

I knew I didn’t want anyone at all from our shaky-flaky bullpen to face any more A’s! The A’s can’t get out of town fast enough for me.

This Sox team has some real strengths and some scary weaknesses. I like that we can score runs with 2 outs, and our starting pitching is pretty darn good. I think it will take some complete games from our starters for us to win games. The hitting is pretty decent, but not always in the clutch.

In my opinion, the biggest weakness is the genuine crisis with our bullpen and with the way Ozzie manages it. If it isn’t fixed quickly, this season will be over before it starts.

Let’s hope we can score 4 runs and win this game!

And for whatever reason, Matt Thornton is a mental mess right now. Our failure to get outs in the ninth is (insert expletive). I guess our starters when having a good game will have to go the distance…… CRUD!!! Come on Boys, regroup….

The bullpen is total garbage!!!!!!!!!!!

Hawk said it best: ” one run on 7 hits in 16 innings pitched by MB and JD and we lose both games”. That is unacceptable.
Enjoy the day off, but it doesn’t get any easier with the Angels pitching staff…….. Go Sox’11…..j.k.

Well, I had a post all typed out and it vanished. So here it goes again…

I’m not going to rant because you all covered everything for me. But there is something I am concerned about… After the first or second blown game everyone was all oh, don’t worry about it, Thornton wasn’t mad at JP, no one was upset that Matt blew it. Now, after leading in EVERY GAME sso far this season and 4 blown games, my concern is this is going to start affecting everyone else. Coming out of camp everyone was loose, having fun, now, I hope that won’t change. But seriously, don’t the starters have to be starting to get irritated? Don’t the hitters that have been just going gonzo on hits, have to be getting fed up? I wonder if this will affect the good chemistry of this team into something else.

Oh, and yeah, the bullpen stinks right now.

On a happier note: Hey white sox, how did you get that cool logo, when the rest of us simply got a colorful ink blot?

I’m almost done shaking my head now. Whoops, there it goes again. I have never seen such futility this early in a season from any team, and it’s mind boggling! but…

We are in a decent place right now at 7-5. It’s how we got there that hurts so much, Without the four blown games late we could have been as much as 11-1. No one could expect us to have a record like that, but if we had won even half of those clunkers we’d be at 9-3. This is our first series loss of the year and won’t be our last as you all know, but I hope that the thoughts of Marie don’t come to fruition. That would be devastating.

Whatever happens to our pen, it will improve in ninth inning efficiency. Won’t it? This comedy of errors has had enough play, it’s time to start grinding out our wins again. Go Sox’11…..j.k.

Hey JK. It was pretty easy to get the white sox logo. Click on your logo and it will take you to the Gravatar website. Create an account and you will get an email. Then find a logo online. Then ckick on the logo you like and save it to “your pictures.” Then on the Gravatar site go to add image. Then click “My computers hardrive.” Get pic from your pictures. Then crop and upload pic. When you are done you may have to go to Tools, Internet Options, delete Temporary Internet Files. This will get rid of your old logo. Here is a website with a lot of logos. I hope this wasn’t too much info. Good luck!

Thanks sox for the info: next time how about in English? JK (just kidding) I’m pretty computer illiterate, but thanks anyway. I think my ink blot looks like the top of a circus tent. I’m SO happy……(:

Hey, thanks for the info White Sox – I think I got me a new logo!

Oh hey, I forgot to mention this and I wanted to pass this along. When I heard it, I felt a tad bit better, but if this White Sox season so far was an NFL football game, we’d just be in the first 5 minutes of game two. So, if you look at it that way, I suppose we do have time for adjustments to be made. Let’s just hope they make them.

Cool! Marie. I’ll stick with my tent for now though. One last thought before beddie-bye for me: Our team IS playing well and so far ONLY one thing (our pen obviously) is broke. When we fix that we should be ready roll…… Night all….Go Sox’11….j.k.

I didn’t even want to respond when I got home yesterday, but after much contemplating, I’m glad I waited. I was about to make a serious rant about the bullpen that would have been much harsher in hindsight.

Anyway, I don’t really know what to add to what has already been said. The bullpen stinks. They just flat out stink at the moment. On the bright side though, we are on pace to win 94 games this year, and that is in large part to a very productive offense that has not had their usual slow start at the beginning of the season. And after a couple of hiccups, the starting pitching has hit a groove. As JK said, the ONLY thing that is hurting us right now is the bullpen. And while I can only hope that something clicks with the bullpen soon, I worry that once it does, another aspect of our game will begin to struggle. Usually, if our pitching is solid, our offense is weak, and vice versa. I’ll gladly take good starting pitching and a potent offense over a shaky bullpen right now, but I hope for the day when all 3 are working harmoniously.

I also agree with Marie in that I hope this doesn’t affect the team chemistry moving forward. Ozzie is already fustrated and has been vocal about it, but I’m sure the other guys are frustrated too. It’s one thing to lose by 3 runs, but it’s a totally different thing when you lose by 3 when you were up by 3 in the 9th. I hope the guys can shake it off during this off day and get ready for the Halos this weekend. Go White Sox!

P.S. – I almost didn’t want to bring this up, but I wonder what that bum Bobby Jenks is thinking right now? Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of what he did for our team, but I’m still irrated by the comments he made earlier.

Hey JK, I’m sure Marie would help you get a logo. You just need to signup on the Gravatar site and then email her your password. Here is the site.

jk, I would love to help you get an good logo and I know just the one for you. If you do sign up at that site above (and all it requires is your email address and a password) email your password to me and I’ll set you up!


Hey, I can say for sure we will NOT blow a game today! 🙂

I feel like an expectant father! My “tent” will soon morph into a …. What? Thank you for the kind offer of assistance, MariE (remember that?) and white sox (name please?)… Go Sox’11 j.k.

And Voila! Just like that, my tent became the 1917 logo from the hat I wore to blog day III. Thank you MariE! You da Gal!.

Trying a new post to see if my new logo appears.

Hi Peggy, if it doesn’t appear you have to open the internet page, go to tools, internet options, and then delete your temporary internet files to take away your old logo. Thank heavens for white sox for getting us all cool logos!

white sox – what is your first name?

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